june 25 2020

K’s fireplace
D’s table
and the other one I thought of this afternoon

More on this tomorrow

June 26
not more yet because can’t remember the third (in thinking, it was the first) one.
Basic point is about magic… thinking, beliefs, wonder
Not dreams but almost daydreams…

Had this dream 3 years ago. Still think of it. Thought of it the other day. Then found what I wrote at the time:

I caught a flying bird in my hand in the air. He turned into a rabbit. Sick, injured, in bad shape. I took to vet. LONG wait and assistant had shelves of waiting animals and said, “After these (not counting mine) we’ll be finished for the day.” I asked PLEASE! She said I don’t know… So I waited and waited. —
And while waiting I just kept holding and petting gently and loving and caring for him.
He got better from that! From that care!
He was very grateful and I was absolutely thrilled.
One time, when I was holding him, he turned into a little fish, which I realized was where he came from.
Only he was SO tiny (half an inch?)
He kept flying away
I knew he’d get away – get out – I was horrified so worried for his safety
I caught him again, this tiny little red fish flying in mid-air –
but it was so hard to keep him in my hand
oh no
Well, he got away
I was so worried

I found a folded clothy paper with air in it thing like those giant things outside gas stations and new businesses that blow in the wind? (Only this one was like half the size of a sheet of looseleaf paper)

I found it and
It was folded with the words written on it so clearly, that I decided to fold it back into its original shape.
On it, it said, written by that animal:

~Thank you. I am free. Thank you so much.~
I was so happy!