March 2 2020

I Do Not Need to Monitor My Thoughts
Rather than trying to monitor your thoughts, pay attention to how you are feeling. For if you should choose a thought not in harmony with your broader intentions, you will feel the discord; and then you can redirect your thought to something that feels, and therefore serves you, better.

The Most Powerful Law in the Universe
Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every though attracts a matching signal back. We call that process the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself is drawn.

The Essence of My Every Desire Can Be Fulfilled . . .
If your time-space reality has the wherewithal to inspire a desire within you, it is our absolute promise to you that your time-space reality has the ability to deliver, in full-manifested form, the reality of the desire it has inspired.  The essence of any and all desires can be fulfilled unless you are holding yourself out of alignment with your own desire. The feeling of competition or shortage, or limitation of resources, means you are out of alignment with your own desire.

We are continually seeking more effective ways to express our knowing to you, and as we speak of the Creative Process, it is difficult to put it into physical terms – since the process extends beyond your physical perception.
You are physical beings, rooted in a physical dimension, and you are often wanting physical evidence to support that which you believe. And as we speak of PRINCIPLES that cannot be seen and PROCESSES that cannot be seen, at times you are left without the proof that you seek. But as you accept that these words, regarding the Creative Process, are true – there will be much tangible evidence within your individual life experience to support it.
It is our belief that as you read these words, and as you evaluate the life experience that you remember – and that you are currently living – that you will see an exact correlation between the words upon these pages and the evidence that you are production day-by-day. FOR THE PRINCIPLES THAT WE ARE EXPRESSING ARE ETERNAL.

As you enter physical experience, you are surrounded by beings who have already arrived at many conclusions. They have created within themselves many beliefs based upon the life experiences that they have lived – or upon the stories that they have heard from those who surrounded them at the time that they were born.
   As you are stimulated to think about beliefs that others offer, very often you attract life experience that “proves” to you that it is just as they have said that it is. FOR AS YOU BELIEVE THAT IT IS, IT IS, AND FOR THAT REASON, BELIEFS CHANGE VERY SLOWLY.
Rather than absorbing the beliefs of others, we encourage you, as you receive thought stimulation, to weigh it against the emotion that is coming forth from inside, and as the emotion that you feel is positive, continue the process of thought, and as the emotion that you reel is negative, release the thought immediately.
   If you allow the “guidance” from your Inner Being to assist you, rather than listening to the varied opinions and beliefs of those who surround you – you will have a much faster, clearer growth experience.

Says on Back of Paper about “Sara” to do so I Shall

“On a separate sheet of paper write out things you appreciate about:
*The magnificence of my body

NB all the “I remember when I couldn’ts” are from illnesses/ injuries

  1. I have great eyesight
  2. My body heals
  3. My lungs work beautifully
  4. My heart is clear and strong
  5. My bloodstream is healthy
  6. I can speak! (I remember when I couldn’t)
  7. I can breathe (I couldn’t always)
  8. I have pretty hair
  9. I have good skin
  10. I have nice feet
  11. and hands
  12. nice legs
  13. nice waistline
  14. I can walk
  15. I have healthy kidneys
  16. I have a healthy liver
  17. I have a great brain
  18. I have a pretty smile
  19. I can smell things
  20. i can hear!
  21. My hands do so much!
  22. like play piano!
  23. and type!
  24. I can read
  25. I can drive
  26. I have healed from both illness and injuries
  27. I have a cute natural wiggle
  28. I have healthy skin
  29. My stomach is good
  30. and now even lets me know when has had enough food
  31. my digestive system works
  32. my genitals work
  33. my muscles are responding so beautifully to exercise
  34. I make great eye contact with people
  35. My body has not ingested meat in 30 years!
  36. I can read
  37. I can do more than one thing at a time. I don’t so much, ’cause I don’t want to anymore, but I can
  38. I can meditate
  39. I have always been able to support myself
  40. I have great orgasms
  41. I am able to think quickly
  42. I can sing a bit
  43. I can paint a bit
  44. I do beautiful needdlework
  45. I am learning a new language! French!
  46. I have some EQ
  47. My wonderful body responds so well and so quickly to foods
  48. and to meds
  49. I do NOT have any dread disease, physical or mental. Thank You.
  50. I can enjoy the fragrance and sight of flowers.
  51. I do not have hairy arms or legs
  52. I have an hourglass figure
  53. I have a pretty smile
  54. I have the sense of taste
  55. and of touch
  56. I can drink and eat and swallow
  57. I can taste the goodness of good foods
  58. I am able to be quiet more now.
  59. I can (and do) pray.
  60. I get around to everywhere I need/want to.
  61. I am not at all tempted by drugs
  62. or alcohol
  63. I have good nails
  64. My kness are good
  65. my hips are good
  66. all my joints are good
  67. my skin is getting softer
  68. i have pretty ears
  69. and good piercings in them
  70. and nice eyelashes
  71. and great eyebrows
  72. and pedi
  73. my blood flows freely through me
  74. and clots if I’m cut
  75. I can have good belly laugh
  76. I can feel my abs now!
  77. i can dance
  78. I can follow instructions
  79. I can write
  80. I can improve emotionally. And have, TREMENDOUSLY.
  81. I am so much less afraid than I used to be. Because I am an adaptive creature.
  82. I listen to others. Better than ever
  83. I interrupt less
  84. My body serves me. She is a gift from God. She affords me everything so I can have and live and enjoy this life.
  85. I can have belly laughter
  86. I am strong.
  87. I can do my grocery shopping (I remember when I couldn’t)
  88. I can “swim” and enjoy
  89. I have a good sense of humor
  90. I smile. A lot.
  91. I used to cheerlead
  92. I used to run
  93. I can fully appreciate the woods and trail walks
  94. I can cook. I remember when I couldn’t
  95. I can shower. I remember when I couldn’t
  96. I don’t have to take a lot of meds
  97. I am losing weight
  98. I can enjoy touch
  99. and kisses
  100. and hugs!

Thank You, Body.

“How to Walk” by Thich Nhat Hanh:

I once traveled with a delegation to China and climbed Wutai Shan, a famous mountain there. The path to the top is very steep and usually people arrive exhausted. There are 1,080 steps to climb. Before setting out, I suggested our delegation breathe, make a step, relax; breathe, make another step, and relax. Our intention was to climb the mountain in a way that we could enjoy each moment of the climbing. Every ten steps or so we would sit down, look around, breathe, and smile. We didn’t need to arrive, we arrived in every step, with peace, stillness, solidity, and freedom. When we got to the top, everybody was so happy and full of energy. Every step, even uphill, can bring mindfulness, concentration, joy, and insight.

— Yes, I do think it’s law of attraction too:)

Getting and Staying in Appreciation Jan 16 2020


how get into and stay in appreciation when is contrast?
#1. don’t ask for it all the time – cause contrast also grows solution
Is delicious stay to be in that’s why want
When “enough” – “now i want access to the solution i’ve created”

appreciating – like getting bigger
prob is appreciating well so is solution so is matter of which end of stick giving attention to

not positive from active what do not want
not beneficial to try to goose it up

When find self appreciation, focus longer – to savor AND for momentum
If feeling negative emotion, do NOT beat on self or work too hard on trying switch to positive or give lip service to what want while compounding what don[‘t want

Don’t work too hard on this. You are a natural appreciator. And when you’re feeling good, that’s when you want to talk more and more and more about it.
And when not, talk and think less and less and less about it.

What is appreciation and what does it feel like
Is: resonance with IB
feeling vibration in harmony with what IB is thinking
receiving from Source what Source is projecting to you at that moment
when you feel love, that’s you resonating with the love that Source feels
it’s a resonance with the depth and wholeness of who you really are
and – it can become more if when you feel it or catch a glimpse of it, you deliberately focus there. and that’s when you think about why you appreciate it. and what other things like it you appreciate.
LoA will carry your thoughts into more and more and more

*You get to choose which direction you point your thoughts. And the more you deliberately are choosing, then the more control you have over this momentum: how big it gets, how long it lasts, how sustaining it is, how practiced you are in it, and therefore how likely you are to return to it again often. how fast you are to recognize it. how aware you are of your own guidance system.
So it really is – all of this really is – more about what you have done with your thoughts before a manifestation occurs than really what you’re doing after it occurs. because once a manfstatn occurs, its footprint is there and your observation of it is just gonna be a continuation of what it already was. where if it is your intention to wake up in the morning when your mind is more still already, because momentum has subsided pretty much while you were asleep, and then you deliberately quiet your mind
which stops all resistance
which allows your cork to float up there into that vibration of who you really are, then you can begin to feel, early on in your day, the resonance of your Source. and the resonance of your Source, before there’s momentum, just feels like satisfaction. it feels like well-being. might even feel like peacefulness and contentment, that sort of thing. but if you do not introduce resistant thought to it, if you’re able to stay in that vibrational atmosphere, while the momentum builds, then that feeling of well-being can grow to true passion about something, true exhileration about life, a feeling of invigoration in your body. feeling of steadiness and certainly and balance. the feeling of – what feel like:

a higher momentum of alignment with Source
have hooked up with S and added your thoughts that match the thoughts that S has to the mix, so really rolling and flowing and blowing with your IB
sometimes a person will ask for rampage of appreciation – bec want to change way feel – no – because rampaging about someplace they’re not will only cause greater tug of war within them. if you’re not in the vicinity of alignment, then you don’t want to really focus on it bec whatever you focus on it, more is going to be added to it

diff satisfaction and apprec
s = resonance with S
technically no grear diff
A = that specific resonance focused toward something you really care about in your life. S = more general, A = more specific.
Therefore s has less momentum while A has more
So if choice (and alw have): resonance Source or something else, choose Source if you can
And if got choice once in that resonance, betw feeling sat and passion, well you know when you want to feel pas and when wt to feel sat, isn’t there something comfortable about that range – not TOO often into negative emotion, alth benefit even in that just don’t stay there

when are in vibr alignment with who really are, and have allowed your cork to float,
high natural vibr place, allowing mode, receiving, receptive mode, can receive from IB
and play it out and really understand all the help you have
so guidance, and receiving, and replenishing

can app and maintain and momentum gets moving – life unfolding, surrounded by people who… surprising and delightful things coming across path many times in day
big time rendevous happening, things looking for for a while show up in your experience – being in a place of strong steady appreciation is really wonderful if you are balanced at that.
but if still flipfl


How to Segment Intend Jan 1 2020


How to Segment-Intend

Things happening are alw a reflec of what you’ve got gg on

Life keeps comg at you in perfect vibratnl accord with what you’ve got going on
how things come reveals to you what got gg on vibrtnally

If the momentum is flg good, opport to focus more and inr it more

If not, opp to change direction of it

Make decisions what gg to do with thoughts or how gg to redirect thoughts BEF smthg unwanted occurs.

So, segment-intending:

Be aware of yourself in your surroundings and what’s coming next
Tune, sharpen –
REDINE by you of the intentions you hold in this segment.

Like don’t walk out door without keys

So many things where not focused

Any period of time – alw a now – where focused within – where intentions are chgg even slightly from before

Ex car – comfortable on time, have fun, joyfully interact w those around me,..

So more about being more aware of it

Much distraction – lot energy swirling around
SO have to focus in order to not be swept up into what’s going on even somewhere else – like thoughts of others – like in traffic a little frenzy around you, can feel it – so slow down so it moves on without you or speed up so you move on without it

You now have a choie of what you do thought/vibr/point of attraction wise moving forward

Do you take the bounce – ex small accident – – good/ nothing serious/ no one hurt, everyone nice, im more focused…
OR “tell the story of it wasn’t really my fault…”
Take the bounce

LIGHT in the “why happen to me” bec. I was a vibr match to that! AND GOOD THINGS ALWAYS COME FROM THAT.

Take bounce and don’t beat up on self

***You are in a good place.
Things in motion for long time (Esther says) – nd evythg not alw go exactly as like it to rt here rt now. But edginess gone. Rolling with it bet. Not trying micromanage every little thing
NO self-degradation. No blame. No lose track IB no matter what

and alw take the bounce – is an opp to refocus. Have about a thousand of those every day.


Law of Attraction Dec 29 2019



Because you can’t control their world doesn’t mean you can’t attract them back.
But believing you need to control their world will keep you from getting what you want.
Cannot really control someone else – only own vibration. Power of influence is from aligning with Source.

There’s a leverage in alignment. Which means there’s a leverage in happiness. Which means there’s a leverage in clarity.
When one is connected to who you really are, you are more powerful than millions who are not. There is true power of influence.
So when you think about people who are out in the world who are attractive, the reason that they are attractive is because their energy is not split by trying to satisfy the opinions of so many others. And so what you want to do is come into full alignment with what you want, spend as little time as possible in pushing against what you don’t want, and in that clarity, what you want must come to you. And it will either come in the face of the one who went away, or in the face of someone else. But through the experience which you’ve lived, you are in a stronger clearer place of asking, and asking really for more than you asked for when you first attracted that relationship to begin with.

In most relationships:
Here you are, and let’s say you want this set of things.
And here’s the other, and let’s say the other wants this of things.
And let’s say that some of them are the same, and some of them don’t seem quite the same.
So what happens with most people is you look over there at the things you don’t agree with. So your vibration isn’t clear. So you’re not one of those who’s connected to Source energy so you don’t have the power of that leverage. And the other is looking at what you want that he doesn’t want and so, doing the same thing. Not in alignment either.
So here you are, two people, neither one tapped in or tuned in or turned on to what they really want, both blaming the other for not being in a place that they want to be. So that’s why, you have to leave the person you want out of the equation in order to get the person you want.  Because your awareness of who they’re being, if it’s not in harmony with what you think you want, keeps you out of alignment when, there is huge potential of experiencing what you want, if you’d just stop focusing upon the aspects that aren’t what you want.
You get what you think about.

And don’t hold somebody else responsible for how the relationship is going. We’re certain that most of you believe that if they’d just be different, they’d be perfect. If they’d just be different, then everything would be fine. But no one came into this experience, to give you what you need for your world to be perfect.
In the same way that when we say, “You came into this environment of enormous diversity in order to choose the perfect life that you want to live,” we want you to understand that every person that you are co-creating with is like a microcosm of that. They have so much diversity so that you can create what you want from your exposure to the experience with that.
But most humans don’t get that. “You need to stop doing that and do more of that…” Focus and align with what you want and law of attraction will bring you more and more of that, until eventually it will bring you only that.

When “broken heart”?
Means you are in complete opposition to the Source within you and what the Source within you knows.
Your heart is not broken. You’re experiencing what it feels like to be looking in exact opposition of what you want. Meaning: You want the relationship, you want the relationship to work, you want the relationship to be wonderful, but you’ve accepted that it’s gone, that it’s not coming back, that you can’t have it. So you’re focused in such opposition to what you want, and such opposition to what your Inner Being knows to be true, that you feel as if your heart is broken. That’s so dramatic. And so not true. Your heart isn’t broken. You’re just in this moment focused in opposition to what you want. Cut it out.

Crash course, but want you to understand:
You get what you think about. And a lot of what you were thinking about was worrying about whether this was going to be ongoing, whether this was going to last, in other words … What we would encourage you to focus on just a little bit, is that nothing has ended. Nothing is ever done. You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done. You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done. You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done.
And the reason that you can’t get it wrong is because you never get it done. So, you stand in a new place with a whole lot more information within you, with a whole lot more resolve within you, with a whole lot strong intentions within you, and when you think back about how you came together – were you groveling in the depths of despair and feeling the absence of anything and then some stranger dragged into the room and you said, “Oh live with me so that I don’t have to be lonely anymore” – or were you flying high, and in your place of alignment you were feeling good?

The rendevous happens. And you can feel the exhilaration of it as it. As it opens. As you get to witness the manifestation of what’s been going on in your vibrational reality. (and then say tell me about self and start facing reality of where have been.. and that’s where start missing up the vibration and where your incompatability starts)

Like guy looking to sell house for all reasons no longer want = what a vibration sending to universe!
What about how loved when first moved in! Details… = a week later his house sold.
Because now broadcasting what wants, not what missing. What felt good when was in alignment, not how it felt when they got out of alignment.

Law of Attraction Learnings Oct 13 ’19 Segment Intending

How to Segment Intend


Things happening are reflection of what you’ve got going on. Always. Always.

If vibr feels gd, focus on it more (and therefore increase it more)
If doesn’t, you have the opportunity to change the direction of it

Not wait until something unwanted occurs

Being aware of yourself in your surroundings and what’s coming next
Am in vehicle on way somewhere
is a redefining by you of the intentions that you hold in this segment
New segment is any period of time focused withing always a now
Intentions changing even slightly from segment precediging it
so like vehicle, be on time and have good timing. Be comfortable, maybe even have fun, joy with those around me

What you want has been heard clearly and identified in your Vortex. So is about YOU and of what you are aware.

So much energy swirling around and distractions more than ever before. So focus to not be swept up.
DELIBERATELY focused into you thoughts to not be swept up into others’
like frenzy or chaos…
slow down or speed up so not with it

Do you take the bounce – this was good – i’m refocused – more deliberate than ever before – (like after small accident) – – take the bounce – which direction are you taking the bounce
and not why did this happen to me
bec. “I was a vibratnl match to that. nd good things always come form that”
And – self – can control own vibration.

Esther: Life keeps coming at me. Lots of things going on. Evythg not alw go way want right here right now. But her edginess is gone. Not tryg to microman e erything (impossible) . Rolling with it. and when something happens, taking bounce. No blame… no losing track of IB no matter what
Is an opportunity to refocus.