Nov 22 2020

See, 2 days ago I DECIDED.
NOTHING counts these next 4 months. You are FREE. Nov 20 – Mar 20 NO JUDGING (“I’m alone on Thanksgiving…”). It is all pandemic.
Meanwhile, eat well, walk each day, and *enjoy.* That. Is. All.
(And yesterday I remembered the 4 months during which I pretended not to be shy and how that changed things for me!)

Nov 16 2020 L of A

The good things – looking for/at them today, Nov 16 2020

  1. He does care. He bought me a printer
  2. and won’t let me pay
  3. and is on his way here to bring it
  4. and will set it up
  5. and will help me with the humidifier
  6. and the air purifier
  7. now or another time
  8. and he got me that pic of little darling Mo ❤
  9. getting back together with ME – is imp.
  10. experience this wonderful relationship. as tuned in to who i AM
  11. look for the best in other – in him
  12. expect no one to bump up against me
  13. i am invoking from them where my vibration is – she is talking right now lol on my phone youtube
  14. so i really have control over everyone else’s actions toward me
  15. Universe only brings me aspects of others that are active within me
  16. so everything getting, getting as aspect of my own vibration
  17. so feeling good about self now – start here –
  18. I did a lot today
  19. straightening
  20. all plants
  21. birds
  22. grocery ordering
  23. i am appreciative that my breath is so clean. deep and pure
  24. i walked yesterday
  25. i play piano
  26. i gave the books to P
  27. and have more lined up already
  28. the power of leverage is from aligning with Source. happiness, clarity. power of influence
  29. people are attractive because their energy is not split by trying to satisfy the opinions of others
  30. don’t push against what don’t want – focus on what do want
  31. look over at the things i DO agree with. like we laugh
  32. and we visit
  33. and I truly WANT freedom for him
  34. leave him out of the equation in order to get him
  35. bec. awareness of him if not in harmony with what i want, fights it
  36. focus on the aspects of what i want
  37. you get what you think about
  38. do NOT hold HIM responsible for how the relationship is going.
  39. i can create what i want. not about controling him. yes, i know that now.
  40. focus and align with what i want and lof a will brg me more and more of it until eventually will bring me ONLY thata
  41. what does the Source within me know
  42. do NOT accept that it’s gone, is not coming back, can’t have – that’s opposite of truth – cut it out
  44. expect it will last and come closer
  45. A. encouraging: nothing is ended. nothing is ever done
  46. think about how/where should be when come together. NOT about “live with me so I don’t have to be lonely anymore.” Fly high.

Oct 20 2020

  1. I did get myself to the physical this morning
  2. It went well
  3. I should be fine
  4. Two more tests coming up. Good that they exist.
  5. THEN the OTHER three are routine. I didn’t always do the routine ones but I guess it’s time I do 🙂
  6. She is so nice, my new primary care person. Very knowledgeable and serious about job, and nice.
  7. I. Mailed. My. Ballot.
  8. I mailed my health ins. check.
  9. I mailed the check to cleaning lady (who isn’t coming right now, but wants to; I don’t let her so that’s not her fault…)
  10. As above, I’m nice
  11. Abraham Hicks in car. Felt SO good
  12. And I got to pharmacy for the things I needed
  13. Then came home ripped off clothes threw in washer, and showered and washed hair
  14. All the things she asked me about, I don’t have yay. Like pain here there and the other, balance things, ear ringing, trouble swallowing, etc etc. And I realized, gee, for someone with some conditions, I do great!:
  15. Great life.
  16. Sleep long and well.
  17. Good dreams.
  18. No limitations
  19. Thankful for meds
  20. J is downstairs now doing boxes.
  21. and now upstairs bleeding radiators yay
  22. (I will pay, of course)
  23. It turns out, it wasn’t that he was avoiding me last week. He saw my car and didn’t see me, and assumed I was out on my walk
  24. Cousin P called and I spent hours on phone with her
  25. Yay nothing on agenda for tomorrow 🙂 xo Thank You.

Gratitudes Oct 18

  1. today’s walk, while on zoom meeting D had told me about
  2. doingthe 5 mindfulness trainings together
  3. reading outside
  4. BEING outside
  5. finally realizing which book that scene was from! because am rereading the book lol!
  6. my eyesight ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  7. E.
  8. hearing back from J
  9. this: can’t find it now. but it was a meme about someone’s reaction to ME being really about his relationship with himSELF. i found it comforting
  10. my breath
  11. my heart
  12. abraham workshop online yesterday
  13. food delivery last night
  14. will see nurse practic. this week and it should be good for me
  15. this morning, hearing from that person who knew who i was and invited me to visit outdoor walk etc. That was so nice
  16. i have a roof over my head
  17. and i like it
  18. i have clean fresh water
  19. and bottled water
  20. and flavored sparkling water
  21. baths
  22. showers
  23. sinks
  24. toilet
  25. i have clothes
  26. some of which are in my own washer right now
  27. and a dryer
  28. and time. i am retired
  29. i have a pension
  30. i can hear
  31. tvs
  32. books
  33. my birdies chirping so nicely right now
  34. lots of squirrels and birds in yard happy happy 🙂
  35. and shadows
  36. weather
  37. took walk today
  38. and yesterday
  39. hurt less today
  40. i actually just did a load of laundry – that’s previously unheard of at this time on a sunday
  41. and it’s in dryer and SECOND load is in! yay me
  42. chatting with A in PM
  43. that i don’t have to see M anymore
  44. or Da
  45. Just heard from N. That was nice.
  46. What I wrote in other post earlier today.