Things That Feel Great Right Now

  1. I just heard a lot of the wind chimes sound. Back door open (screen locked) and me at d.r. table
  2. Jo fixed the d.r. chandelier issuer for me today.
  3. here go the wind chimes again ahhhh 🙂 smile time yes
  4. I can read
  5. I sleep at night
  6. I’m clean, clothes are clean, hair is clean, bird cage is clean…. (as always lol)
  7. New car soon wow!
  8. And – I get to give to J!
  9. hope
  10. me now.
  11. taking care of my body
  12. my heart is good. They said: healthy/ strong/ beats well. EKG perfect/ stress test perfect/ Echo test perfect/ no blockage. Just that calciication – on wall I guess – but I will change that
  13. Crestor
  14. and the way I’m eating now
  15. the little tine – too tiny to even study it – nodule on my lung that was the reason I went to the dro for follow-up and found all this IN TIME to take care!
  16. THIS my new start
  17. that Dr. L was away, so I went straight to the pulmonologist!
  18. my digestive system works so well
  19. these Ornish stress management practices
  20. and that I am doing them
  21. and that they feel so good
  22. Abraham Hicks
  23. Esther Hicks
  24. my jewelry. yes really
  25. i have never known blue bird to play like is now. i am SO happy they are close and t
  26. that i bought that basketball toy which he loves so much! i am hearing it a lot right now!
  27. reading fiction i like again. don’t have to be learning something, or accomplishing something, just enjoying! yay!

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