Tarot Oct 30 2019

This Day – The Sun
Finding the sense behind the chaos
Having a personal moment of glory, shining forth brilliantly
Feeling vitality, experiencing joy, enjoying great health
Feeling free and expansive, honoring your true self, knowing you can succeed.
Brilliant, radiant, sparkling, the power and glory of light.

When you see this card, know that you will be successful at all you undertake. Now is the time to let your light shine.

Past, present, future
Past – VI or Swords – Feeling the blues, recovering, entering a new state of mind. Getting by, but not much more. The blues. But then a journey in the inner planes. Also not depths of despair, and moved toward better place. [Self – yup]
Present – Strength. Knowing you can endure, showing a gallant spirit. Being patient. Showing forbearance. Compassion, acceptance, being kind. Demonstrating the force of love.
Perseverance, courage, resolve, composure. Have character, are solid, reliable. Dealing calmly with frustration. The lion (itself a symbol of strength) is being guided and tamed by the woman’s gentle hands. Reminder to not despair – not give up. You have the inner strength to endure and triumph. Remember the strength that comes with love and forbearance. These will see you through the hardest moments.
Future – IX of Pentacles – self-control, discipline, sticking to a program. Relying on self, sure way is best. Achieving comfortable lifestyle, avoiding the coarse and unsavory, enjoying leisure.
All that is most gracious. Discipline and self-control. Self-reliance; resist temptation to let others do for you. Enjoying all the best life has to offer.

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