Grat 5/13

I had such a nice time this morning.
Sat outside doing Fr stuff. And the 3 came and planted the new things. And it is beautiful out. And it felt so good. Even before they came. And I loved seeing her – I haven’t seen her in so long.
Then I came in (hours had passed and it was also getting cold) and roasted some vegetables.
But then i started to – sort of sink a little – listening to briefing on youtube and wondering about my money… led to thinking about J 😦
Had lunch
Watching 600 lb lilfe
NOW thinking – MUST keep enjoying/ and develop self/ and STAY POSITIVE (Hicks)

Am grateful for all the nice already today – including loving my plantings – and expecting more to come including a walk, sitting out front and reading, and listening to Hicks.

Am also VERY glad remembered M’s b’day.

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