April 1 2020

I’m really gonna die.
I’m getting older…
The day WILL come.
My bucket list will sit there, undone…

What do I REALLY want to do?
Be with J
Cook Ethiopian food
Garden a little
Be amongst trees/nature
Help innocent animals somehow
Laugh with others!
Be healthy and fit for the rest of life

What I Will Now Do toward It:
2 months quarantined =
lose 25 pounds

Sept 22 2019

As of tomorrow, there are 100 days left in 2019.
What do I want – what would I like – what do I intend – to be, do, or have… (I like that better than “accomplish”, a la Hicks)


Ornish eating
Move every day. Can add to walking, the dances like Country Heat and Cize, that I already have! – and even some little weights or the gym
Have a French teacher by the end
The Ornish (plus mine) stress management daily (find better term more positive – maybe happiness building or happiness maintaining or happies yes I like that one)
Hair, clothes, creams, makeup
Plan my trip for spring or summer!
I intend to feel joyous and peaceful, both, every day!
Have some fun every day!
Be true to myself.
Continue keeping all my promises. Including the picking stuff up, the be my honest true self, the be forgiving compassionate and accepting (not doormat) and the looking a certain way every day.
Laugh – daily!
Give time to my birdies – daily.
~STAY in this grateful magic space (the after-eye surgery place)
xo ❤
*WOW! What a life I’ll be having with this!