Law of Attraction Aug 29 2019


doubt discouragement ear anger hatred = not alignment
gotta be pretty happy

meditate yes
it is the easiest way bec when you quiet your mind you stop thought = stop all resistant thought = vibration rises to equivalency of IB
IB in Vortex emitting conversation infor love vibration knowing at all times to me this strong signal
when i am v equiv of that, am in receiving mode

Tricky part is
Since you’re used to thining thoughts, are accustomed to being in recvg mode of SOME transition
But – from where
there are lots of streams of consciousness
dep where you are in terms of IB, receiving

paranoia is recvg from worrisome
when man thinks a thought, it exists forever so if find v alignment, receive it

how tell when thought from IB rather than from all other places?
1. if the thought feels good
2. once you’ve quieted your mind, so you’re not thinking anything except maybe about the sound that yo can hear and that laugh… a/c… focus upon something… ilke a/c sound to focus on with not much to think about – for a little while – 2 3 4 minutes, the activity of your mind quiets
the momentum of your thoughts subside
v rises to equiv of IB

is translated through your brain so feels like your thought – so as flows to you, is way feels = strongest indicator
and thought that comes to you that has been very imp to you but that you have not just been thinking about – self – like when I would sit in den with silly tv and notebook and easy book or mags and things would come to me yes – is like that! i have thought of this before, but didn’t write it, i think

thought come near end like maybe like o move some furn arnd in y house (Esther) and hadn’t been thinking about that it occurred to her – and followed that and next and next led to seq of wonderful things that were in her Vortex that she’d been asking for.

*Don’t try to make anything happen, or you’re in the way.
Let it happen. Be quiet. Don’t listen too hard. Just enjoy the sound of the a/c if you can

here’s these manifestations out here a lot of them that you want
Some things are going to happen in preparation for that
REady to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready
Rushing to be over here messes everything up bec introduces lack and doubt and impatience which is not v equiv to IB

soft steady happy eager not urgent approach.
My IB knows what I want. The Universe is lining it up for me. I will be led to it in the most convenient and probably way that my existence resistance will allow. (natural – so say lovingly to self -are releasing a little more of natural resistance every day)

Esther lkg lkg lkg for impr lost pen – no no no
gave up
then one day when lkg for perfume, came out of that bag with the pen
Omg like those million times J had to look for things FOR me!
***Because you can’t find what is lost. Your belief that it’s losts, sets up a wall of resistance around you, that makes things that are easy to see, impossible to see. Because nothing’s really all that real anyway.
It’s all your ability to translate it
What see, smell… is translation of vibration.
~~~Your IB knows where everything that you want is. And knows where you are in relationship to it. and is offering constant dialogue and direction and impulse. Is in your body helping you move in a direction Like when rolling down the highway and just look over there and it was good that you did.

My IB knows  wht I want and says look over there – not SAY but just impulse to look over there/ change lanes/ etc. You are extension of this powerful consciousness.

When in flow with no urgency with IB and all of these non-physical minds pointing things out to me (LIKE NOW -! I’m retired!)

Just let those impulses flow. More think about it, more slow it down.
What humans want to do so often – see tangible magic that they can show off for others. And that messes you up. Get ready to be ready…
andthen all kinds of things will happen.
E, frequently says: “The odds of that were slim to none and yet look what just happened.” Because in this vibrational world where you are asking and in alignment, there are no odds. Everything is a sure thing for you.

If standing in our phys shoes, for just a little while, would be focused on energy flow and how it feels, rather than tangible things and how that feels. Because one leads to another.

Our planet spinning perfectly – cannot explain other than there is consciousness focused.

The magic is always happening for me anyway. NO need to show off for my friends or my own proof. Because when need proof, are full of doubt.


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