Healing and Staying Healthy – Cardiologist Visit 1/13/20

So I got up early, and tired lol, and got to the gym. Yay.
Then came home and took 2nd shower, and got to the cardiologist.
It went well. Looking at it for that and is true.
He did use a word like assertive or aggressive in terms of my losing weight and exercising – that he’d said it – but he hadn’t – I have to remember now that his APPROACH is very gentle. But it is as important to do…
He said what we are doing is risk management. The pills, losing weight, exercising, and talked about breathing and meditation and the calm app and all day breathing for calmness before during… anything…
And its importance because I must be in a constant underlying fight or flight response in order for the reactions I’m feeling.
But my blood pressure is great.
And my cholesterol has been greatly affected by the pills.
Still, calcification in the main main artery!

So –
I have a plan
And I am going to ramp it up a bit

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