Would I really put aside all that I DO have, becasue of J?
I was in magical blissland yesterday with “my” girls (nieces). THAT is important.
I can see. THAT is important.
I have piano and birds and plants and house and new car coming. I as a good person, driving C and all…

Ok, got waylaid.

But still, I also have Tr, and MT, and my mother is not suffering. And I don’t have to see D or M
And MI contacts me
And I have a great sponsor (OA)
And my decision –
1. Live in the moment (THN: Life is only available in the present moment/ sponsor: You can only meet God in the present moment) And me: In the present moment, it’s always okay. Safe. Good. Fine.
2. Live in a state of gratitude! SO MUCH to be grateful for!
3. Make changes – fine – you want things to be different? You CAN

and 4 – the MAIN way is find the happiness here and now! ❤ (Hicks)

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