Gratitudes Dec 22 2019

  1. my eyesight
  2. my energy
  3. my health
  4. the trees blowing slightly right now
  5. ww this morning
  6. ad my friends there
  7. ww in general
  8. St later today:)
  9. my drugstore
  10. that I stood with those candies in my hand, and didn’t have them
  11. my living so much more now in conscious contact
  12. Abraham Hicks
  13. i just bought a *new car!*
  14. J in my life! ❤
  15. will see my nieces this week!
  16. my gratitude. (yes. i am grateful for my gratitude)
  17. piano
  18. reading
  19. my house
  20. my car
  21. that I will give it to J ❤
  22. and have it detailed first! 🙂
  23. hope
  24. my hands
  25. my birds
  26. them flying free when do
  27. and playing
  28. new toys for them

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