Exploring Abundance 21 Days of Transformation June 24 2020 Day 3

“Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life.”

Supposed to draw/ color abundance (material). Maybe later in book but here will list
“…not just money, but a car, a beautiful home, a loving partner, a cute pet, a baby, a private airplane … anything. Leave your guilt behind and let this neglected part of yourself stretch out and sing!”

doggie rescued
bigger house
new car for each of us every 4 years
safe happy travel
summer house somewhere in woods – and someone to take care of it
a sanctuary for animals in need

Sat Chit Ananda, which literally means Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss, or Power, Knowledge, and Bliss

New Phase of My Personal Rehab

So haven’t had those things.
Now amounts. Stick to ww amounts. 3 days. Today day 1.
This part harder…
God bless me.

Also more weight loss will keep me safer re: covid. Remove one risk factor – for that and anything else that might ever come along…
And – blood sugar average for my dr appt coming up


Exploring Abundance 21 Days of Transformation June 23 2020 Day 2

“Am I really open and receptive to the good that is all around me?”

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.”

All my debts listed (not amounts):
car payment
credit card I pay monthly
That’s it

Monthly expenditures (not amounts):
car payment
credit card
gas for car
TV cable
cell phone
Jo yard word
house ins
car ins
French lesson
things I’m buying that didn’t before pandemic like hair color and more on groceries and fees for deliveries
not during pandemic: massage, gym, pedis, piano lessons – maybe won’t continue with first 3 of those!
presents – not every month –
flowers and other plantings and soil indoor… – not every month
books (not mags anymore)
before pandemic: oa
property tax
birds foods and treats and sometimes toys
tree guy fertilizing
skin care
benefit trust
cleaning lady
sometimes co-pays
Abraham Hicks some months
jigsaw puzzles some months
gifts for charities some months
cleaning lady

What does abundance mean to me?
Abundance to me means breath, love, family, water, food, home, loved ones, freedom, ability to walk, ability to see, ability to drive, car, my birds, hope, faith, peace of mind, laughter, fun.
And the truth of limitless possibilities.

Sanskrit mantra Aham Brahmasmi, literally, “The core of my being is the ultimate reality,” or, “I am the absolute.”

from Deepak:
“What would I like to have more of in my life?”
weight loss
perfect health
plant seed and allow Universe to take care of the details
reconnect with the unified field
“I create my personal abundance from an Infinite Source.”



Exploring Abundance 21 Days of Transformation June 22 2020 Day 1

“Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me.”

A task and meditation each day

Today’s TASK part of the day:
In your notebook or electronic app, make a list of 50 people who have influenced your life and have contributed to your growth and development. They can be living or departed, and you do not have to know them personally.
The list must contain at least 50 names. It can be more than 50 people, but not less!
Reflect briefly on each person. Remember the best things about them, and what they bring or brought into your life. How have you changed for the better because of them?

Move calmly and thoughtfully through this task, and trust in the process!

  1. mother- compassion, patience, perserverence
  2. father – i am worthwhile and acceptable – so is everyone else
  3. cousin P – i am fine just as i am. God is with me.
  4. Thich Nhat Hanh – breathe. enjoy. stay in the moment
  5. J – i am a grownup and competent and fine
  6. Abraham Hicks – enjoy life! enjoy this day
  7. Mrs R next door to school – i am too good to behave (or speak) that way
  8. M (dog but I count) – calmness. healing. new starts
  9. M sponsor – resentment is disappointment over others not behaving way i would want
  10. St – not be so passive
  11. MA – keep going
  12. ML – take it lightly. and laughter. and jigsaw puzzles
  13. Uncle C – just keep going don’t look back don’t have regrets
  14. niece – unconditional love
  15. Oprah – dignity
  16. Eleanor Roosevelt – no one can make me feel inferior without my consent
  17. O – focus at piano
  18. Helen Keller – feel the beauty
  19. the students – joy in the moment/ innocence/ don’t have to be “cool”
  20. Anne Frank – beauty in the world regardless
  21. Jesus – miracles do happen
  22. new neighbor N – be welcoming
  23. Jo – stay calm
  24. E from program – don’t give up on people (or self)
  25. that assistant at cardiologist: water first thing
  26. Deepak Chopra – we renew
  27. A – I am not alone
  28. BS – money safety
  29. guy at 7 -11 – there is kindness
  30. self – you do what you have to do
  31. Ji – I need things to do
  32. Autumn Calabrese – exercise
  33. beachbody coach – do for others
  34. S who adopted the two – stay inspired – and good things come
  35. my principal J – understood ME and appreciated me – i am good
  36. Aunt J – quiet kindness
  37. K and H – dance. do what love
  38. G here – my smile
  39. dental hygienist – HOW to floss and brush
  40. Blessed Mother – believe
  41. Jimmy Carter – keep doing what you believe in
  42. Mrs B exercise/ look forward 5 years/ practice
  43. Miss U – sweetness to children
  44. Buddha. Stay in the moment and enjoy it
  45. R.W. and them – it is ok to love reading
  46. Esther Hicks – money and love and enjoyment are all fun and good too
  47. my Fr teacher P – do the hw lol
  48. former neighbor across street – sit outside – be open to others
  49. my trainer – push self
  50. my massage therapist – keep exercising