Just for Fun Feb 12 2020 – Westminster Dog Show

There’s a saying: “It’s hard to beat a standard poodle in the ring.” 20a0a180-4d4d-11ea-95d7-313780b9c6ed.jpg

Few fun facts:
That trim is from practical reasons, not frou-frou ones. From: water dog needs to be light yet protect brain, internal organs and joints.
“French” poodles are actually German.
In the group portions of the events, each dog is measure against its own breed standard, not against each other. (How would you compare a golden to a poodle…)
But by the time they  get to the final 7 (for best in show, top representative from each group), there is a lot of individual preference and dog personality… Because any of them could be fair to win, pretty much)