Feeling Lonely, and hurt by “friend” need GRATS Mar 15 2020

  1. I am well
  2. I can see
  3. i can hear
  4. i can walk
  5. i can think
  6. i can read
  7. i have food
  8. i have toilet paper
  9. i have water
  10. i have heat as needed
  11. i have my birds
  12. they are healthy
  13. phone convo today with F
  14. will do mindfulness in under an hour with DS
  15. my darling niece A
  16. and H
  17. and K
  18. and dearheart nephew D
  19. my friendship with A
  20. and L
  21. and St
  22. and Tr
  23. and MT
  24. and J
  25. and Jo
  26. and oa:Je
  27. and Cl
  28. and P
  29. and RL
  30. and E
  31. and RV
  32. cousin P
  33. and Li
  34. and Lo
  35. online cousin K
  36. and Jn
  37. and KC
  38. and BV
  39. and NF
  40. and J.A
  41. and K
  42. and SB
  43. MI
  44. AMOH
  45. JL
  46. MG
  47. CP
  48. That I can stay at home
  49. To keep from going cray I can: read
  50. and do French work
  51. and practice piano
  52. and embroider
  53. and knit
  54. and crochet
  55. and needlepoint
  56. and paint
  57. and color
  58. and check cab for other hobbies
  59. can call people
  60. do oa online meetings
  61. do oa phone meetings
  62. can text with people
  63. can email people
  64. ***can take walks!
  65. *** can sit outside and read when not too cold
  66. ***can do my Beachbody dvd workouts!
  67. and meditate
  68. and pray
  69. and do oa work
  70. and cook
  71. tame budgies
  72. add more toys for them
  73. can even clean drawers
  74. and closets
  75. and cabinets
  76. and hope chest
  77. and shelves (all is in order in my house but i could afford to go through my stuff0
  78. And this will only further my strength!
  79. my sense of humor
  80. my sleep
  81. that M is not in my life
  82. talking to my sponsor about the D situation phew
  83. my laptop
  84. Thank God that I HAVE the birds – I could tame them now – hm I’ll go add that to the list of what to do and also change out (add more) toys
  85. and very grateful that i just ate a salad for dinner 🙂
  86. pickles. yes really.
  87. that I am not in a hospital
  88. that I am not here with abusers
  89. my breathing is so good
  90. and voice
  91. and digestive system
  92. people who are smart and degreed and experienced and doing the right things
  93. that i can still pay my bills
  94. that gym has frozen temporarily for me
  95. and massage has til they hear back ( i think)
  96. i have not been on a ship
  97. or in a plane
  98. or train or subway
  99. or bus
  100. my new birdie is so playful
  101. and – it makes me think of how to do yet more for him
  102. Addendums: like ww Connect
  103. fb
  104. that I’m not in prison
  105. not dying
  106. not all alone in the big wide world really
  107. hope
  108. vegan cheese

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