Affirmations Aug 23 2019

I Am Learning to Catch Any Misalignment Early
Most people, when they feel a symptom of discomfort or sickness, begin to give their attention to the symptom and usually slide rapidly into more discomfort and misalignment. The key is to catch your misalignment early. In other words, whenever you feel negative emotion, that is your signal to reach for a different thought to immediately improve your good-feeling vibrational balance. There is no condition from which you cannot recover, but it is much easier if you catch it in the early, subtle states.

I choose my unique path to joy.
No one can create in your experience, for no one can control where you direct your thought.
On the path to your happiness, you will discover all you want to be, do, or have.

That which man calls God is a true and constant Source of Pure Positive Energy – Eternal Energy continuously expanding in joy.

That which man calls God is the powerful impulse that comes forth from within. The inspiration, or urging, to explore and discover and take risk.

  • That which man calls God is the true Source of your playful, fun-loving nature.
  • That which man calls God is the burning desire within you that prompts you to continually ask questions. The eternal urging to go beyond what is.
  • That which man calls God is the glorious culmination of all that you are and have been.

You can tell when you are, in this moment, in perfect vibrational harmony with that which you call God by the way you feel. Joy, love, enthusiasm, passion, fun, contentment, exuberance, fulfillment, satisfaction, desire – are all physical states-of-being that perfectly match the true vibration of that which is God.

   You are a perfect and true physical extension of that which you call God. And all that God is, you are.

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