Grats / Pos. Aspcts. Dec 26 2019

  1. When I am only in the moment, it’s all good. Really. Like – as much as I like being WITH J better, ok, but, I’m PERFECTLY FINE and better than that as long as the rejection part doesn’t come up. Yes I want to be with him, but the rejection/ abandonment part is bigger. So I am appreciative of every time I’m in the moment.
  2. 3 meditations today Hicks/ Larken/ Honest Guys
  3. Christmas Eve (day) with my beautiful fam!
  4. I am so very appreciative of my eyesight. I used to be worried about it. And of course, right before the surgery. But here it is! All good and great and wonderful. I am SO thankful!
  5. I am grateful for the friends-at-the-diner time Christmas eve (evening)
  6. I am grateful for yesterday here for so long and then
  7. out with friends til midnight
  8. J’s call today.
  9. and his text yesterday for Christmas
  10. He will come tomorrow just to take my plates off and get me to the place:)
  11. Next week he’ll get the car
  12. that my place will send the thing to prove I have no lien anymore.
  13. that I so easily found the title
  14. and the dr note about no jury duty
  15. that I like giving
  16. humor
  17. sitcom Mom is on now.
  18. reading
  19. my Christmas tree
  20. my birds singing right now
  21. Abraham Hicks.
  22. the Gregg Braden thing D sent me the other day. This is all (Hicks, Braden, …) life-changing stuff
  23. Enough. Good enough and enough.
  24. that I made the detox soup today.
  25. and had chickpea salad and salad with kale and spinach for lunch
  26. Good people. Like my new friend T.
  27. my home
  28. that it is a free-standing unattached house
  29. my piano
  30. Bach
  31. electricity for lights. yes really
  32. bulbs
  33. and electr. for fridge
  34. and for heat
  35. and for tvs
  36. and for washer
  37. and dryer
  38. that I did laundry this am
  39. will put away and make bed now

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