Grat 5/13

I had such a nice time this morning.
Sat outside doing Fr stuff. And the 3 came and planted the new things. And it is beautiful out. And it felt so good. Even before they came. And I loved seeing her – I haven’t seen her in so long.
Then I came in (hours had passed and it was also getting cold) and roasted some vegetables.
But then i started to – sort of sink a little – listening to briefing on youtube and wondering about my money… led to thinking about J 😦
Had lunch
Watching 600 lb lilfe
NOW thinking – MUST keep enjoying/ and develop self/ and STAY POSITIVE (Hicks)

Am grateful for all the nice already today – including loving my plantings – and expecting more to come including a walk, sitting out front and reading, and listening to Hicks.

Am also VERY glad remembered M’s b’day.

  1. I a so grateful that I can pay my bills
  2. And that eye freckle might well turn out to be nothing!
  3. And retinologist is on top of the other thing
  4. and I’m eating more greens and moving a bit more which is all good for eyes
  5. as well as good for blood sugar
  6. and heart
  7. and life
  8. and emotions
  9. i’m so grateful fort his weather and i can get out every day
  10. which is good for my health
  11. and my emotions
  12. that i got better from being so sick
  13. i’m so grateful for my home
  14. and that it is in order
  15. and nice new neighbor
  16. that i can read
  17. and do
  18. that i sleep so well! every night!
  19. fb
  20. water
  21. i had food delivered today
  22. veggies
  23. fruits
  24. bread
  25. proteins
  26. and already have next week’s list and delivery set up
  27. my healthy digestive system
  28. life
  29. that i AM alive
  30. and that i like it so (i remember when i didn’t)
  31. tv show Mom
  32. J in my life
  33. and Jo
  34. the 3 new plantings i bought
  35. they’ll be put in tomorrow
  36. tempeh
  37. my daily shower
  38. will try to color my hair tomorrow. gulp lol
  39. MT
  40. Tr
  41. St
  42. CP
  43. KC
  44. A
  45. L
  46. my fam! nephew
  47. niece
  48. her hubby
  49. her kids xoxo
  50. my birdies
  51. happily snacking outside the cage right now
  52. cozy
  53. safety
  54. my bed
  55. sheets
  56. pillows
  57. comforter
  58. spread
  59. Abraham Hicks

Thank You, God

Gratitudes May 6 2020

Wow, you are really taking such good care of me, God. I thank You.

I am well, physically and emotionally.
I have fresh fruits and veggies, frozen fruits and veggies, Lysol wipes(!), whole grain bread, tempeh, tofu, a nice amount of canned foods, lots of water, and more.
My birds are healthy, my plants are fine.
My laundry is done. I have free time.
I have jigsaw puzzles, tons of books, and more.
***I have loved ones! ❤
Even – J has been calling more, and so very nice ❤

Thank you so very very much.

apr 27 2020



  1. I don’t have to prepare food for anyone else. That would make it harder in terms of my own eating.
  2. I am free. Little House The Wisdom of Solomon reran today and is SO sad – not free, that poor little boy and so many like him. I am a free person.
  3. The weather is changing
  4. My sunroom is so neat
    and pretty (“wasted space” and I LOVE that lol)
  5. All the plants in there
  6. And I reorganized the cabinet
  7. My breathing is so much better, oh thank You, God!
  8. And my friend for praying so purely for it
  9. PM game playing with cousin  – and with friend
  10. That I can read
  11. That I can see!
  12. I have private bathroom. Like I thought about how much harder if have foster child, when gets sick etc.
  13. and kitchen
  14. My bed is comfy
  15. My masks came
  16. I took a nice ride today (which also warmed up the car)
  17. and was/am safe
  18. that I either haven’t had covid, or have had it and it didn’t “get” me
  19. MA all those years
  20. M.A. (my friend now on fb since only met once irl)

Things I AM Grateful for, This Evening Apr 19 2020

  1. I did not have covid. Or if I did, it was a mild case.
  2. Couldn’t have been pneumonia either, likewise.
  3. Getting through my eye surgeries beautifully ❤
  4. Hope
  5. J being there for me after both surgeries
  6. and offering again today to bring anything I might need, this coming week.
  7. Jo got better
  8. K got better from covid.
  9. A’s friendship
  10. My birds are well.
  11. My plants are doing ok
  12. Really enjoying reading in bed at night
  13. NO icky horrible obligations
  14. Can de-stress (I STILL don’t REALLY feel retired. ‘Cause immediately (last 2 weeks of work and after) were the beginnings of the 3 health issues, and then some adjustment time, and now quarantine
  15. I have such an easier life without M in it!
  16. and without sister in it! Grateful.

Gratitudes Apr 12 2020 thisdaydoesn’tsuckdoesn’tsuckdoesn’tsuck… because…

  1. Golden Girls is on
  2. I had quick texts with J
  3. he offered do I need anything while he’s out tomorrow
  4. I did a bit of my jigsaw puzzle
  5. my trigger finger seems to be beginning to heal quickly already
  6. that I can laugh
  7. heard from MT today
  8. and nieces ❤
  9. my grocery delivery came last night
  10. i am able to quarantine
  11. nice communications with nephew today!
  12. he (they) loved my edible arrangements special gift!
  13. A’s friendship