Grats even specific to today 12/27/19

  1. Got my new car
  2. J took me
  3. Stayed while I learned about it
  4. Then got back and he hooked up phone for me (as I didn’t have it with me at place)
  5. He brought me two presents!
  6. I love them both!
  7. We laughed
  8. He’s excited for ME!
  9. and I think for his too
  10. I literally offered you can take new one and I’ll keep other – he wouldn’t (which is better because money! I’ll prob keep this car for 8 years!)
  11. I meditated before he came
  12. I just had more of my amazing soup (“On the Mend” from cookbook: Oh, She Glows! – I’m not sick it’s just great soup)
  13. Sitcom Mom is on now
  14. My. Life. Right now
  15. talked with sponsor am
  16. that I didn’t go get junk and eat it last night
  17. my eyeglasses
  18. my sunglasses
  19. that I am ABLE to get this car and give car to J.

❤ ❤ ❤

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