Big Gratitudes March 14 2020

At this time, I am so aware of how much I have.
Realizing how much you have to lose helps you see how much you have!
The things I *somewhat* take for granted every day. Wow. Including:

  1. indoor plumbing
  2. for toilet
  3. and bathroom sink
  4. and kitchen sink
  5. and shower
  6. bathtub
  7. and washing machine
  8. and even dishwasher
  9. my front steps. i sat on them yesterday and last week, and read. so, not totally alone – people come by… – and yet am safe
  10. plus they’re stone. and pretty
  11. my bed. i read something yesterday that said, “We are 3 meals and a bed away from violence” or something like that and i thought of the fortune and importance of having a bed
  12. let alone a good one. queen size sleep number.
  13. with soft sheets
  14. and multiple pillows
  15. and blanket
  16. and spread
  17. comfort and sleep
  18. that i DO sleep every night
  19. my interesting dreams
  20. my refrigerator
  21. credit card. for ordering online
  22. that i have plenty of food here and coming
  23. my eye drops
  24. my meds
  25. my pharmacy
  26. and that they deliver
  27. vitamin c
  28. and b
  29. and d
  30. water. wow so fortunate to have plenty of water
  31. delivery people
  32. their trucks
  33. packaging that helps enable…
  34. Dave’s killer bread
  35. organic foods
  36. fruits
  37. veggies
  38. my birds
  39. that I have plenty of food for them!
  40. and treats
  41. all the health care workers
  42. I just got foods delivered. And more coming Monday. I have/will have plenty. Thank you, God!
  43. hand washing
  44. soap
  45. hand soap
  46. sanitizer
  47. shampoo
  48. shower gel
  49. socks
  50. foot cream
  51. Serious Skin Care
  52. froze gym account
  53. froze massage account
  54. have French lesson scheduled (is online)
  55. thankful that it’s online
  56. E sending me all those things virtually every morning
  57. jammies
  58. comfy clothes today
  59. pretty hair
  60. happy birdies
  61. heat and air conditioning and windows in my house
  62. roof
  63. oa meeting on phone
  64. this laptop
  65. cell phone
  66. knitting
  67. piano
  68. coloring
  69. crochet
  70. embroidery
  71. French
  72. plants
  73. neat home  –


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