Gratitude Dec 29 2019

  1. Feelings about the New Year
  2. My new car. Am loving it.
  3. Relaxing last night with “Columbo” after got home.
  4. will go to gym tomorrow EARLY morning for meeting with trainer and plan-making
  5. my friendship with A
  6. and D
  7. my darling nieces. I love them so much!
  8. And had SUCH a nice time with them on Christmas Eve day
  9. J’s help with new car ❤
  10. and his presents to me. So nice!
  11. WW this morning. Was awesome.
  12. And I have made friends there on top of it
  13. my birdies
  14. their new toys
  15. they were on “gym” eating a little while ago
  16. newer one flying to me yesterday (not landing ON me – yet;)
  17. that I felt real happiness lately
  18. last night’s OA meeting
  19. I am becoming healthier. Eyes, eating, emotional happiness. Routines. All.
  20. Laughter
  21. Humor
  22. Smiles
  23. Taking it easier
  24. my home
  25. my bed
  26. sleep
  27. and dreams
  28. love of myself
  29. compassion for others
  30. reading the mindfulness trainings aloud today with Da
  31. haven’t skipped in 10 1/2 years! (every 3 months)
  32. and did mostly for 4 years before that
  33. water
  34. enough food
  35. my tvs. yes, really

    Thank you, God. for EVERYTHING. ❤

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