Tarot Nov 28 2019

anything below in this [ ] is MY words/thoughts added

This Day – Judgement:
Making an honest appraisal, separating wheat from chaff, getting off fence, awakening to possibilities, making a fresh start, seeing everything in a new light, discovering joy.
Feeling impulse to act, knowing what must do, answering a need.
Feeling cleansed and refreshed, releasing guilts and sorrows, forgiving self and others [self!], atoning for past mistakes, unburdening self, feeling sins washed away
The feelings that come with salvation. Reborn. Past and all its mistakes behind me. Ready to begin anew. If you are in a low period, in need of hope and absolution, Judgement can show you that renewal is at hand.

Past, Present, Future
Past – IV of Cups:
Self-absorbed, seeing only own point of view, passively accepting, lacking motivation, withdrawing from involvement.
Unaware of cup being offered to self. Wrapped up in own world. Lost interest in activities that bring you pleasure. Stuck emotionally.

Present – Reversed Wheel of Fortune:
Using what chance offers. Witnessing miracles. Having a change in fortune. Being surprised at a turn of events. Rejoining the world of activity, getting involved. Expanding outlook, discovering purpose.
If you’ve been struggling with a problem or tough situation, this card can signal that you will find the answer if you stand back and view everything from a larger perspective. [ Yes since turned it over]. Life will speed up.
(reversed, so on way to happening)

Future – The Hierophant:
Increasing understanding, knowing where to put your faith, conforming, feeling loyal to others, working as part of a team.
Belief systems. Group identity. Sometimes we need to follow a program or embrace tradition, other times, we need to trust ourselves.

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