Affirmations Aug 30 2019

I Can Be a Healthy and Joyful Person
If you could make a decision to never allow negative emotion to linger within you – and at the same time acknowledge that it is your work alone to refocus your attention in order to feel better, rather than asking someone else to do something different or for some circumstance to change to make you feel better – you will not only be a very healthy person, but you will be a joyful person. Joy, appreciation, love, and health are all synonymous. Resentment, jealousy, depression, anger, and sickness are all synonymous.

It is Contrast that puts the Eternalness in Eternity.
Your own valuable, personal new desire is always born from contrast.
That new desire is then heard and answered by Source Energy.
Thus, the glorious expansion of the Universe.

Babies come forth to remind adults of that which they have forgotten.
They are the well-springs of the eternal life that is promised to all physical beings.
They come forth in absolute perfect balance. Perfect in numbers, in physical appearance, but most importantly – perfect in balance of desires and intentions.
If the natural desire within each precious babe is allowed to develop without destructive human criticism and control, the child’s ability to fulfill his Non-physical purpose unfolds early in his physical life – bringing joy to the child and to those who surround him.
Look into the eyes of a little one and see the wisdom of his true knowing. He knows that All-Is-Well. He has come to remind you.

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