GREAT News! Aug 21, 2019

Bp 120:80
Echo Test: Perfect in every way. Strong, flow, etc.
EKG perfect.
Stress Test – 9 – 8 minutes. And they got me further than had planned/needed to
Am cleared for all exercise

I think because calcification, it does count as heart diesease, but today’s results were the absolute best possible!

I feel high.
SO grateful!

My life keeps getting better and better.

I will continue the Ornish stuff – all of it – tomorrow…

Thank you, God. Thank you.

And I feel like –  I feel like doing child-like things. Coloring and sitting with feet in stream
I am CRAVING the park.
And salad.
I feel like the world is my oyster and I am its pearl and I can do exciting things too.

Wiped out
Must add about my spirit and the guy’s advice about how to talk to friends and read bible and keep smiling and i seem like happy person which is the best… … .
loved my spirit – and i his

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