Law of Attraction Dec 29 2019



Because you can’t control their world doesn’t mean you can’t attract them back.
But believing you need to control their world will keep you from getting what you want.
Cannot really control someone else – only own vibration. Power of influence is from aligning with Source.

There’s a leverage in alignment. Which means there’s a leverage in happiness. Which means there’s a leverage in clarity.
When one is connected to who you really are, you are more powerful than millions who are not. There is true power of influence.
So when you think about people who are out in the world who are attractive, the reason that they are attractive is because their energy is not split by trying to satisfy the opinions of so many others. And so what you want to do is come into full alignment with what you want, spend as little time as possible in pushing against what you don’t want, and in that clarity, what you want must come to you. And it will either come in the face of the one who went away, or in the face of someone else. But through the experience which you’ve lived, you are in a stronger clearer place of asking, and asking really for more than you asked for when you first attracted that relationship to begin with.

In most relationships:
Here you are, and let’s say you want this set of things.
And here’s the other, and let’s say the other wants this of things.
And let’s say that some of them are the same, and some of them don’t seem quite the same.
So what happens with most people is you look over there at the things you don’t agree with. So your vibration isn’t clear. So you’re not one of those who’s connected to Source energy so you don’t have the power of that leverage. And the other is looking at what you want that he doesn’t want and so, doing the same thing. Not in alignment either.
So here you are, two people, neither one tapped in or tuned in or turned on to what they really want, both blaming the other for not being in a place that they want to be. So that’s why, you have to leave the person you want out of the equation in order to get the person you want.  Because your awareness of who they’re being, if it’s not in harmony with what you think you want, keeps you out of alignment when, there is huge potential of experiencing what you want, if you’d just stop focusing upon the aspects that aren’t what you want.
You get what you think about.

And don’t hold somebody else responsible for how the relationship is going. We’re certain that most of you believe that if they’d just be different, they’d be perfect. If they’d just be different, then everything would be fine. But no one came into this experience, to give you what you need for your world to be perfect.
In the same way that when we say, “You came into this environment of enormous diversity in order to choose the perfect life that you want to live,” we want you to understand that every person that you are co-creating with is like a microcosm of that. They have so much diversity so that you can create what you want from your exposure to the experience with that.
But most humans don’t get that. “You need to stop doing that and do more of that…” Focus and align with what you want and law of attraction will bring you more and more of that, until eventually it will bring you only that.

When “broken heart”?
Means you are in complete opposition to the Source within you and what the Source within you knows.
Your heart is not broken. You’re experiencing what it feels like to be looking in exact opposition of what you want. Meaning: You want the relationship, you want the relationship to work, you want the relationship to be wonderful, but you’ve accepted that it’s gone, that it’s not coming back, that you can’t have it. So you’re focused in such opposition to what you want, and such opposition to what your Inner Being knows to be true, that you feel as if your heart is broken. That’s so dramatic. And so not true. Your heart isn’t broken. You’re just in this moment focused in opposition to what you want. Cut it out.

Crash course, but want you to understand:
You get what you think about. And a lot of what you were thinking about was worrying about whether this was going to be ongoing, whether this was going to last, in other words … What we would encourage you to focus on just a little bit, is that nothing has ended. Nothing is ever done. You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done. You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done. You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done.
And the reason that you can’t get it wrong is because you never get it done. So, you stand in a new place with a whole lot more information within you, with a whole lot more resolve within you, with a whole lot strong intentions within you, and when you think back about how you came together – were you groveling in the depths of despair and feeling the absence of anything and then some stranger dragged into the room and you said, “Oh live with me so that I don’t have to be lonely anymore” – or were you flying high, and in your place of alignment you were feeling good?

The rendevous happens. And you can feel the exhilaration of it as it. As it opens. As you get to witness the manifestation of what’s been going on in your vibrational reality. (and then say tell me about self and start facing reality of where have been.. and that’s where start missing up the vibration and where your incompatability starts)

Like guy looking to sell house for all reasons no longer want = what a vibration sending to universe!
What about how loved when first moved in! Details… = a week later his house sold.
Because now broadcasting what wants, not what missing. What felt good when was in alignment, not how it felt when they got out of alignment.

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