Law of Attraction Sept 30 2019


When consider might be doing some self-sabotaging:

how to bridge your vibration into closer resonance with your IB about this subj. Bec what your IB knows will work for you.

Just think about the “damn I’m doing it again I’m sabotaging myself again” thing(s) –
And pick one
and here’s how to speak differently about it and change the way it feels (even something been thinking whole life)

ex me – not wanting to do the paperwork and phone calls –
guy there – resistance to making the phone calls to close the bus

I’ve got scattered vibration agout this that has me paralyzed
why do i feel paralyzed
bec sometimes think about what do want but mostly think about what don’t want
and what remembering about that is dominant in your vibration -but what you want is also active within your IB and so state what don’t and then what do
don’t: to do it. some of it makes me nervous
what do want: it to be done
It’s all right to reel that way. And when things not going way want them to, it’s easy to feel them.It’s natural. But you have more power that you could exercise if you want to.
I could do something about this. But I sort of need to prime the pump a little bit. I’ve got an attitude about it that’s kind of holding me back. And I don’t now why. I wish I could figure it out. I don’t know why.  But I think I am gonna get a little movement on this. I’m gonna stop beating myself up about it. It will feel good when I feel inspired to do something. (maybe cause don’t know what to do – self at least some – or just not want to do what know need to do)
I don’t wanna do what I need to do. I wanna do it but I don’t wanna do it. (He doesn’t know)
Why don’t you want to do it
I just feel sort of stuck in it. It just doesn’t have any momentum going and I can’t get any energy going around it. But I believe if I did it I would feel relief.
I know if I do it I will feel relief. And I do want to feel relief. And I like the idea of feeling relief. And maybe I’m willing to do some of it just to reel relief. And I don’t have to do it all at once. I can do it a little bit at a time. And I could start just byd identifying some thoughts about it. I don’t have to jump into action about it. I could get some momentum going about it. Source Energy knows the path of least resistance.
Oooh. I think I know what I’m doing. I haven’t quite hooked in to the easy path that Source will give me, and I don’t wanna do it the hard way. I’m working against myself cause I don’t wanna do it the way I used to do everything.
A says don’t take action but I haven’t hoooked up with Source En and not getting inspiration and don’t know what to do so am just sort of stuck here

Why would it feel better for it to be done:
I like to keep up with things.
I’m really good at.
and I can do what I have to do without stepping on the toes of my new vibration. In fact even now, this self-talk that I’m having with myself is to talk myself into a vibration where I’m feeling more resonance with Inner Being, where I’ll be more likely to get some inspiration about what to do.
Maybe when I wake up tom i’ll feel more like doing something (self today) maybe not but maybe just a little bit of it

Esther process: load dishwasher or org closet or work on the twice monthlies for the subscription progrs that go out (editing _ sometimes just thinks about and feels want to do but other things like prepping for cpa longer and E discovered not have big blocks of time – so keeps putting off but then gets in uncomf place bec not keeping promise to self and maybe even holding someone else up
Takes paper puts circles. In each, puts one small part of task. Find cash receipts, spread Jan, spread Feb,/.. breaking into something can do in 30 minutes or less. Now game on. Now not overwhelming. I’ve got 30 minutes. IN fact, have again. Hey, this day is full of 30 minutes
Takes big old pink magic marker and when finishes something, fills whole cirecle in very carefully ooh

That primes the pump. Because believes she can accomplish that. And when desire something don’t believe get all out of whack. As find way can believe, come back into alignment. And what happens every time: she starts out like that, priming the pump, and before she knows, she’s rolling rolling rolling rolling and before she knows it she’ll look at the clock and it’s been many many many joyful hours that she’s been accomplishing something that could take a month could take a week could take a day. But if she doesn’t do anything, it takes forever. And then she’s carried it with her her whole life – burden.


LoA Sept 30 2019

The way your Universe intersects is never coincidental, no small part of it is coincidental, every part of it is by virtue of the power of the Laws and the power of your attraction. That is why our admonishment to you is to get into those places where you are articulating, more often, how beautiful everything is because in that place you experience more of the beauty of the Universe – more birds, more spirit, more glorious things coming to your experience for your delicious participation!

Affirmations Sept 30 2019

My Health Story and the Law of Attraction . . .
Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction‘s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life. Your money and financial assets; your body’s state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size, and shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and rewards – indeed, the very happiness of your life experience in general – is all happening because of the story that you tell.

I m a physical extension of Creative, Nonphysical Energy.
You are so much more than the physical body you have come to know as you
You are Source Energy!
And you are focused on the leading edge of thought.

In this powerful NOW, you hold the key to allowing the Source that is You to flow. The better you eel, the more you are allowing that connection.


L o A Sept 29 2019

You always get exactly proportionate to your vibration. The Law of Attraction is absolutely consistent. You cannot give that which you are not! You cannot live that which you do not give! And you cannot give that which you do not receive! It is an eternal cycle of vibration.

The key to bringing your world to where all of you are experiencing peace, joy and contentment, is for you as an individual to connect with your Inner Being as much of the day as is possible – which means get yourself into a place of feeling good.

Think thoughts that make you feel good. Think thoughts, say words and do things that resonate with who you really are – with that broader, wiser, securer part of you. Then your feeling of Well-being, your feeling of worthiness, your feeling of value becomes very real to you. Then you have something to offer the world.

Segment intend

Affirmations Sept 29 2019

By Changing My Story, I Can Change My Point of Attraction
The only reason it may seem like some past negative thinking is having an impact on your life now is because you have been continuing the negative train of thoughts or beliefs through all of those years. A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought; and you have the ability to begin a new pattern, tell a new story, achieve a different vibration, and change your point of attraction. As you find a better-feeling thought, your point of attraction shifts – right now!

I see this day as a positive, new beginning. (It’s never too late to have a new beginning.)
Today and tomorrow can be very different from yesterday if you can let yesterday go and focus on today.
Today and tomorrow are about your NOW vibration, and you have compete control over that.
Look for things to feel good about, and watch how everything in your life will unfold to reflect that good-feeling vibration.