Affirmations and LoA Nov 27 2019

I Came as an Extension of Source Energy . . .
You came as physical extensions of Source Energy, understanding that you would explore contrast, causing expansion not only for you but for All-That-Is. You knew that you could find your way back to the resources of your Source by “feeling” your way – and by understanding that the relationship between you and You is not one of separateness but of alignment and resonance . . . When you master the Art of Allowing your consistent alignment with the Source within you – every other relationship will be beneficial and pleasurable.

I Have the Ability to Direct My Own Thoughts
You have the option of observing things as they are, or of imagining them as you want them to be – and whichever option you choose, your thoughts produce a vibration within you that equals your point of attraction, and then circumstances and events line up to match the vibrations that you have offered.

An Empty Feeling Is Telling Me Something Important
A negative feeling indicates that your current choice of thoughts is so out of harmony with your Source Energy that you are disallowing your full connection to that Energy Stream. (You could say that your fuel tank is approaching empty.) Your emotions do not create, but they do indicate what you are currently attracting.

Your loving, Inner Being offers guidance in the form of emotion.
Eentertain a wanted or unwanted thought, and you feel a wanted or unwanted emotion. Choose to change the thought and you’ve changed the emotion – and the creation.
(Make more choices in every day.)  


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