May 30 2020 Journal

I just feel so good. I am SOOOOO grateful.
Was depressed Fri even and Sat morning. Was a little tough.
Walked, did zoom meetings, sat outside a LOT reading. Friend came who does outdoor work – at lease saw and said hi…
New neighbor actually brought over a treat – a snack she made – for me to enjoy during my reading. I couldn’t take because wasn’t vegan but I was SO appreciative!
Today, I feel – spiritual. Connected. At ease. At peace. Hopeful.

I get a certain picture in my mind of what great life now is: time with my birds, taming and training them. Caring for my plants. Exercise workout with online guidance, and walks. Tons of time outside. A little makeup. Clothes etc. Caring for my skin… Piano!
But I sit so much with tv. Changing that!
I CAN come out of this the butterfly!

Bless you all.

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