For When Retire – July 17 2018

Note to Self –
Don’t make mistake with money planning/worrying
like used to with school-year-starting-schedule
Like would sit (once at GI picnic side even) making schedule because was nervous about going back, and would write it all out – to the minute – to fit in work/shower/hair/makeup/piano/ and other things! Of COURSE it didn’t work out (time and fatigue) But – the thing was: was I fitting all that in – exercise -walks – etc etc – during SUMMER? NO! Was just nervous to be sure COULD – during school year! Crazy!
So – like – NOW – am FINE financially – why worrying about when retire if live like this? Am great living like this!
AS IF I’m going to suddenly want to travel the world and spend wrecklessly on everything lol
Can do what have always done – travel a LITTLE (which is all I ever want) and piano and etc etc
Can also make money tutoring if need
and can write my book and paint and volunteer and help people with spirituality  and/or eating and workouts things..