Getting and Staying in Appreciation Jan 16 2020


how get into and stay in appreciation when is contrast?
#1. don’t ask for it all the time – cause contrast also grows solution
Is delicious stay to be in that’s why want
When “enough” – “now i want access to the solution i’ve created”

appreciating – like getting bigger
prob is appreciating well so is solution so is matter of which end of stick giving attention to

not positive from active what do not want
not beneficial to try to goose it up

When find self appreciation, focus longer – to savor AND for momentum
If feeling negative emotion, do NOT beat on self or work too hard on trying switch to positive or give lip service to what want while compounding what don[‘t want

Don’t work too hard on this. You are a natural appreciator. And when you’re feeling good, that’s when you want to talk more and more and more about it.
And when not, talk and think less and less and less about it.

What is appreciation and what does it feel like
Is: resonance with IB
feeling vibration in harmony with what IB is thinking
receiving from Source what Source is projecting to you at that moment
when you feel love, that’s you resonating with the love that Source feels
it’s a resonance with the depth and wholeness of who you really are
and – it can become more if when you feel it or catch a glimpse of it, you deliberately focus there. and that’s when you think about why you appreciate it. and what other things like it you appreciate.
LoA will carry your thoughts into more and more and more

*You get to choose which direction you point your thoughts. And the more you deliberately are choosing, then the more control you have over this momentum: how big it gets, how long it lasts, how sustaining it is, how practiced you are in it, and therefore how likely you are to return to it again often. how fast you are to recognize it. how aware you are of your own guidance system.
So it really is – all of this really is – more about what you have done with your thoughts before a manifestation occurs than really what you’re doing after it occurs. because once a manfstatn occurs, its footprint is there and your observation of it is just gonna be a continuation of what it already was. where if it is your intention to wake up in the morning when your mind is more still already, because momentum has subsided pretty much while you were asleep, and then you deliberately quiet your mind
which stops all resistance
which allows your cork to float up there into that vibration of who you really are, then you can begin to feel, early on in your day, the resonance of your Source. and the resonance of your Source, before there’s momentum, just feels like satisfaction. it feels like well-being. might even feel like peacefulness and contentment, that sort of thing. but if you do not introduce resistant thought to it, if you’re able to stay in that vibrational atmosphere, while the momentum builds, then that feeling of well-being can grow to true passion about something, true exhileration about life, a feeling of invigoration in your body. feeling of steadiness and certainly and balance. the feeling of – what feel like:

a higher momentum of alignment with Source
have hooked up with S and added your thoughts that match the thoughts that S has to the mix, so really rolling and flowing and blowing with your IB
sometimes a person will ask for rampage of appreciation – bec want to change way feel – no – because rampaging about someplace they’re not will only cause greater tug of war within them. if you’re not in the vicinity of alignment, then you don’t want to really focus on it bec whatever you focus on it, more is going to be added to it

diff satisfaction and apprec
s = resonance with S
technically no grear diff
A = that specific resonance focused toward something you really care about in your life. S = more general, A = more specific.
Therefore s has less momentum while A has more
So if choice (and alw have): resonance Source or something else, choose Source if you can
And if got choice once in that resonance, betw feeling sat and passion, well you know when you want to feel pas and when wt to feel sat, isn’t there something comfortable about that range – not TOO often into negative emotion, alth benefit even in that just don’t stay there

when are in vibr alignment with who really are, and have allowed your cork to float,
high natural vibr place, allowing mode, receiving, receptive mode, can receive from IB
and play it out and really understand all the help you have
so guidance, and receiving, and replenishing

can app and maintain and momentum gets moving – life unfolding, surrounded by people who… surprising and delightful things coming across path many times in day
big time rendevous happening, things looking for for a while show up in your experience – being in a place of strong steady appreciation is really wonderful if you are balanced at that.
but if still flipfl


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