Tarot Nov 1 2019

This day – The Devil
Accepting an unwanted situation, focusing on the material, fearing the unknown, fearing and doubting. [Self – wow yes with this medicaid legal stuff going on
In fact, good and bad cannot be separated. Darkness is simply the absence of light, and it is caused by errors that hide the truth.
First is ignorance – not knowing the truth and not realizing that we do not know. Second is materialism – the belief that there is nothing but the physical. As spiritual beings, we long for the Divine, but we lose contact with this source of truth if we trust only our senses. There is also hopelessness, which robs us of our joy and movement toward the light.
This card lets know caught in an unhealthy unproductive situation. May be obsessed by a person, idea, substance or pattern that know (or don’t know) is bad for me. Doubting of self and future [Self yes].
We are prone to many errors in life. Card 15 lets us know when they are serious enough to require attention. When you see the Devil, examine your assumptions carefully. Make sure you are not working from a false picture of yourself and the situation. Hold fast to the highest vision of who you are.

Past, present, future –
Past – Reversed Queen of Swords (so on way to) – faces truth, difficult to fool trick or con, direct and open in all dealings, never takes anything too seriously, has strength due to life’s hard knocks, is free of self-righteous judgments. Admires honestly, lives by commitment to be truthful. Understands human folly but doesn’t condemn it. Witty comeback, lack of pretense. Knows life not meant to be taken too seriously. (See humomr in situation). Be inspired by her.

Present – VII of Swords
Being afraid to face the music, procrastinating, staying aloof, avoiding a shameful secret. Letting some things slip because not want to deal with. Don’t do any hidden dishonors kinds of things.

Future – Knight of Cups
Romantic, overemotional.
Can tap the fertile unconscious……….indulges in idle daydreams. Is visionary, can shade the truth.
Temperamental [Self – no no no – fight this!]
Refined – over-refined
Values inner life… focuses inward to excess. Seeks self-improvement……….exaggerates personal failings.
Positive = sensitive soul. Knows how to create beauty and share it with others. Negative = prone to flights of fancy and illusion.
Need to ask self: “Is this Knight’s energy helping or hurting?” Not rule home only by emotion rather than common sense.
– If this Knight’s energy is missing, a dose of poetry may be called for. Are you too restrained? Express your feelings. Do you always make the most practical choice? Go for the extravagant one instead. Do you avoid introspection? Take some time to look within and think about your life. Let the Knight of Cups introduce you to his world of romance and beauty.

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