Looking for the Good in Everything! Nov 27 2019

hey, at least I’m not tempted to eat the wrong things for me or to overeat… 😉

Also, how happy were you dependently going along to family things with D omg, or with J’s family and feeling not accepted (by them OR him sometimes) and nauseous… and feeling like I’m failing at that too…

I COULD look at this as:
I had years with fam – fine – boring – fun – whatever
Years with Ji’s fam – hmmmmm
Years with J’s fam (above)
Years with my mother. Doing the right thing, AND trying to find my enjoyment in it. And sometimes yes having:) Lots. Thank you, God. (Remember that time here, when we chatted and ate yum yum and made brownies together and played Scrabble while we waiting for them to cook. SO MUCH fun! – Now I would NOT have expected that!)

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