Tarot Nov 6 2019

Today – III of Cups
Overflowing with high spirits, putting self out there, getting together with people I like, experiencing comaraderie, developing a team spirit, working together, discovering a common goal.
Coming together in love (as the three women on the card are also), bond. In my groups, reach out to give or receive help. Joy and high spirits.
Not limited to groups, but can be especially strong there.
Celebrations spontaneously arise when people feel connected, loved and secure. The Three of Cups can stand for a mood or experience that makes you feel like dancing and singing.

Past, present, future
Past The Devil – Being addicted and enslaved, accepting situation not want, getting and spending, being unaware, fearing the unknown, believing the worst, despairing, foreseeing a bleak future, doubting. See world as struggle between light and dark and want to vanquish the bad so the good will prevail. (But actually good and bad cannot be separated). Lose contact with Source if rely only on own senses. Caught in unhealthy, unproductive situation. Obsessed by a person, idea, substance or pattern. [Self Yes this was my past]
Present V of Pentacles – running into material troubles, taking an unpopular position.
May not have experienced this extreme but know suffering.
Do not have my vitality and health. Neglecting (ed) needs of body. You are moving away from complete physical well-being, so you must take steps to discover and correct the problem. Social animal. Can feel rejected… *Comfort is so close at hand, but fail to see it. My spirit is whole and perfect in every way.
We are meant to enjoy abundance in all areas of life, but sometimes we forget that this is our birthright. Whenever you experience hardship, know that it is only temporary. Look for the spiritual center that will take you in and give you shelter.
Future Reversed Knight of Pentacles – (reversed, so WEAK influence) – Will not quit, keeps true to personal convictions, checks and double checks = is too conservative, unadventurous & settles for small safe gains, meticulous & too picky, realistic to pessimistic, forgets life should be fun.


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