Grats Dec 3 2019

  1. that i read this afternoon
  2. and got into it
  3. and sort of unwound
  4. and meditated first
  5. that I called Tr this am
  6. I have my great eyesight
  7. the eye surgeries were successful
  8. Now is DEC 4. Oh, Thank You for everything! That I got the coffee yesterday, which I REALLY needed (kind of can’t come to in am without it, and wasn’t planning to go out…)
  9. Thank You that I did the grocery shopping.
  10. AND spent less
  11. Chili is cooking now
  12. Thank You that I have BEEN cooking home-cooked foods!
  13. Pasta/veggie dish cooking now too. Oh, thank you.
  14. And that I did laundry this am. I am so grateful.
  15. That I will be with D and her friend T tonight, yay.
  16. At something exciting.
  17. And can afford it all! Oh, thank You.
  18. That J and I had the nice talk yesterday!
  19. my new readers –
  20. and – that they were buy 1 pair get 1 pair free!
  21. How nice I was to everyone yesterday: J, Tr, D, the birdies, and the strangers outside on my errands
  22. and how nice all were to me!
  23. my patience
  24. my CD player I used first time this am. Yes, I know they’re considered “passee.” But they’re still being sold, and I love it!
  25. I put off til tomorrow all I can. And it is fine.
  26. I. Am. Fine. Oh, thank You. ❤
  27. my house is in order
  28. cleaning ladies come tomorrow
  29. I will get pedi and read at bookstore
  30. or just read at bookstore:)
  31. That my job paid. Paid the sick days I’d accumulated when I needed. Paid for time when my mom passed. (I would have been allowed 2 weeks, in fact, but really only needed one so only took one)
  32. And me. That *I* didn’t take advantage.

Affirmations and LoA Dec 4 2019

I Have the Power to Direct My Own Thoughts . . .
Your thoughts do create the reality that you live. And one of the most exciting things about beginning the process of deliberately focused thought is that the Law of Attraction will bring you evidence of your improved thought immediately. And while old patterns may be hard to break, and you may slip back into old patterns from time to time, evidence of your effort will be undeniable to you. And, before long – with much less effort than you spend trying to dodge negative conversations, or train another into better behavior – all of your relationships will improve.

To Receive What I Want, I Must Not Push Against Unwanted
This is an expanding Universe, and all things must be allowed. In other words, for you to understand and experience what you desire, you must understand that which you do not desire, for in order to be able to choose and focus, both must be present and understood.

I Let My Action Be Action in Joy
You have intended action. Action is part of the deliciousness of your physical world. But you did not intend to create through physical bodily action – you intended to use your body to enjoy the actions that you have created through your thought.
[Self – WOW!]

The most empowering statement of your life experience is: I WANT TO FEEL GOOD. I want to be connected to my Source of Energy. It includes, I will experience no resistance – it includes everything that is important to the getting of what you are wanting.
    Today, no matter where I am going,
     no matter what I am doing,
     no matter who I am doing it with,
     it is my dominant intention to see that which I am wanting to see.

Affirmations and LoA Dec 3 2019

Inspired Action Is Always Pleasurable Action . . .
The dominance of your thoughts is what brings everything to you, and is what is behind the action that you offer. By seeking good-feeling thoughts that align you with your Source – your action will then always feel good. You cannot muster enough action to compensate for misaligned thought, but action that is inspired from aligned thought is always pleasurable action.

Whatever I Can Imagine, the Universe Can Deliver
If you have the ability to imagine it or even to think about it, this Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you, for it is like a well-stocked kitchen with every ingredient imaginable at your disposal.

I Use the Law of Creation Deliberately
The Law of Creation has two important parts; the desire for the creation and the allowing of the creation. Whether you are thinking of what you desire, or the lack of what you desire (the direction of your thought is your choice), the Law of Creation goes to work upon whatever you are thinking about.

Your only Work is to feel good, and in feeling good you are connected to Infinite Intelligence, and then, in that connected state, you shine your connected funnel of glorious white light and Energy toward that object of your desire – and you improve it by your mere attention to it.


Stick with ww points daily!
30 minutes exercise each day.
Drink water.
Brush twice as taught.
Floss once as taught.
Hicks every morning.
Care more about how I feel than anything else. Build confidence and self-esteen and feeling of worthiness and lovableness.

Goal of 13 pounds by last day of Dec
Goal of 12 inches by last day of Dec (althought then would have to measure…)

from online:
I, Beautiful Self, hereby commit to starting to achieve the goal(s) outlined above that I want and need to be my best self. I take sole responsibility for my health and am willing to make permanent changes in my diet and exercise habits in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

Beginning today and moving forward, I will no longer deny myself the success that I deserve. This is an important day in my life; the day that I make the final commitment to focus consistently on my goal. I will no longer make excuses or justify my current habits that are preventing me from reaching my goals. I understand that my goals are going to be reached by developing healthy habits consistently over time and that I do not need to settle for anything.

I have the power to change my relationship with food to one that supports my desire for a new healthy lifestyle.

As I sign this contract, I understand that my future is my responsibility and I recognize that I am capable of achieving my goal.

Beautiful Me ❤

This feels better.
Brush teeth twice a day the WAY the dentist showed me.
Floss once the WAY the technician showed me.
Ww portions for food, having turned over the compulsive eating, to my Higher Power, I think it was Sunday?
Today I will start my 30 minutes a day daily workouts.

Not always 100% easy, but then what is… (so far)

I made one of the calls I was a little nervous about making today. And I paid my credit card bill. Phew.
And I will keep track of every penny I spend, through Dec.
Did meditate yesterday. That was good.
And did nightly inventory at night (instead of next day lol)

Affirmations and LoA Dec 2 2019

I Can Find Harmony by Feeling for Improved Thoughts . . .
If we were contemplating an action that caused negative emotion, we would not proceed with the action until we had resolved the negative emotion. We would make sure that we had come into alignment with Source before proceeding. By feeling for the improved thought, in time, and usually in a short time, you will feel the harmony of your Source; and you will know the appropriateness of your behavior. We would not look for the long lists of right and wrong, but instead, we would feel for the emotion of alignment with Source.

I Am Attracting Its Vibrational Essence
You can allow it or not, but the basis of your world is Well-Being. The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself is drawn. And so, the essence of whatever you give your attention to is unfolding in your experience. Therefore, there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have. This is Law.

I Can Reach for a Better-Feeling Thought
From your Non-Physical vantage point, you understood the eternal evolving nature of your Being and the promise that this Leading Edge contrasting environment held . . . . You understood the powerful Law of Attraction and the fairness and accuracy with which it responds to the free will of all creators. By reaching for the best-feeling thought you can find, you will shiver with exhilaration as you reconnect with your purpose, with your zest for life – and with you.

The thing that must be understood is that the Universe does not have a dividing line, with all of the “good stuff” on one side and all of the “bad stuff” on one other side. There is none of that. It is that which is appropriate unto me unto this moment – considering the combination of intentions and beliefs that I hold. The combination of thoughts that I am holding is always taken into consideration.
     If you are wanting to make this world a better place, and you are, you will never do it by condemning the murderer, or by joining the committees, or the armies, or the groups that say, “We’ve got to stop this,” because all that does is perpetuate it.