I’m So MEANT to Be Retired :) Oct 25 2019

I always wanted to not work.
Yes, I’m very glad I got to help children! But I was always more comfortable free. Well almost always. Because besides helping children, there were those times that my work saved me ❤

But now –
Now –
I get to put time into mySELF. My foods, walking, spirituality, fun.

I can take courses, learn French, photography, painting.
I am FREE!

I’m not on the treadmill running rushing frantic…
I’m not worried about the changes I don’t like – all the data – all the computer stuf – the parents, the type of kids I was getting, so much so much. 🙂

PIANO! Piano piano piano
The arts omg finally enough time!
Piano – embroidery – painting (badly) – French

I Can… Sept 5 2019

I can do anything I want
I can dress like a hippie
or boho chic
or fancy every day
or nothing but jeans
I can dye my hair any color I want
I can do belly dancing
or any kind of acrobatics
I can take swimming lessons
I can travel
I can give a piano concert
I can have a long-term love life primary relationship
I can become an actress
I can take dancing lessons

Awesome Change Aug 2 2019

I can’t believe this! it’s huge!
is starting to appeal to me more than the primary relationship!
would have never expected it.

This heart issue is teaching meto be ME and full and open and to LIVE

Finding my OWN personal alignment
And living as
and with
and for
End July beg Aug finally feeling the freedom. The life
Got notice yesterday what I’ll be getting as pension
Is less than I’d been told
is okay
I can do this!

Omg thank you that I have awakened again – 2nd day in a row – with good feeling.
Thank you that I have awakened!

Law of Attraction

List of things that just feel good to me.
(Whether I think can do/have them or not).

feet in stream


my birds singing

my birds on my hands

my plants

my yard

opsitives. listening to hicks

having fun times like with St th eother day

time with J

cooking something delicious and good for me in every way

losing weight

being out with people


feeling pretty in a dress

being in the water (“swimming’)

walking in nature with J

and with a dog off-leash!

accomplishments. getting things done.

my home in order

having enough money

when I was in England


light easy ping-pong

paddle boating

walking in nature



July 16 2019 Journal, LoA, and Retirement Now

D. says in the beginning of her spiritual journey, she had eye floaters.
And tinnitus.
And that she saw them as angels talking to her. “We’re here. We hear you. Can you hear us!”

My only job is to feel good. I can – well – not “work” on self, but enjoy. Like when Hicks said to that person who expressed what she “should” be doing, which missed the point Hicks had just made using ducks as a reference, “No! Just look at ducks!” I can “just look at ducks!”
I can:
meditate every single day
enjoy my birdies
do my affirmations and gratis
maybe some OA stuff
plus courses soon
plus see St, D, M, O, Tr, MT, N, BV, KB

Don’t skip greens. What a great difference today wow!

When I don’t look ahead in a state of worry – what IF… oh NO I don’t want to be ALONE FOREVER…. when I don’t do that, I quite enjoy the DAY!