Affirmations Aug 29 2019

I Can Choose, in Every Moment, a Better-Feeling Story
Under all conditions, you have the power to find thoughts that feel slightly better or slightly worse – and when you consistently choose slightly better, the Law of Attraction will bring steady improvement to your experience. The key to achieving and maintaining a physical state of well-being is to notice the indicators of discord in the early stages. It is much easier to refocus your thoughts in the early, subtle stages than after the Law of Attraction has responded to chronic negative thoughts, bringing bigger negative results.

I am selfish enough to want to feel good.
Feeling good indicates your connection to clarity, wellness, and an abundance in all good things.
Feeling good is your most natural core belief.

Intuition is perceiving a physical situation through broader, Non-Physical eyes.
When I remember that my Inner Being exists as the culmination of all that I have lived, and when I recall that my Inner Being absolutely understands the Laws of the Universe, then I must conclude that my Inner Being has a very clear knowledge of past, present and future experiences.
Therefore, there is nothing that is not known, or unknown, to my Inner Being.
As I deliberately choose thoughts that are in vibrational harmony with my Inner Being, and as I re-train my mind to subjects that are a vibrational match to that broader inner part of me, I then have constant access to that broader perspective.
I will become so proficient at recognizing when I am fully connected, and at recognizing when I have chosen a thought that does not allow my full connection, that connection will become second nature to me in a short time.
Connection to the broader me will serve me extremely well. For in that connection i am wiser, more alert, more capable, more loving. Always in the right place a the right time.

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