July 16 2019 Journal, LoA, and Retirement Now

D. says in the beginning of her spiritual journey, she had eye floaters.
And tinnitus.
And that she saw them as angels talking to her. “We’re here. We hear you. Can you hear us!”

My only job is to feel good. I can – well – not “work” on self, but enjoy. Like when Hicks said to that person who expressed what she “should” be doing, which missed the point Hicks had just made using ducks as a reference, “No! Just look at ducks!” I can “just look at ducks!”
I can:
meditate every single day
enjoy my birdies
do my affirmations and gratis
maybe some OA stuff
plus courses soon
plus see St, D, M, O, Tr, MT, N, BV, KB

Don’t skip greens. What a great difference today wow!

When I don’t look ahead in a state of worry – what IF… oh NO I don’t want to be ALONE FOREVER…. when I don’t do that, I quite enjoy the DAY!




For When Retire – New Exciting Idea May 30 2019

Meyers Briggs –
feels good
like full circle
always love and am interested in it and know it works
something with Meyers Briggs…

June 2:
4 weeks in (most) every month –
1 = Massage
1 = Pedi
1 = Movie
1 = Piano lesson or French lesson and/or out with friend (more than once a month)
I’m GETTING – Julie box every just-after-mid-month
and Lunarly every very end of month
haircut every 6 weeks
pedi every 6 weeks
AND house cleaned every other week

June 10:
Can sub. Some reason to go out in the harsher weather, and someone who would know if I didn’t make it.

June 14
or library…
image – nice – me – earth mother – free – plants – birds – piano – 11 or more people can see once or twice a month –

For SELF about Retirement May 22 2019

May 21 (or 20 pm)
Yes, it’s true that I am so fortunate to be entrusted with children and to spend time face to face with them


2nd gr has been different

And 3rd with testing would be too

And i’m tired – kids so hard now – some adults’ crazies are icky – parents’ pressures – tech things like ordering and all that… – and the money difference so little!

So i’ll find a way to be so happy!

And – can sub or tutor or aide or whatever i want with kids

Also – if it is the class we used to have – the banquets and visits etc – incorporate those into your own life!

And now – May 22:
It is the IDEAL that I feel miss about. Not the reality. Only some moments of the reality.
And it is the youth and hope – but THIS new start can be that too!

I have always gotten sick while school… so it is only logical that I would now lol. It will change now. Retiring. Can exercise however can until fully at gym! And I can have lots of nature in my life. And buy clothes and shoes and coats and boots for ALL weather.

And even travel.
All is well!

Journal – Day after Retirement Exit Interview – May 21 2019

I’m excited.
They’re planting the front shade-flowering perennials today.
And while it shortens the feel of my front property, I just love have ing the plants. And flowers. I’m such an old lady in a way. A wild woman type. Always have been. Somewhat.

I watered my indoor plants and TOTALLY enjoyed doing it!

And I right now have blooming outside some: rhodedendron and azaeleas! Tulips and forsythia did and lilies will also.

When the grass has taken, I’ll have the tenty thing put up so I can sit even during mosquito hours, outside in back!

J does love me. No matter what that means for future.

Sister is difficult BUT – actually it’s BETTER for me this way – like what i wanted in terms of not having to see each other THAT often and no sleepovers! I guess you can’t have tremendous closeness AND that – at least not with her. So this is fine…

Birdie is goo – and I will get another at end June or so.

For When Retire – Apr 30 2019

Seems VERY appealing to:

Get up between 4:30 and 6:30
Happily spend the time on the Hicks listening, and these morning things
So like,
listening, affirmations, exercise, shower, coffee of course, bird, plants if that day of week or laundry whatever but ALWAYS
listening, affirmations, gratitudes, exercise, reading some
out – something know going to – part-time work afternoon, meetings, volunteer, shopping and errand things, different days. Good for me!

May 1
Write – the n-f, a fiction (and can base on the n-f), cookbook. You can do WHATEVER you want!

May 3
The book! Make it a fiction but ABOUT my real experiences?
I LOVE typing and could do every morning for 2 hours while birds singing outside/ birds flying around my head inside…
PLAN something each day for 3 or after (even evening). Do my morning spiritual things and writing and piano and exercise and shower and go OUT and do later ( can reorganize in dark cold months but at least through November or so)
Those things can be (different days):
tea with Steph
walk with friend
the gym
visit with Tr
visit with MT
volunteer or part-time job somewhere – my mind KEEPS going to hospitals but to put in my head maybe not about sickness…
something with A and the the girls
even sister
go to library and write
book group
crochet group or embroidery group?
D and her fam dinner
French lesson
piano lesson
dance lesson
+travel to national parks (J)
walks in park with someone(s)
bookstore for browsing and reading mags (can even have cup of tea)

+ late afternoon and evenings in the dark cold:
have people over HERE – even for dinner:
hobbies like embroidery, diamond art, painting
that meditation group in hartsdale (every other week?)
grocery shop
laundry / cooking
jigsaw puzzles
friend come over to watch movie

CAN sub or tutor

Friends to do things with:
D, St, Tr, O, cousin P, cousins L & L, sister, niece, nurse A-M O’H, libr. C.S., Kr B out out or even lunches, M, MT, J, BV, MI, L, N, K.D., cousins J & K, Jo
princ. out for lunch, CG up the street
and will meet more


May 5
**Can look at it monthly – here’s an idea plan!:

* The gym 2-3x a week
* See St 2x a month
* See Da. 2x a month
* See fam 1x a month
* See M 1x a month
*See Tr (could be with MT sometimes) once every month, even for tea
*O every other month?
*K every other month?
Plus of course food shopping and
can do things at Starbucks type place or bookstore or library – like writing – or duolingo with earbuds – or read

(Dance lessons maybe (have extra hundred a month).
French lessons maybe (can also find it – like undo the pers. coach ww and stop
the Julie box subscription and give up the rags would = done). And that would
mean time to  do)

* Piano! Practice practice practice – maybe even 3, 4 hours a day!