1. I’m so grateful that we’d gotten this house in order or I’d be having  million times harder time during this pandemic omg!
  2. I’m so grateful for the delivery today! I have oranges and lemons and bananas and onions and pickles and pasta and soups and chickpeas and more leftover! Plus new
  3. bananas
  4. and an apple
  5. and lots of fresh leafy greens
  6. a sweet potato
  7. whole grain breads
  8. hummus
  9. celery
  10. carrots
  11. porteins
  12. ketchup
  13. sauce
  14. pintobeans
  15. lentils
  16. I have toilet paper
  17. and paper towels
  18. and napkins
  19. and flushable wipes
  20. and even Lysol wipes
  21. and masks
  22. and soap
  23. and sanitizer. Wow. I am so grateful
  24. that I HAVE food
  25. and a place to live
  26. and good books
  27. J in my life
  28. Jo who does so much
  29. my close friendship with ATr
  30. MT
  31. St
  32. CS
  33. KC
  34. L
  35. my darling fam
  36. I am breathing well
  37. And not coughing
  38. I even have zinc
  39. and vit C
  40. and vit D
  41. and menthol lozenges
  42. water
  43. diet ginger ale
  44. and a lemon something drink
  45. teas
  46. cofees
  47. wow
  48. I’m so grateful that I took my walk yesterday
  49. and today
  50. Thank you, God, for everything!
  51. My cell phone
  52. On which I hear Hicks while walking
  53. with the ear things I bought cause they fit better than the ones that I got with the phone
  54. good safe neighborhood to walk in, thank you, God
  55. awareness of the Law of Attraction
  56. Tomorrow I will do those things I have to do, and I will feel GREAT afterward (if not before!)
  57. then drugstore will deliver the things I need. Oh, thank You.

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