Gratitudes Aug 28 2019

  1. I do not have to go in. The big first meeting of the school year is today.
  2. I don’t miss it AT ALL.
  3. I have time to do the things I need for my health
  4. and for my happiness
  5. Nice times with J
  6. Beautiful weather these days
  7. the comfort of my house
  8. I can see
  9. this pretty sculpture right next to me where I sit right now
  10. columbo every day morning is on now 😉
  11. the book I just finished
  12. and the one I just started
  13. that i can read
  14. my compaassion
  15. that I don’t try to hurt people, and try to spare their feelings even. Including D and M
  16. I am so relieved without the daily crap from M
  17. Beautiful phone talk with Tr yesterday morning
  18. and then with MT as well xoxoxox
  19. and they both (Tr last week and MT yesterday I told) understand perfectly about M
  20. and I didn’t have to gossip or badmouth
  21. D
  22. oa
  23. ww
  24. the service I am doing for CS 3 times in the next ten days or so
  25. That it seems I am reading some fiction again
  26. my brain!
  27. my car
  28. deep breath I just took
  29. meditating every day now
  30. and all the Ornish stress management practices i’m doing
  31. Including gentle stretching
  32. abdominal breathing
  33. meditation
  34. Inner Wisdom
  35. and deep relaxation
  36. 30 minutes exercise virtually every day
  37. my new pocketbook
  38. little notebooks
  39. so much good food in the house
  40. my fridge
  41. and stove
  42. and microwave
  43. iPhone
  44. laptop
  45. so many conveniences
  46. Will lose all the weight and be where my cardiologist said I would next July 30!
  47. my cardiologist
  48. that nice technician that day
  49. electricity
  50. lighting
  51. my sweet birds love each other get along so well
  52. I see blue one playing, as never before!
  53. music
  54. my piano thank you J for all the help with it ❤
  55. what D said about how he seemed toward me ❤
  56. my Inner Being
  57. Abraham hicks
  58. my healthy lungs
  59. and heart
  60. and eyes
  61. yes, doctors have used that word about my heart and my eyes and my breathing teset
  62. I will get the cataract surgery and my vision will be perfectly clear again
  63. the sun coming up every day. what a miracle
  64. that i am alive
  65. that I didn’t kill myself
  66. that I went to England. On my own!
  67. And was able to afford it even with my mistake.
  68. that BV and I came to be friends
  69. Tr and MT and D and St
  70. D and St saying would drive me to appointment
  71. I will get one of them or Jo to drive me day of cataract surgery
  72. Jo being here when I came back from ambulance trip to emergency room that day
  73. Tr is right: I am not alone
  74. “my” park
  75. my walks
  76. beachbody dvds
  77. I am cleared now for all exercise! omg yay!
  78. humor
  79. laughter
  80. smiles
  81. my body. right now. yes
  82. all it does for me xoxooxoxoxo
  83. that I did get my driver’s license
  84. that I can play piano!
  85. that i can read
  86. i’ve been a very good teacher to many children
  87. forgiveness. God’s forgiveness for when I couldn’t do quite well enough
  88. hope help for my eating stuff
  89. this day. oh oh oh this day of life!
  90. that I pay all my bills
  91. on time
  92. every month
  93. my car inspected and registered
  94. i am able to do all that is needed
  95. and enjoy each day
  96. that I am where I am emotionally
  97. and I will find more fun
  98. my book list incomplete but so nice so nice
  99. my typing oh yes!
  100. tweeting from other room right now
  101. my notebooks xo

Affirmations Aug 28 2019

I Can Practice My Story of My physical Well-Being
The media’s medical commercials are a powerful source of negative influence. Because you get what you think about whether you want it or not, it is of great value for you to begin practicing your own story about your Well-Being so that when that frightening story appears on television, you can hear their version and feel humor about it rather than fear.
Remember, to create anything, you have only to give thought to it – and then expect it – and it is.

Seeking approval of others hinders my joyousness.
If the way you feel depends on anything outside of you, you’re in trouble – but if you depend only upon your connection with your own Inner Being, then everything in your experience falls into alignment.

My unique perspective is of enormous value to All-That-Is. There is not another anywhere in the Universe who perceives exactly as I do, right now. As my unique perspective joins other unique perspectives, we embark upon eternal unique combined experiences. As other unique perceivers observe those unique creations – perception continues to evolve. To Eternally Evolve

  • As I stand here in my physical body, I am literally on the Leading Edge of Thought.
  • As I learn, or better stated, remember, to first find my vibrational harmony with my Source Energy, and then through those connected eyes perceive my physical environment – I give my greatest value to All-That-Is. And, in no small coincidence, I feel my very best here in my physical body.
  • When my heart is singing, I give my greatest value to all-That-Is.

When that which I have chosen to focus upon in this moment evokes love or joy or appreciation, I am, in that moment, offering my greatest value to myself, to my current object of attention and to All-That-Is. (in that order)

Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eterna and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.
Life is eternal and filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.

Affirmations Aug 27 2019

When I Want It and Allow It, I Create It
The two factors required in the creation of anything are to want it and allow it, or desire and belief. Usually, once people have focused upon problems enough that they have disallowed their Well-Being and they are seriously ill, they then turn their undivided attention to the illness – thus perpetuating it more. Sometimes doctors can influence your belief in wellness if they have a process or a remedy that they believe will help you. In that case, the two factors that bring about your healing are the same: desire and belief.

It is not my responsibility to convince anyone of anything.
Make your decision about what you want, and set out to create the life experiences that you choose – and allow all others to do the same.

My Spirit, or Soul, is the Eternal, broader part of me. The part of me that always will be and always has been.
That Inner Me, or Inner Being, is aware of everything that I am living and is enjoying every part of that which I am living – even when I am not enjoying it so much. For that Inner Me sees what I see from a broader, clearer knowing. Most importantly, from the knowledge that All-Is Well.
My Inner Being sees me when I struggle, but never joins me in pushing against my adversaries or problems, for my wise Inner Being knows that it is the “pushing against” that causes the illusion of separation and temporary physical discomfort. So my Inner Being watches, or observes, allowing the contrast to generate bigger decisions. My Inner Being gleans enormous value from everything that it observes

  • My Inner Being is an extension of, a perfect part of, and can never be separated from, that which man calls God, or All-That-Is.
  • My Inner Being is truly who I am. I am Spirit. I am Soul. I am Inner Being. I am God. I am All-That-Is.

I am a physical extension of that which is Spirit, or Soul, or Inner Being, or God. I cannot be separated from that.

Law of Attraction Aug 26 2019


Get Your Partner Back Together with You

Your thought/ focus creations. Not emotions – they are indicators of what you are creating.
Say Today – as I go forth – it is my dominant intent to look for good things as I see them

NOT find problems and push away because Universe based upon attraction/ inclusion. is no such thing as no.
thinking of is saying: “Come to me this thing I want” whether want or not, because of power of thought/attraction.

I like you pretty good let’s see how it goes = marr. vows A would use lol

Subj of relationships:
When you come tog. with anot, in beg you are each hoping and lkg. for best in 1 another
Very good basis bec. when looking for, are finding
Using piostv aspects of each other to tune in to who really are
bec greater math to greater part of you = being in love

NOR find approval or appreciation from each other. or forget about vibrational alignment betw. who are and who really are.

*Let the rel. that matters most – far more than all others put tog, be between you and you!

Say looking at and don’t like what see
Fixating on something Source within you would never fixate on
Excuse to sep self from who really are and blamg other person
If you didn’t have that then I would feel better. Yes, prob true – if you were observing something that made you feel good, then it would be easy for you to be a vibrational math but don’t ask others to stand on their head so that you can tune into who you are. Tune into who you are. Let your feelings be unhurtable.

Be a vibrational match to who you are. And then be the lover that you truly are, you see

So there are two things that we would say on a regular basis, in our quest for a relationships of all kinds:
1. We would begin practicing. When we feel positive emotion we would say, What is it that I’m focused upon in you that I’m using as my excuse to tune in to who i really am.
If we’re feeling negative emotion, we would say, What is it that I’m focused upon in you that I’m using as my excuse to not be who I really am.

Feel the power in that.
If say, “Your behavior makes me feel bad,” you are totally disempowered.
But if you say, “What is it that I’m seeing in you? I could see other things, because you are a multi-dimensional being with many aspect, but what is it that I’m seeing in you that has me separated because I’m not seeing you as the Source within me is seeing you.

2. The other statement is just that. Any time you feel negative emotion say, “I wonder how the Source within me sees you.” And if you’re feeling negative emotion, you can know the Source within you is seeing it differently because negative emotion is your indicator that you’re looking at something differently from who you really are. And it always means: you’ve stepped back from who you are. It always means: you’re not up to speed with who you really are.
It always means you’re not seeing this world in this moment through the eyes of Source. You’re instead seeing it through some disconnected dependent vantage point where “I need you to be different so that I can feel better.” You are very hard on each other. As you need others to behave certain ways.
But when you let the relationship of all relationships be your relationship with your Inner Being, the Source within you. Tend to it first. Practice it all the time. And before you know it, you will be so tuned in tapped in turned on that you will see only positive aspects in others.

We’re trying to get you together with YOU.
And that’s why you feel such strong emotions about so many people. You don’t feel good and you think it’s because of something that they are doing.

There are so many wonderful relationships to be experienced. And when you get tied in to who you are first, and then you begin to move through your day, looking for the best in others, before you know it, you’ll be so tuned to the best in others and in the world, that it will be a really rare experience when someone bumps up against you who’s not a vibrational match to that well-being.
Isn’t it interesting to know that you have control over the behavior of all others? Now hear this: You have control over the behavior of all others as it relates to you. Because you are evoking from everyone, where your vibration is about them. So if you train your vibration into the best of them, then they must give it to you; that’s what positive expectation is – that’s what true upliftment is. Getting tuned into who they really are. And if they’re really vibrating at a different place than you are, Law of Attraction will not bring you to the same place. Even if you live in the same house. You’ll zig and zag. You’ll wake up at different times, you’ll sort of have different thoughts, you’ll go one way the other will go another way, in other words – no problem at all.
*The Universe only brings you aspects of others that are active within you. So everything that you’re getting, from everyone that you’re getting from, you’re getting it as an indication of your vibration.

So others are my vibrational indicators. You only get back what you are really giving out. So it’s really worthwhile training yourself into alignment with who you really are.

❤ ❤ ❤

Affirmations Aug 26 2019

Before I Take Any Action, I Will Seek My Vibrational Alignment
Seek your vibrational alignment first, and then follow through with inspired action. Let your medical community assist you in your recovery, but do not ask them to do the impossible – do not ask them to give you a cure to compensate for your misalignment of Energy.
We want you to know that you have the power to accomplish anything that you ddsire, but you cannot look outside of yourself for the validation to do so; your validation will come from within you in the form of emotion.

My Sympathy Is of No Value to Anyone
If you do not focus upon others’ problems, you can continue to feel good but they will still have the problem. That is true, at first. But if you do focus upon their problem, you feel bad, they continue to feel bad – and they still have the problem. And if you continue to focus on their problem, you will have a problem, too, in time. Instead, if you try to imagine their positive outcome, you feel good – and there is then the possibility of your influencing them to more positive thoughts and outcomes.

My body is the perfect culmination of an endless stream of clear Non-physical perspective. It is a perfect – and yet changing – adapting vessel, designed solely as a vehicle to accommodate my unique and valuable perspective.

  • My body is created in perfect balance as are all other parts of this perfect physical world.
  • My body is the recipient of continual perfect Non-physical Energy which flows constantly to maintain its balance of Well-Being.
  • My body is naturally a vessel of good feeling. A vessel of ease, of strength, of agility, of dexterity, of balance and of pleasure.

While my body benefits from essential nourishment from this physical realm, its true nourishment comes in the stream of Pure Positive Energy projected to my body at all times, every day of my Physical life.
As my dominant intent is to stay in vibrational alignment with that Energy Stream, my body will continue to thrive.
The most important thing about my physical body is its ability to regain balance. This single mechanism takes all risk from the physical experience.
  There is no thought, no virus, no disease, no physical contaminant capable of stopping my body’s ability to find balance – as long as I am in vibrational harmony with my body’s Source of Energy.







Affirmations Aug 25 2019

A Doctor Who Offers hope Can Be of Much Value
When medicine and science stop looking for cures and begin to look for vibrational causes, or imbalances, they will see a much higher rate of recovery. If a doctor does not believe that you can recover from your illness, your association with that doctor is extremely detrimental, for there is much evidence to show that people can recover from supposedly “incurable” diseasees. There are only two factors that have anything to do with your recovery: your desire and your belief. And a negative, “incurable” diagnosis is hindering your belief.

We are all working toward the same goal: joy.
Whether it seems like it or not – you are all working toward the same ultimate goal of joy.
You are just approaching things in different ways, and all of it is working.