I’m So MEANT to Be Retired :) Oct 25 2019

I always wanted to not work.
Yes, I’m very glad I got to help children! But I was always more comfortable free. Well almost always. Because besides helping children, there were those times that my work saved me ❤

But now –
Now –
I get to put time into mySELF. My foods, walking, spirituality, fun.

I can take courses, learn French, photography, painting.
I am FREE!

I’m not on the treadmill running rushing frantic…
I’m not worried about the changes I don’t like – all the data – all the computer stuf – the parents, the type of kids I was getting, so much so much. 🙂

PIANO! Piano piano piano
The arts omg finally enough time!
Piano – embroidery – painting (badly) – French

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