“How to Walk” by Thich Nhat Hanh:

I once traveled with a delegation to China and climbed Wutai Shan, a famous mountain there. The path to the top is very steep and usually people arrive exhausted. There are 1,080 steps to climb. Before setting out, I suggested our delegation breathe, make a step, relax; breathe, make another step, and relax. Our intention was to climb the mountain in a way that we could enjoy each moment of the climbing. Every ten steps or so we would sit down, look around, breathe, and smile. We didn’t need to arrive, we arrived in every step, with peace, stillness, solidity, and freedom. When we got to the top, everybody was so happy and full of energy. Every step, even uphill, can bring mindfulness, concentration, joy, and insight.

— Yes, I do think it’s law of attraction too:)

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