New Phase of My Personal Rehab

So haven’t had those things.
Now amounts. Stick to ww amounts. 3 days. Today day 1.
This part harder…
God bless me.

Also more weight loss will keep me safer re: covid. Remove one risk factor – for that and anything else that might ever come along…
And – blood sugar average for my dr appt coming up


last one summer 20 was bef. pandemic/ also will help miracle working on/ will contribute to bucket list possibilities…

what if
how HE feels about me were not an issues at ALL

and whether ANYONE wants me were not

what would i be doing

i now know I don’t like how I FEEL after eating like crap
so i want to not do that anymore
def stay vegan
more whole real foods
no junk even ww or other like that. should not need snacks.
it. has. never. helped.
and. it. has. hurt.

so i would be eating well
and reading
cleaning and doing laundry and cooking and sending for groceries
a little French and piano and jigsaw puzzles and exercise
daily walks
zoom meetings
phone calls
OUTSIDE TIME! ALL I CAN GET! – as long as feels good – which it always has! every time!

if things are still this way in the fall and even winter, then LOTS piano and French and jigsaw and exercise
and physically distant visits

Sept 22 2019

As of tomorrow, there are 100 days left in 2019.
What do I want – what would I like – what do I intend – to be, do, or have… (I like that better than “accomplish”, a la Hicks)


Ornish eating
Move every day. Can add to walking, the dances like Country Heat and Cize, that I already have! – and even some little weights or the gym
Have a French teacher by the end
The Ornish (plus mine) stress management daily (find better term more positive – maybe happiness building or happiness maintaining or happies yes I like that one)
Hair, clothes, creams, makeup
Plan my trip for spring or summer!
I intend to feel joyous and peaceful, both, every day!
Have some fun every day!
Be true to myself.
Continue keeping all my promises. Including the picking stuff up, the be my honest true self, the be forgiving compassionate and accepting (not doormat) and the looking a certain way every day.
Laugh – daily!
Give time to my birdies – daily.
~STAY in this grateful magic space (the after-eye surgery place)
xo ❤
*WOW! What a life I’ll be having with this!

Eating And Weight – A Great Reminder May 16 2019

I did it again last night, overeating – from delivery. It. Felt. Like. Crap. I honesty didn’t enjoy the taste or texture or feeling even during, and didn’t even finish (although I ate a LOT).
Eating better lately – and Hicks – have been changing me.
For example I can’t read the rags – I tried Sun morning and forgetting, just out of habit I tried again Mon morning. Nope. No interest – even an aversion.
And – I WANT to put into my body the things that nourish it and help it and support it!
Not just eat less – eat more – real food.
My body *and emotions* respond to vegetables and real food vs fake.

I repeat:
My body *and emotions* respond to vegetable and real food vs fake.

So remember too (just saw on live longer site):
whole grains, beans, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds