May 30 2020 Journal

I just feel so good. I am SOOOOO grateful.
Was depressed Fri even and Sat morning. Was a little tough.
Walked, did zoom meetings, sat outside a LOT reading. Friend came who does outdoor work – at lease saw and said hi…
New neighbor actually brought over a treat – a snack she made – for me to enjoy during my reading. I couldn’t take because wasn’t vegan but I was SO appreciative!
Today, I feel – spiritual. Connected. At ease. At peace. Hopeful.

I get a certain picture in my mind of what great life now is: time with my birds, taming and training them. Caring for my plants. Exercise workout with online guidance, and walks. Tons of time outside. A little makeup. Clothes etc. Caring for my skin… Piano!
But I sit so much with tv. Changing that!
I CAN come out of this the butterfly!

Bless you all.

Journal May 26 2020

Had much anxiety this am.
Said over and over, “God help me. God help me.”

And I heard back from the nervous-making place. They will call again with more answers.
And that first call came right when I got out of the shower, literally, so I didn’t miss it.

And then J called 🙂
Yay ❤
And – he will do the bank thing too yay.

Ok it turns out I was wrong – I didn’t get stimulus check – but is okay. I’m fine
Even did my online banking. So grateful.

God IS helping me.

“Things are always working out for me” (Abraham Hicks)

Weather even beautiful today

And drugstore to deliver later.

  1. I’m so grateful that we’d gotten this house in order or I’d be having  million times harder time during this pandemic omg!
  2. I’m so grateful for the delivery today! I have oranges and lemons and bananas and onions and pickles and pasta and soups and chickpeas and more leftover! Plus new
  3. bananas
  4. and an apple
  5. and lots of fresh leafy greens
  6. a sweet potato
  7. whole grain breads
  8. hummus
  9. celery
  10. carrots
  11. porteins
  12. ketchup
  13. sauce
  14. pintobeans
  15. lentils
  16. I have toilet paper
  17. and paper towels
  18. and napkins
  19. and flushable wipes
  20. and even Lysol wipes
  21. and masks
  22. and soap
  23. and sanitizer. Wow. I am so grateful
  24. that I HAVE food
  25. and a place to live
  26. and good books
  27. J in my life
  28. Jo who does so much
  29. my close friendship with ATr
  30. MT
  31. St
  32. CS
  33. KC
  34. L
  35. my darling fam
  36. I am breathing well
  37. And not coughing
  38. I even have zinc
  39. and vit C
  40. and vit D
  41. and menthol lozenges
  42. water
  43. diet ginger ale
  44. and a lemon something drink
  45. teas
  46. cofees
  47. wow
  48. I’m so grateful that I took my walk yesterday
  49. and today
  50. Thank you, God, for everything!
  51. My cell phone
  52. On which I hear Hicks while walking
  53. with the ear things I bought cause they fit better than the ones that I got with the phone
  54. good safe neighborhood to walk in, thank you, God
  55. awareness of the Law of Attraction
  56. Tomorrow I will do those things I have to do, and I will feel GREAT afterward (if not before!)
  57. then drugstore will deliver the things I need. Oh, thank You.

“Golden Tea”

Apparently used a lot in India as follows:

consume daily, at least 2 times a day the famous golden milk “golden milk
It’s a tea they make with milk (your predilection) they prefer plant based milk, understand coconut, almonds or rice. They add turmeric (turmeric) ginger and cinnamon. Only those ingredients reinforce your immune system, the benefits are instant.
Believe me, I’ve been looking for information all day and reading about this, I wanted to share it because I think that right now more than one, it can serve us.

10 amazing benefits of taking Golden Milk:

1. Relieves intestinal inflammation and promotes good digestion by avoiding colic and inflammation and improving gut flora.

Its antibacterial and antiviral properties can eliminate infectious agents attacking the respiratory system and can relieve irritated throat and relieve nasal congestion.

3. It can eliminate inflammation throughout the body, especially in joints and muscles. This allows you to relieve symptoms of diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis very well.

4. Your active agent Curcumin helps reduce the effects of oxidative stress causing, among other things, premature ageing and chronic degenerative diseases.

5. Accelerates metabolism allowing better elimination of accumulated fat in the body.

6. Help treat cancer because by its antioxidant powers it can neutralize cell mutations and the negative effects that free radicals cause.

7. He has been very busy as a detoxifying agent, especially for the liver.

8. Ends headaches caused by stress and congestion of the sinuses.

9. Improves blood circulation.

10. In skin suffering relieves acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema.

Grat 5/13

I had such a nice time this morning.
Sat outside doing Fr stuff. And the 3 came and planted the new things. And it is beautiful out. And it felt so good. Even before they came. And I loved seeing her – I haven’t seen her in so long.
Then I came in (hours had passed and it was also getting cold) and roasted some vegetables.
But then i started to – sort of sink a little – listening to briefing on youtube and wondering about my money… led to thinking about J 😦
Had lunch
Watching 600 lb lilfe
NOW thinking – MUST keep enjoying/ and develop self/ and STAY POSITIVE (Hicks)

Am grateful for all the nice already today – including loving my plantings – and expecting more to come including a walk, sitting out front and reading, and listening to Hicks.

Am also VERY glad remembered M’s b’day.

  1. I a so grateful that I can pay my bills
  2. And that eye freckle might well turn out to be nothing!
  3. And retinologist is on top of the other thing
  4. and I’m eating more greens and moving a bit more which is all good for eyes
  5. as well as good for blood sugar
  6. and heart
  7. and life
  8. and emotions
  9. i’m so grateful fort his weather and i can get out every day
  10. which is good for my health
  11. and my emotions
  12. that i got better from being so sick
  13. i’m so grateful for my home
  14. and that it is in order
  15. and nice new neighbor
  16. that i can read
  17. and do
  18. that i sleep so well! every night!
  19. fb
  20. water
  21. i had food delivered today
  22. veggies
  23. fruits
  24. bread
  25. proteins
  26. and already have next week’s list and delivery set up
  27. my healthy digestive system
  28. life
  29. that i AM alive
  30. and that i like it so (i remember when i didn’t)
  31. tv show Mom
  32. J in my life
  33. and Jo
  34. the 3 new plantings i bought
  35. they’ll be put in tomorrow
  36. tempeh
  37. my daily shower
  38. will try to color my hair tomorrow. gulp lol
  39. MT
  40. Tr
  41. St
  42. CP
  43. KC
  44. A
  45. L
  46. my fam! nephew
  47. niece
  48. her hubby
  49. her kids xoxo
  50. my birdies
  51. happily snacking outside the cage right now
  52. cozy
  53. safety
  54. my bed
  55. sheets
  56. pillows
  57. comforter
  58. spread
  59. Abraham Hicks

Thank You, God

about mother

from 2014

“My mother has overcome tremendous hardships and remains positive to this day. I have paid a heavy price in time, energy, money, and emotions these years in caring for her – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps one of the last gifts she is giving me is the gift of what true compassion means, and that the cost is not relevant, yet the rewards are tremendous! My mother loves her two daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all her nieces and nephews, her sister-in-law and her friends, and her angel of an aide, Mary. I hope to have my mother’s attitude, acceptance, patience, humor, intelligence, and most of all strength. God bless you, Mommy. I am grateful that I get to be with you so often and will again today!”