Gratitude Dec 29 2019

  1. Feelings about the New Year
  2. My new car. Am loving it.
  3. Relaxing last night with “Columbo” after got home.
  4. will go to gym tomorrow EARLY morning for meeting with trainer and plan-making
  5. my friendship with A
  6. and D
  7. my darling nieces. I love them so much!
  8. And had SUCH a nice time with them on Christmas Eve day
  9. J’s help with new car ❤
  10. and his presents to me. So nice!
  11. WW this morning. Was awesome.
  12. And I have made friends there on top of it
  13. my birdies
  14. their new toys
  15. they were on “gym” eating a little while ago
  16. newer one flying to me yesterday (not landing ON me – yet;)
  17. that I felt real happiness lately
  18. last night’s OA meeting
  19. I am becoming healthier. Eyes, eating, emotional happiness. Routines. All.
  20. Laughter
  21. Humor
  22. Smiles
  23. Taking it easier
  24. my home
  25. my bed
  26. sleep
  27. and dreams
  28. love of myself
  29. compassion for others
  30. reading the mindfulness trainings aloud today with Da
  31. haven’t skipped in 10 1/2 years! (every 3 months)
  32. and did mostly for 4 years before that
  33. water
  34. enough food
  35. my tvs. yes, really

    Thank you, God. for EVERYTHING. ❤

Affs and LoA Dec 29 2019

Only I Know What Is Appropriate for Me
When you remember that everyone who asks is given, then how wonderful and appropriate it is for you to make the choices for you – for the Universe operates much more efficiently without a middleman interceding on your behalf. You always know, in the moment, what is best for you.

I Will Not Attempt to Control Others’ Experiences
Rather than trying to control the experiences of all others (which you cannot do no matter how hard you try), instead, intend to control your own participation within those experiences. And by setting forth your clear image of the life you want to live, you will be guided, in every moment, toward a smooth and pleasant path for yourself.

I Intend to See the Best in Everyone . . .
     You can never consistently motivate anybody to anything. But when you see the best of them, and you go over to where your version of the best of them is, and you align with that and offer one signal – now, you are part of the inspiration, you see.
     Have you ever had that experience yourself when someone sees you and loves you and expects the best of you? Do you not shine in ways you never shined before? And do you not find it really hard to shine when another does not look for the best in you?

When someone is not connected in this moment with who they really are, then your work is cut out for you. Your intent, as you are interacting with this person is to bring them closer to knowing who they are. Which means, appreciation coming from you is in order. Which means, soothing words like, “It will be alright,” and, “This too will pass, things will get better.” Offer your words of reassurance from your place of knowing that all is well, and they will begin to feel it.
Anytime you are interacting with another – their intentions become part of the equation. And only your Inner Being can help you know the integrity of whether their intentions harmonize with yours or not…Always follow that which comes forth from within you.
It is a continual process of seeking your balance, and no one from the outside, no matter who they think they are, has the ability to decide for you the appropriateness of your decision. And when you really know that – then you are free
Impart to your children, “Trust that which comes forth from within you.” You can’t have those rigid rules of what’s right and wrong, because there are so many variables, but you do individually have a Guidance System within you that will always guide you accurately.

Grats even specific to today 12/27/19

  1. Got my new car
  2. J took me
  3. Stayed while I learned about it
  4. Then got back and he hooked up phone for me (as I didn’t have it with me at place)
  5. He brought me two presents!
  6. I love them both!
  7. We laughed
  8. He’s excited for ME!
  9. and I think for his too
  10. I literally offered you can take new one and I’ll keep other – he wouldn’t (which is better because money! I’ll prob keep this car for 8 years!)
  11. I meditated before he came
  12. I just had more of my amazing soup (“On the Mend” from cookbook: Oh, She Glows! – I’m not sick it’s just great soup)
  13. Sitcom Mom is on now
  14. My. Life. Right now
  15. talked with sponsor am
  16. that I didn’t go get junk and eat it last night
  17. my eyeglasses
  18. my sunglasses
  19. that I am ABLE to get this car and give car to J.

❤ ❤ ❤

Grats / Pos. Aspcts. Dec 26 2019

  1. When I am only in the moment, it’s all good. Really. Like – as much as I like being WITH J better, ok, but, I’m PERFECTLY FINE and better than that as long as the rejection part doesn’t come up. Yes I want to be with him, but the rejection/ abandonment part is bigger. So I am appreciative of every time I’m in the moment.
  2. 3 meditations today Hicks/ Larken/ Honest Guys
  3. Christmas Eve (day) with my beautiful fam!
  4. I am so very appreciative of my eyesight. I used to be worried about it. And of course, right before the surgery. But here it is! All good and great and wonderful. I am SO thankful!
  5. I am grateful for the friends-at-the-diner time Christmas eve (evening)
  6. I am grateful for yesterday here for so long and then
  7. out with friends til midnight
  8. J’s call today.
  9. and his text yesterday for Christmas
  10. He will come tomorrow just to take my plates off and get me to the place:)
  11. Next week he’ll get the car
  12. that my place will send the thing to prove I have no lien anymore.
  13. that I so easily found the title
  14. and the dr note about no jury duty
  15. that I like giving
  16. humor
  17. sitcom Mom is on now.
  18. reading
  19. my Christmas tree
  20. my birds singing right now
  21. Abraham Hicks.
  22. the Gregg Braden thing D sent me the other day. This is all (Hicks, Braden, …) life-changing stuff
  23. Enough. Good enough and enough.
  24. that I made the detox soup today.
  25. and had chickpea salad and salad with kale and spinach for lunch
  26. Good people. Like my new friend T.
  27. my home
  28. that it is a free-standing unattached house
  29. my piano
  30. Bach
  31. electricity for lights. yes really
  32. bulbs
  33. and electr. for fridge
  34. and for heat
  35. and for tvs
  36. and for washer
  37. and dryer
  38. that I did laundry this am
  39. will put away and make bed now

Affs and LoA Dec 26 2019

Life Is Always in Motion, So I Cannot Be “Stuck”
It is not possible to stand still or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore life, is always in motion. Things are always changing . . . The reason it may feel to you as if you are stuck is because, while you are continuing to think the same thoughts, things are changing – but they are changing to the same thing over and over.

When Focusing Upon Solutions, I Feel Good
Focusing upon a solution brings you positive emotion; focusing upon a problem brings you negative emotion.While the differences are subtle, they are very important, for when you are feeling positive emotion, you are attracting into your experiences that which you want.  When you are feeling negative emotion, you are in the process of attracting that which you do not want.

I’ll Envision the Behavior I Desire to Inspire . . .
If we were a parent, or anyone wanting to inspire positive behavior from another, we would do our personal Vibrational work first. We would align with our Source Energy by envisioning the outcome we seek and by holding those involved as positive objects of our attention. We would not allow any current unwanted behavior to be the reason for our attention to them.

We are going to tell you a secret. Do you know that when you go to sleep at night it is not much different from the experience those who die have? The consciousness leaves this plane and reemerges into the Non-physical. It is a time when your physical apparatus rejuvenates and your Energies are re-aligned. Every morning is a new birth.

You believe so much in your unworthiness, that the subject of sexuality has been grossly distorted to you. Some of the most connected experiences you will ever have as a physical human are those involved with sexuality.
Sexuality is not evil – it is connection.

Would I really put aside all that I DO have, becasue of J?
I was in magical blissland yesterday with “my” girls (nieces). THAT is important.
I can see. THAT is important.
I have piano and birds and plants and house and new car coming. I as a good person, driving C and all…

Ok, got waylaid.

But still, I also have Tr, and MT, and my mother is not suffering. And I don’t have to see D or M
And MI contacts me
And I have a great sponsor (OA)
And my decision –
1. Live in the moment (THN: Life is only available in the present moment/ sponsor: You can only meet God in the present moment) And me: In the present moment, it’s always okay. Safe. Good. Fine.
2. Live in a state of gratitude! SO MUCH to be grateful for!
3. Make changes – fine – you want things to be different? You CAN

and 4 – the MAIN way is find the happiness here and now! ❤ (Hicks)

Gratitudes Dec 22 2019

  1. my eyesight
  2. my energy
  3. my health
  4. the trees blowing slightly right now
  5. ww this morning
  6. ad my friends there
  7. ww in general
  8. St later today:)
  9. my drugstore
  10. that I stood with those candies in my hand, and didn’t have them
  11. my living so much more now in conscious contact
  12. Abraham Hicks
  13. i just bought a *new car!*
  14. J in my life! ❤
  15. will see my nieces this week!
  16. my gratitude. (yes. i am grateful for my gratitude)
  17. piano
  18. reading
  19. my house
  20. my car
  21. that I will give it to J ❤
  22. and have it detailed first! 🙂
  23. hope
  24. my hands
  25. my birds
  26. them flying free when do
  27. and playing
  28. new toys for them