Wow. Sept 22 2019

Thank you, Daddy.
Thank you, Mommy.
Thank You, God.
Thank you, Friends.

Both eyes went perfectly well.
Now I just need the lung to. I think it will.
I have started to choose fun and adventure rather than just safety and boring.
I have come to accept where J is in my life and appreciate it.
I have come to love every day.
I have come to love myself.

I have felt bliss many many times.

I am grateful. A bit tired and dehydrated so can’t think much more at the moment. But wanted to record this. Grateful.

GREAT News! Aug 21, 2019

Bp 120:80
Echo Test: Perfect in every way. Strong, flow, etc.
EKG perfect.
Stress Test – 9 – 8 minutes. And they got me further than had planned/needed to
Am cleared for all exercise

I think because calcification, it does count as heart diesease, but today’s results were the absolute best possible!

I feel high.
SO grateful!

My life keeps getting better and better.

I will continue the Ornish stuff – all of it – tomorrow…

Thank you, God. Thank you.

And I feel like –  I feel like doing child-like things. Coloring and sitting with feet in stream
I am CRAVING the park.
And salad.
I feel like the world is my oyster and I am its pearl and I can do exciting things too.

Wiped out
Must add about my spirit and the guy’s advice about how to talk to friends and read bible and keep smiling and i seem like happy person which is the best… … .
loved my spirit – and i his

These, from Louise Hay – for which I am grateful

From Louise Hay…

~*~ You will be with you longer than anyone else on the planet so make it a good relationship.

~*~ Just because you believe something doesn’t mean it’s true.

~*~ When you’re having a tough day, reach for a good thought.

~*~ From the moment we were born, most of us have heard No, Stop, Don’t. It’s no wonder we get stuck. We need to start saying Yes to life!

~*~ Set yourself free from other people’s opinions.

~*~ You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try loving yourself instead.

~*~ Allow the world to love and accept you.

~*~ Affirmations work when you use them.

~*~ Stop scaring yourself with your thoughts.

~*~ To support the body in healing, we must believe we are worthy of being healed.

~*~ Stop being curious about things that upset you.

And Louise’s all-time favorite affirmation:

~*~ All is well. Everything that’s happening supports my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.


Ok, so this is to be the ultimate gratitude list of all time lol. I shall do it in categories, start today, and add to it daily. They will be more general, or ongoing, and my dailies will be more specific to the day.

FIRST BODY: I am grateful for:

  1. my eyes
  2. my eyesight
  3. my right eye is clearer now oh my gosh
  4. my strong (optham. even said) eye muscles
  5. my good vision on eye chart – which surprises the opth because of my conditions
  6. my nose
  7. that it healed so well from the surgery when deviated septums 100% and 95 %!
  8. my brain
  9. my memory
  10. my artistic right brain
  11. my analytical left brain
  12. the degrees I got thanks to that brain
  13. that i have the sense of smell
  14. my mouth
  15. my lips
  16. they are pretty enough
  17. and smooth
  18. and make a beautiful smile
  19. and they are healthy
  20. they open for eating
  21. and for speaking
  22. and feel good with kissing
  23. my chin
  24. with the little clef in it
  25. my cheeks
  26. with high cheekbones
  27. and dimples
  28. especially on one side
  29. my eyes are pretty
  30. and dark brown
  31. and they smile
  32. and they have good eyelashes
  33. and pretty ones too
  34. i have really good eyebrows.
  35. and I don’t do anything to them
  36. my forehead is not too tall and not to short, not too round and not too square
  37. my teeth are pretty
  38. and break apart food for me
  39. and are straight (thank you, braces)
  40. my tongue tastes food
  41. and is just right in every way.
  42. my gums support my teeth
  43. and look nice. not too big or small.
  44. my ears work. I can hear.
  45. and they are small enough
  46. and flat enough
  47. and pretty
  48. I have nice earlobes too
  49. my scalp
  50. it feels so good when it’s massaged, like last night
  51. and grows beautiful hair for me
  52. my hair is a lovely brown
  53. dark
  54. with highlights
  55. and thick
  56. and a little bit of a wave. I love my hair.
  57. and it does different things on different days, which I also love.
  58. But if I *fix* it, it cooperates exactly with what I do
  59. I am so grateful that I go and get haircuts now
  60. and greys away
  61. I have clear skin, no acne or rosacea or blackheads or anything. no dark spots, no scars except two little ones no one notices, and that I kind of like
  62. my skin is actually moist but not oily, and young looking
  63. i do NOT have a lot of lines/wrinkles. At All! People are always commenting on my skin
  64. I am grateful for face soap by Serious Skin care
  65. and natural ingredients shampoo from my local health food store
  66. and toothpaste
  67. and toothbursh
  68. and skin care things, which are unncessary but ai like to use although not every day and night.
  69. Especially Reverse Lift cream
  70. and serum
  71. and eye cream
  72. and olive oil eye cream
  73. and sometimes Creamerum. It feels so good
  74. I am grateful for mascara
  75. and tight line, which makes my eyes look so great (when I bother using lol)
  76. and Lipsense which doesn’t get smeary and rub off and taste and gross
  77. I’m grateful that they make blue based (cool tone) shades
  78. and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (I rarely use these makeup things but I like them)
  79. same with Firm-a-Face
  80. and powder
  81. and concealer
  82. and secret powder
  83. and highlighter stuff
  84. and eyelid primer
  85. and ight shadow
  86. and blush. Again, I rarely use all this makeup, but sometimes: )
  87. My neck
  88. which holds my throat my healthy throat
  89. I used to have a beautiful, much complimented, swan-lie neck. I gained weight and aged so I can’t say that now, but it is still nice.
  90. and it is clear – no ugly growths, moles etc.
  91. I can swallow
  92. I never had to have my tonsils removed
  93. or adenoids
  94. I can speak! I remember when I couldn’t! For the better part of 8 months
  95. And I used to have like chronic problems with my throat. I don’t anymore Health health health
  96. I have earrings
  97. Many
  98. So many pretty ones
  99. Real
  100. and costume
  101. and even fashion
  102. I love my morganite earrings
  103. my diamond ear huggers
  104. my opal and neon appetite earrings
  105. my ear cuffs
  106. all my gold earrings
  107. and silver
  108. and white gold
  109. my gold colored swarovski ones
  110. all my earrings
  111. my aquamarines from J
  112. and my artichokes form M
  113. and that none of them mean SO MUCH to me anymore
  114. and my absolute canary studs from mother’s birthday present last year : ) NEXT PART BODY,  TORSO FEB 12
  115. I am grateful for my chest.
  116. I have beautiful breasts
  117. they are large
  118. they are round
  119. they are nicely colored
  120. they have beautiful skin
  121. I appreciate them finally
  122. I have healthy lungs! So grateful for this!
  123. I can breathe on my own
  124. My breath goes deep down
  125. I have a wonderful heart!
  126. I even have a picture of it!
  127. I have strong ribs
  128. I have a wonderful spine
  129. it is straight
  130. and it is strong
  131. My back feels amazing when it is touched or even leaned against
  132. It is pretty too
  133. My shoulder blades are nice
  134. my cervical is nice
  135. all are working properly
  136. My trachea works perfectly
  137. I have a good strong sternum
  138. My thoracic diaphragm does a beautiful job
  139. My waist curves inward
  140. My naval is well formed and beautiful.
  141. I feel muscles at my waist. Love that!
  142. my hips
  143. they curve outward femininely
  144. they work!
  145. they don’t hurt anymore
  146. they are pretty, and don’t have stretch marks
  147. my stomach
  148. it rounds out but less than it used to
  149. my abs (they will be visible soon lol)
  150. and they work
  151. my hip joints that help me walk, sit, etc
  152. my lower back. it curves inward
  153. and is pretty
  154. I have been complimented on it
  155. the beautiful skin on my torso
  156. healthy
  157. my stomach (the organ)
  158. it digests food for me
  159. my kidneys
  160. they extract waste from my blood
  161. balance liquids
  162. and form urine
  163. and more
  164. my liver
  165. it detoxifies chemicals
  166. and metabolizes drugs
  167. what a miracle my body is!
  168. i’m grateful that I’ve looked some of these things up
  169. my spleen
  170. filter for blood
  171. and helps immune system
  172. and fights bacteria
  173. my gallbladder
  174. it helps digestion
  175. and elimination of waste
  176. my pancreas
  177. it releases juices directly into my bloodstream
  178. and helps further break down food
  179. my small intestines
  180. where 90% of the digestion and absorption of food occurs
  181. I get my nutrients and minerals. Thank you, small intestines.
  182. my large intestines
  183. they absorb water from the remaining indigestible food matter and transmit the useless waste material from my body.
  184. my aorta
  185. supplying blood to the ribs and small chest structures
  186. all the muscles in my torso NEXT PART ARMS AND LEGS, FEB 13
  187. I am grateful for my arms
  188. They were so beautiful, thin and femininely muscular, when I was young
  189. They are still strong enough to do everything I need in a day.
  190. And thinner than they were at my fattest.
  191. And not all hairy anymore.
  192. My elbows work and bend.
  193. As do my wrists.
  194. and my knuckles
  195. I have both arms.
  196. I have both hands
  197. I have 10 fingers
  198. I am a great fast typist and love to do it.
  199. i can play piano
  200. I have feeling in my fingertips
  201. I can use my cell phone
  202. and iPad
  203. and laptop
  204. I can hold people – men
  205. babies
  206. children
  207. friends
  208. I can cook
  209. I can wash
  210. I can care for the birds. So many things my hands can do
  211. I can shop
  212. carry groceries
  213. put them away
  214. clean up
  215. straighten
  216. organize
  217. drive
  218. I can write
  219. teach
  220. turn things on and off
  221. hold myself from falling on steps
  222. read (hold books and turn pages)
  223. The veins in my arms and hands carry blood
  224. I have pretty skin on my arms and hands
  225. Nice even color on my arms and hands
  226. and it is healthy
  227. I am not covered in scars there
  228. I have full all 10 fingernails
  229. With nice whites
  230. Straight and they do grow
  231. I do not have pain in my arms
  232. Or my hands
  233. My shoulders work
  234. Every injury has healed
  235. My arms are a nice length
  236. My fingers are nicely shaped
  237. My legs are strong
  238. and pretty enough
  239. My knees bend
  240. and my ankles
  241. and my toes
  242. I have both legs
  243. I have all 10 toes
  244. I have all 10 toenails
  245. My thing on my ankle is getting better
  246. So is my other foot’s toe
  247.  i am able to walk!
  248. I can get in and out of tub (I remember when I couldn’t, after injury)
  249. I can stand
  250. I can sit
  251. I can lie down
  252. I can get up and down from bed
  253. I can go up and down stairs
  254. I can use the pedals and drive
  255. I can use the pedals at the piano
  256. My feet are pretty
  257. My legs are not all hairy
  258. They are curvy
  259. My butt is nice
  260. Round
  261. High
  262. Tight
  263. I love love love being touched on my butt
  264. The veins in my legs and feet bring blood to them
  265. My skin on my legs and feet is healthy.
  266. i am not covered in scars there
  267. Nice even color on my legs and feet
  268. I can walk up hills
  269. and down hills
  270. and on even land too (problem after injury!)
  271. I can dance!
  272. i can do workouts!
  273. I can get to everyplace I want to!
  274. I do not have pain in my legs
  275. And mostly not in my feet either
  276. Every injury has healed or is healing
  277. My legs are a nice length
  278. My toes are nicely shaped. NEXT PART HOUSE THINGS, FEB 18
  279. I am grateful for my little house
  280. It is cozy
  281. I’m grateful for the stucco
  282. and the shutter
  283. and that I had the stucco repaired
  284. and the shutters repainted in a different color, that I picked
  285. I’m grateful that I had the chimney repointed
  286. and the roof repaired
  287. The steps repaired a bit – enough
  288. The screen door fixed
  289. The kitchen bottom cabinets replaced
  290. The sink replaced
  291. The faucet replaced
  292. The kitchen painted
  293. The l.r. ceiling repaired
  294. and painted
  295. The sunroom heating done
  296. And the hole in the wall they made fixed
  297. And painted
  298. The attic totally cleaned out
  299. There is not one item up there now. Phew.
  300. The b.r. light switch fixed
  301. The basement almost totally cleared
  302. except for what I want to keep
  303. Which is now neatly organized
  304. So there is lots of floor space down there
  305. Orkin having taken care of the mouse situation oh Thank God.
  306. And the inspector from there, coming for inspection the other night, and finding that the fireplace damper in the basement was wide open! The hinge or whatever had rusted… after like 90 years!
  307. So he closed it
  308. And Jo will repair it
  309. And my heat and electric bills will not be as crazy high anymore yay
  310. The garage cleared. Now it has stuff for the workers but that’s ok and is temporary
  311. The garden put in outside the kitchen window.
  312. With the stones around it
  313. The little brick on other side
  314. Which helsp with drainage
  315. AND is pretty
  316. The new azalea  in the back
  317. The flowers in front (in season) now
  318. The two areas, one on each side of the front door
  319. The new front door lock and keys
  320. The stones and soil in the two new front areas
  321. That even though the rhododendron and the two little trees died, and the lilac cuttings didn’t take, I am still happy about the work.
  322. The 100 or so bags of stuff that were removed from the house
  323. That I am calm here now (mostly)
  324. That I bought the tv for the den
  325. and the little one for the d.r.
  326. And the guy hooked them up.
  327. And hung the den one.
  328. That I bought the fabulous washer and dryer. They are not the highest end appliances but I love them SO MUCH!
  329. That Jo put the pvc or whatever things up in the basement.
  330. And I don’t have to risk hanging the clothes on the pipe anymore!
  331. I hadn’t even realized that was a risk, so I’m so grarteful he caught it
  332. And that MA got his number for him
  333. And that i can trust him with the key
  334. That J fixed the toilet about 2 years ago
  335. That I have a cleaning lady now.
  336. Every other week.
  337. The wood thing across where it used to be cement block
  338. And the flowers along it up top
  339. And the green things under it. So pretty, all.
  340. The forsythia being moved to the back
  341. And “taking.”
  342. And the ugly-looking-in-the-front- little hedgy thing being moved to the back.
  343. and taking
  344. And I do quite love it
  345. The hose in front
  346. The hose connection in front
  347. The hose in back
  348. The hose connection in back
  349. That I do water (in season)
  350. The retaining wall is being done
  351. Then the (mandatory) sidewalk redo will get done too
  352. My kitchen
  353. The pretty beams in the ceiling.
  354. It is not an eat-in kitchen but I am able to enjoy it in there.
  355. Especially because of the back door
  356. And the window between stove and sink
  357. Through which I can see the little garden.
  358. My stove is like over 30 years old, and still works beautifully! Yay
  359. The “wood” floor in there
  360. That they sort of fixed the hole they made in it
  361. The pretty cabinets
  362. The wood counters. I could not afford granite etc. but this is nice.
  363. The black handles on the cabinetry
  364. the drawers (at first they tried to NOT replace the drawers but I “made” them.
  365. The shelves in the back
  366. The battenburg curtains
  367. The stipple like walls
  368. The door to the basement in the back
  369. That big nice fridge (not compared to what many think of as big and nice today but great for me!)
  370. That J and I found it.
  371. That after he was willing to get a tiny one, he was open-minded to look ing again and moving cabinet if no room for a normal one. That it all worked out
  372. the bottom freezer. I love that
  373. The handle the right way (for years it was the wrong way and we’d been using the fridge more as a snack box (grab from other room, where it faced) than a food box
  374. the microwave
  375. That J got the one that fits and put it there for me. Nice favor. I appreciate.
  376. The dishwasher
  377. That I was able when so depressed almost non-functional, and terrified almost ALL the time, to get the bottom rack in t replaced
  378. (and soon I will do the top one)
  379. The shelves with the teapots on them
  380. Those teapots, which C, whom I loved, gave me one by one
  381. the little cabinet thing I took from den for coffee station.
  382. It frees cabinet space
  383. and it matches
  384. and it’s not only functional but kind of cute too.
  385. the kitchen scissors
  386. The 21 Day Fix containers
  387. The pots
  388. The pans
  389. The measuring cups
  390. The containers for bringing food to work, and for freezing
  391. The baggies and other things lie Saran Wrap etc
  392. The dishtowels!
  393. The dishes
  394. The cups
  395. The glasses. I remember when I literally didn’t have
  396. The knives spoons, other spoons, forks and other forks
  397. The serving utensils
  398. The cooking utensils
  399. The pizza cutter
  400. That my mother knew to have one, and showed me.
  401. The pasta tongs.
  402. That J bought those
  403. The oven
  404. The stovetop
  405. That I USE the kitchen!
  406. To prepare healthy foods!
  407. And that someone else cleans it now! ❤
  408. My “sunroom.” It’s a cute addition to the little-house
  409. I love the windows in there.
  410. Uncle left mother a little money and she gave it to sister and me. Windows came from that.
  411. Especially that garden window
  412. and the front ones
  413. and those screens and 3 walls of fresh air
  414. the door to the backyard from there Love it!
  415. The red oak floor in there. Love it!
  416. The sort of camel-colored walls
  417. The wrought-iron table and chairs
  418. and all the memories they hold
  419. And the quality they are – the ones I’ve seen in stores now are expensive but cheaply made
  420. The rug in there
  421. That I picked out by myself
  422. And paid for by myself
  423. And carried home by myself
  424. And put down by myself
  425. The plants
  426. Which I researched for bird safety
  427. And picked and bought and brought home and put there and care for
  428. The floor pillows
  429. That the birds love that room
  430. The French door to it
  431. The patio outside it
  432. That I had heat put in there last year!
  433. The little wall fixture. So cue.
  434. The stool. Simple white 3-legged stool. Charms me.
  435. And that someone else cleans it now! ❤
  436. My dining room.
  437. That I HAVE a dining room.
  438. The Queen Anne table
  439. and chairs
  440. and breakfront
  441. My hobby cabinet. Which is really a pice from a modular bedroom set but they let us buy it separately. I had too much stuff all over the place
  442. My rug in there. So pretty. Nature.
  443. My hope chest. That my Noni had bought for my mother upon my mother’s engagement. It is cedar inside. And I love it.
  444. The antique 3-tiered dish from my mother
  445. The little flat screen tv I bought for in here
  446. The pretty little mosaic chair by window
  447. The gorgeous drapes
  448. The cups and saucer collection, some of which I have in the breakfront
  449. That I don’t keep practical things, only pretty things, showing in there.
  450. The color of the walls in here
  451. The hard wood floor in here
  452. The music cabinet
  453. That my parents had stained for me when I was iving there and got it
  454. The little vacuum for bird seed etc.
  455. The dustbuster too
  456. The things in my hobby cabinet. Including all the needlepoint
  457. and embroidery
  458. and tiles
  459. and knitting
  460. and crocheting
  461. and coloring
  462. and everything else in there. So much fun! (I should use it more! Especially winter nights after work, instead of tv den and eating!)
  463. The pretty chandelier. Cheap. But people love it. And I do too!
  464. The vase I painted
  465. The cheap but pretty vase I bought
  466. The Breeze-toy in here
  467. The healthy books in here
  468. That I will get rid of both piles in here THIS WEEK! Yay!
  469. The pretty placemats
  470. And the pretty tablecloth on the hope chest
  471. The swinging door to the kitchen
  472. The pillowcases I embroidered, which are in the hope chest
  473. And my Bastismal gown, which is in there.
  474. Hm – maybe I’ll frame and hang it! (Need money for frames, including my two Kandinsky  prints)
  475. All my coloring books
  476. My Sharpie markers
  477. My *Faber-Castile* pencils wow!
  478. The sharpener that I keep in the kitchen
  479. My mother’s handwritten recipe book. It is a treasure
  480. That I sit in here every morning doing my happy spiritual work!!!!
  481. The coasters
  482. The beautiful tulip-like crystal vase
  483. With the seashells in it
  484. The white throw pillow on the mosaic chair. I’m so glad I bought that chair myself and took it home. It is so pretty.
  485. That I had the curtains hung high by ceiling – it makes the windows look taller
  486. That I gave away that unsightly and never-anymore-used treadmill
  487. To someone who really needed it! Yay.
  488. That someone else cleans it now. No more dust bunnies.
  489. The wood going the other way between d.r. annd l.r.
  490. The sort of crown molding in here
  491. the beautiful archway!
  492. The baseboard heating
  493. And that it’s gas/hot water
  494. The air conditioning in here
  495. The outlets. That we had the electricity all redone in house. It was so old
  496. The charm in this 90 year old little house!
  497. The ceiling in the kitchen
  498. The ceiling in the sunroom
  499. The ceiling in the dining room
  500. The ceiling in the living room
  501. And that it is finally fixed
  502. and painted
  503. The beams in it. So pretty.
  504. The walls in the living room
  505. the soft yellow color.
  506. the fireplace! so pretty
  507. and the built-in bookshelves! So pretty!
  508. and that I have books AND other things on them. So cozy AND pretty
  509. The wing chair. I love it so much.
  510. It is off-white vinyl (looks ike leather but isn’t)
  511. With mahogany legs
  512. My mother had it make
  513. In 1948!
  514. And recovered this way in like 1967
  515. And when I was like 3 years old, I used to run across the room (it was green cloth then) and jump on her lap and say, “I wuf you, Mommy!”
  516. And it sits now, next to the fireplace.
  517. With a lovely throw pillow on it
  518. That I bought
  519. When I was feeling desperately bad. DESPERATELY bad.- But determined to make some changes for the positive in my life.
  520. I remember that day clearly , coming home with the pillows and 2 lamps. in large bags – so much to carry – was parked up the street because snow in driveway and didn’t have someone shovel, something like that, and the daughter of the guy 3 houses away offered to help me. And I put them all out here in l.r. And even J noticed when he came over.
  521. the pic over it – giraffes. That my student E. brought me back from south Africa. Make on cloth with bark. I love it.
  522. And the frame we bought with clear between it and edge, so can see the fabric edges. So – real.
  523. the pic of Thich Nhat Hanh on the side of the mantel. Touching the tree. From his trip to Vietnam, after being ousted for 40 years! “I planted this tree.” I know the person who took it, who was there with him that morning.
  524. The elephant staute next to it. I love elephants
  525. The unicorn/or is it a horse/ snow globe. So much history in it. Not all good. But I love it. The blue glass windows from 1920’s. The “Love is the way” TNH calligraphy.
  526. I bought it in London.
  527. And hte money went to the Vietnamese orphans.
  528. The sconcy things. With the candles in them.
  529. The MacKnight print
  530. The other TNH I also bought in London, “let go dear.”
  531. And it turns out it is the biggest message of all
  532. The golden rocking horse in other window from sno globe
  533. the piece of driftwood on the mantel
  534. the white brick on the fireplace front
  535. That B.P came and sort of solved the blackening problem from fireplace
  536. That I am willing to not use it ’cause of hte birds.
  537. The sort of black wrought iron looking lamp.
  538. The old books.
  539. The books I’ve loved, and sort of cherished.
  540. The little china doll
  541. The two front windown
  542. THe wrought iron curtain rods
  543. The plainish patterned white curtains
  544. The Golden Girls jello mold for use on their set, verified
  545. In frame, haning
  546. The end tanble. I really liek them
  547. The sofa
  548. the loveseat
  549. The other lamp, with the river stones in the base
  550. The floor lamp. I love it
  551. The coffee table.
  552. With storage!
  553. The piano!
  554. Petroff
  555. And it took em a YEAR to find it!
  556. The bench that is adjustable
  557. The lamp and the way J hung it on the wall for me
  558. The Koko the Gorilla painting print!
  559. Number 15/300
  560. The bookcase
  561. Every picture in that room
  562. The lovely rug under the coffee table beteen the sofa and loveseat
  563. That I put it there myself. It was hard and heavy but I did it
  564. The entrance rug omg it’s gorgous. And expensive but on sale. Thank you, J.
  565. The practice pedal on my piano
  566. The look of it too. Although that’s not waht a piano is about, of course. But  feel that this noe would look good in a modern loft, or a Tudor, or a castel, anywehre. And certainly here
  567. That the lid opens for differnt sound.
  568. The hard wood floors
  569. The paines on the window, that look like french doors.
  570. In hoth the l.r. and d.r. Thank you, UJ
  571. The pretty front door
  572. The newish screen, storm door
  573. The baseboard heating in l.r.
  574. Gas/hot water
  575. That Jo is working on it right now these days (the cover)
  576. The screen and tools for fireplace
  577. That Jo will get rid of the old stereo compoenents things for me
  578. and I’ll keep the case
  579. for my bag, to avoid clutter at the front door
  580. The times I’ve had in that room with MA
  581. and friends
  582. and family
  583. And J (except the last one, and the violent ones)
  584. My vases
  585. The pc of me with the horse
  586. And as child with Santa
  587. and J
  588. ANd wedding. Yws really.
  589. That that room is temperature comfortable in summer and winter and spring and fall. Thanks to heat and air conditioning and rees~
  590. The Tibetan singing bown
  591. The crystals
  592. The little screen
  593. That I put flowers in there sometimes.
  594. It is just a pretty room
  595. The doorway into the den
  596. And into the b.r.
  597. I am grateful for my little house.
  598. That I have a den
  599. The ceiling in there
  600. The molding in there
  601. The walls
  602. The color of the walls
  603. Two windows! It is a dark room and it’s great to be able to get some sunight
  604. It tends to stay kind of cook in the summer
  605. and very warm in the winter
  606. Which is good for m
  607. And for the birds!
  608. The flight cage I have for them
  609. That it is open a lot. So they are not always in it, caged.
  610. The flat screen smart tv in there
  611. the desk
  612. The sofa
  613. the ottoman with storage
  614. The little rug around the bird cage
  615. The shelves
  616. The weights
  617. The Beachbody workout programs
  618. The medicine (  I keep it in there)
  619. the other shelves
  620. The vegan cookbooks I keep in there
  621. That I don’t hide out an disolate in there so much now!
  622. The hardwood floor
  623. The closet
  624. That I will clean it out SOON
  625. The baseboard heating
  626. Gas/hot water
  627. The door to the bathroom
  628. The times I’ve had in that room
  629. And the ones I have now
  630. And the ones I will have
  631. The ceiling light
  632. the wall light
  633. the floor lamp
  634. The knitting
  635. The embroidery
  636. The reading
  637. The other shelf next to the sofa
  638. The phone
  639. The old tv stand which is now for other uses
  640. The bird’s activity center
  641. I am grateful that i have a bathroom
  642. indoor plumbing
  643. A toilet
  644. A sink
  645. A bathtub/shower
  646. The ceiling in there, with its stipling (Thank you, Ji)
  647. The walls
  648. The vinyl – which I will replace with tile as soon as can afford
  649. The floor – also will replace as soon as can afford
  650. The floor lamp while the electricity is out
  651. The electrician will come
  652. The two wall fixtures/switches
  653. The bubble baths I take in there
  654. And the quick showers too
  655. That I can tell Jo used the bathroom sometimes when I’m not here. I’m grateful about that. His comfort and that I feel not alone
  656. I can hear the den tv from there lol
  657. The door to the bedroom
  658. The hanging cabinet (Thank you, Ji)
  659. The work both men have done in there.
  660. The tiles I’ve picked (for when I have the money)
  661. My bedroom.
  662. That I HAVE bedroom. So many in this world don’t.
  663. The ceiling
  664. The fixture.
  665. The wall fixture
  666. That it is enough light
  667. That I don’t have a tv in there. On purpose. (Sometimes I want one, but it is MUCH better for me that I don’t)
  668. The bed
  669. It is broken, but it is a Sleep Number, and can be fixed…
  670. The hard wood floor
  671. That it is a small, cozy room. It took some adjusting. At first I felt like I was sleeping in a closet omg! But I like it now
  672. My dresser (which I will clean out asap)
  673. The other dresser (which I will clean out asap)
  674. The closet (which I will clean out today!)
  675. The window
  676. The shade. I love it. It is too large for the window. But I convinced J and it looks like sort of Japanese modern art. I love it
  677. the thing on the wall – decoration – J got
  678. the sheets. I have several sets now!
  679. The 4 pillows
  680. the bedspread
  681. the 4 decorative pillows too
  682. the comforter
  683. the two jewelry armoires omg
  684. every bit of jewelry I have in there. The rings
  685. the necklaces
  686. the earrings
  687. the bracelets
  688. the ankle bracelets
  689. the clothes I have in there. The pants
  690. tops
  691. skirts
  692. will have dresses again soon
  693. the shoes
  694. socks
  695. underwear
  696. bras
  697. socks
  698. stockings
  699. the makeup
  700. the face care stuff
  701. the body cream
  702. the eye cream
  703. the slippers
  704. I am grateful that I have a house, unattached little structure.
  705. And a backyard
  706. Which isn’t so small
  707. And although MA didn’t like where I live because “apartments,” I like it because can walk to some things and very short drive to many others.
  708. 7 highways type things within 5 minutes
  709. can walk to some stores
  710. and nail salon
  711. Chinese food place
  712. dry cleaners (although i don’t use)
  713. even to supermarket (although I don’t – but maybe wil in summer)
  714. drugstore
  715. etc
  716. like under 5 minutes in car to hair place
  717. and pizza places
  718. 1.25 miles to one of my meetings
  719. good short-enough drive to others
  720. nice ride to WW too
  721. and to work
  722. like 3 blocks to big park!
  723. half an hour or less to swim in nature water at beach
  724. my side walkway with cement ground and a wood fence I had put up
  725. my new black fence on other side
  726. the front yard
  727. the oak trees
  728. the norway maple in backyard!
  729. the 2 levels in yard
  730. the little patio
  731. the back door
  732. the garage door
  733. the front door
  734. the sunroom door
  735. that I own this.
  736. no more mortgage even NEXT PART THINGS I DON’T HAVE, FEB 22
  737. I don’t have cancer
  738. I don’t have diabetes
  739. I don’t have brain disorder
  740. I don’t have heart diseaese
  741. I don’t have blindness
  742. i don’t have deafness
  743. I don’t have acid reflux
  744. I don’t have bad allergies
  745. i don’t have mental illnes
  746. I don’t have limb(s) missing
  747. I don’t have crippling condition
  748. I don’t have Parkinson’s
  749. I don’t have MS
  750. I don’t have hideous deformity
  751. i am not a slave
  752. I am not in a concentration camp
  753. i am not a prisoner of war
  754. I am not in poverty
  755. I am not starving
  756. I am not dying of thirst and diarrhea
  757. I am not in prison
  758. I am not in jail
  759. I am not forbidden to drive
  760. I am not a convicted person
  761. I am not a victim of domestic violence. Anymore.
  762. I am not dependent on anyone. Phew, finally.
  763. I am not uneducated
  764. I am not homeless
  765. I am not an alcoholic
  766. I am not a drug addict
  767. I am not on tons of medications
  768. I am not sick (flue, throat, even a cold, etc.)
  769. i am not unable to swallow
  770. I am not alone without any love or care in my life
  771. I am not a shut-in
  772. I am not unable to work
  773. i am not unable to have fun
  774. i am not hopeless!
  775. I am not totally untravelled
  776. I am not without “pets”
  777. I am not unforgiving!
  778. I am not a selfish desperate sot. Anymore
  779. I am not a victim of my compulsive eating disease. I have a program.
  780. I am not unable to breathe on my own
  781. I am not paralyzed
  782. I am not terminally ill
  783. I am not dead
  784. I am not stupid
  785. I am not totally ignorant
  786. I am not ignorance of my ignorance
  787. I am not non-spiritual
  788. I am not useless
  789. I am not an insomniac
  790. I am not narcoleptic ( I used to have some of that)
  791. I am not schizophrenic ( my mother has this)
  792. I did not commit suicide. Even when I thought I wanted to.
  793. I did not ever even try.
  794. I am not without children’s love. My little nieces. My students.
  795. I am not illiterate
  796. I am not without talent.
  797. I am not without interests.
  798. I am not without hobbies.
  799. I am not without nature
  800. I am not without food
  801. I am not without water.
  802. I do not have melanoma.
  803. i am not dirty
  804. I am not ugly.
  805. I have never been kidnapped
  806. I have never been robbed
  807. I have never been attacked on the street NEXT PART PEOPLE I’M GRATEFUL FOR, FEB 23
  808. M my bestie
  809. My other
  810. My mother’s aide, M
  811. My mother’s aide, Y
  812. MA, may she RIP, so grateful for our time
  813. ML, I miss her but am grateful
  814. St and our friendship renewed
  815. O, whom I will see again soon. For a lesson
  816. Tr, and our friendship
  817. and her help in class
  818. B and the lessons
  819. MS my boss
  820. D, her former sponsorship, her generosity of spirit with me back then, and her friendship and her example
  821. Ba and her phone calls and reaching out to me
  822. E and his example
  823. Jn and her friendship and my rides with her
  824. Je my little niece
  825. Ji my little niece
  826. Ji my first husband
  827. J my second husband
  828. Jo who is a close friend to me and a worker
  829. K on fb but more
  830. A who knows everything about me, and I about him
  831. Jn my cous
  832. Ka my cous
  833. Thich Nhat Hanh my teacher ❤
  834. G who introduced me to tai chi and meditation and TNH
  835. LL meditation leader
  836. TH district
  837. ER district
  838. T whose live talk last night was so inspirational
  839. Ju my coach
  840. SE whom I helped with money toward adoption. She is also inspirational
  841. MB and her cutie boys
  842. AM and her eyes and her son and her inspiration with piyo. The first inspirational major post I ever saw
  843. Koko the Gorilla. Yes, really!
  844. Penny, Koko’s teacher and “adopted mother.
  845. Helen Keller
  846. Eleanor Roosevelt
  847. Abraham Lincoln
  848. Mother Teresa
  849. Princess Diana
  850. Authors
  851. Li, and her cute HB reports
  852. LB and the gorgeous sculpture I got from her
  853. Bo ??? I can’t remember right now who I meant
  854. PL – meetings
  855. other P – meetings
  856. A, although she can drive me crazy, I like her – meetings
  857. Cl, who likes me – meetings
  858. My Aunt M
  859. My Aunt J
  860. My Aunt R
  861. My Aunt L
  862. My Uncle Ch
  863. My Uncle J
  864. My Uncle G with my mother
  865. CM my mother’s bestie all those years. A gem.
  866. LF my mother’s friend all those years. She was compassionate.
  867. My Noni
  868. My Papa Noni
  869. My Cousin P and her baby-sitting
  870. My first piano teacher, Ms U
  871. My second and long-term piano teacher, Mrs. B
  872. My first principal when I taught at St B.
  873. JM my first principal in my last school before this one
  874. BD upstairs, growing up
  875. Ja, my best friend when so little
  876. RS my best friend after like 2nd grade
  877. LM my best friend like 7th
  878. BS my best friend high school
  879. CD my best friend first marriage
  880. J’s mother and her goodness to me
  881. My father. The greatest father ever.
  882. McKnight and his paintings
  883. Petroff piano builders
  884. T my first adult piano tuner
  885. The one now, whose name I can’t remember
  886. E who has added much to our school
  887. LH and how gentle she is with the kids and us
  888. Dr LTh with my birdies
  889. Dr H with me
  890. Dr A with my teeth
  891. Dr S with my eyes!
  892. Dr A and how generous she was with me around hysterectomy, even offering to go open the office on a Sunday!
  893. K and her Reiki and example
  894. Sleep Number bed inventors
  895. Medicine inventors
  896. My drugstore, that delivers
  897. The nice delivery man
  898. Whoever built this house
  899. Whoever designed this house
  900. The workers Jo brings here, who can be trusted
  901. Like Mi
  902. and other Mi
  903. And the wall guys
  904. his daughter D
  905. his son Ho
  906. his daughter J
  907. his daughter G
  908. his granddaughter D
  909. my first grade teacher, who taught me to read. Sr. M. I.
  910. The priest from St J’s who helped me at Easter that year with my confession
  911. Buddha NEXT PART ANIMALS, FEB 24
  912. I’m grateful for giraffes. And people spreading word about them
  913. And people working with gorilaas
  914. and people rescuing any/all animals
  915. I’m grateful for sanctuaries
  916. I’m grateful for veganism
  917. and even vegetarianism
  918. I’m grateful that I don’t wear leather
  919. or pearls
  920. or silk
  921. or wool
  922. or fur
  923. I’m grateful for everyone who doesn’t wear leath
  924. or pearls
  925. or silk
  926. or fur
  927. I’m grateful for fruits
  928. and vegetables.
  929. and beans
  930. and lentils
  931. and legumes
  932. and quinoa
  933. and brown rice
  934. and other whole grains – all of which mean protein without eating poor defenseless animals
  935. I’m grateful for dogs
  936. and cats
  937. and insects and bugs
  938. and spiders
  939. and birds
  940. and ferrets
  941. and rabbits
  942. and hippos
  943. and rhinos
  944. and gorillas
  945. and chimps
  946. and monkeys
  947. and bats
  948. and lions
  949. and tigers
  950. and lizards
  951. and turtles
  952. and foxes
  953. and wolves
  954. and bears
  955. and coyotes
  956. and buffalo
  957. and horses
  958. and camels
  959. and elephants
  960. and zebras
  961. and mules
  962. and donkeys
  963. and dolphins
  964. and whales
  965. and sharks
  966. and fish
  967. and frogs
  968. and toads
  969. and butterfules
  970. and bees
  971. and snails
  972. and mussels
  973. and clams
  974. and shrimp
  975. and lobsters
  976. and slugs
  977. and sloths
  978. and field mice
  979. and snakes
  980. and crabs
  981. and tortoises
  982. and dragonflies
  983. and moths
  984. and worms
  985. and ants
  986. for owls specifically
  987. and woodpeckers
  988. and bludjays
  989. and cardinals
  990. and sparrows
  991. and robin redbreasts
  992. and parakeets
  993. and parrots (other)
  994. finches
  995. conures
  996. cockatiels
  997. magpies
  998. eagles
  999. hawks NEXT PART JOB THINGS, FEB 24
  1000. I am grateful that I have a job
  1001. I am grateful that I am able to do the work. I remember with my big injury, when I couldn’t!
  1002. I am grateful for the pretty building where I work
  1003. And all the windows
  1004. The 1000 steps walk through it.
  1005. People I work with like K
  1006. M
  1007. M
  1008. B
  1009. G
  1010. D
  1011. N
  1012. L
  1013. J
  1014. L
  1015. D
  1016. L.
  1017. C
  1018. A
  1019. LH
  1020. Mo
  1021. T
  1022. MS
  1023. KD
  1024. Tr
  1025. B
  1026. An
  1027. JL
  1028. NV
  1029. MT
  1030. JB
  1031. CS
  1032. EC
  1033. I’m grateful that I got the piano for my room!
  1034. And picked it out myself and asked for it!
  1035. And it has a beautiful tone!
  1036. I’m grateful for the Smart Board
  1037. and the desktop computers
  1038. and my school laptop
  1039. and my big desk that J got for me
  1040. And the games and building things I bought from Scholastic with my Bonus points
  1041. And the great rug I picked
  1042. and the math center
  1043. I’m grateful for the location of my room
  1044. and that it is not too sunny with my eyes right now
  1045. That I have build-in cabinets and closet (most rooms in my building don’t)
  1046. My microwave
  1047. That i work with children
  1048. That I have a good class this year
  1049. That I give
  1050. That we laugh
  1051. And smile
  1052. That we meditate together
  1053. And I am not only allowed, but encouraged in this!
  1054. That the district is going this way
  1055. That we are a GREAT district
  1056. That I still have time outside of teaching. Like summer
  1057. My beautiful planner I bought, the Erin Condren one.
  1058. All the books in my classroom
  1059. That we study animals yay
  1060. The writing I’ve learned to teach so much better
  1061. The PD I get to go to
  1062. The grounds. Huge for the kids to play. I worked where they only had a little tiny bit of blacktop by the cars. This is so different!
  1063. Every teaching job I’ve had in schools. C t K
  1064. S B
  1065. F M ❤
  1066. Here
  1067. And although I was SO bad at it, the job at the N-K school for the lessons I’ve learned
  1068. Teaching piano those years
  1069. The typing job at A.R.E. I loved all that typing. And I did so well and was so respected (and was given a ton more to do lol)
  1070. My father not permitting me to stay in that storefront building after everyone had left.
  1071. That I quit the A job. When I did and how I did. They were taking such advantage of me and would not listen! Yay me!
  1072. The confidence I gained from the jobs.
  1073. That I have come to appreciate this job so much!
  1074. The getting to work with hildren
  1075. The salary
  1076. The health insurance (even though I pay in and have high co-pays at least I have the health insurance!)
  1077. The sanity – the having to get up, get showered, be organized, get there, function positively… I would have gone crazy without the job!
  1078. The lunchbag lined and with ice things that i got from Amazon now that they don’t let us keep fridges (or microwaves) in classrooms
  1079. The mindfuless 3 classes I got to take last year
  1080. The book course
  1081. All the courses
  1082. That they let me finish my masters degree in theology/religious education and count it
  1083. That I got credits for going 65 credits beyond masters
  1084. and stipends for courses I’ve taken since
  1085. tEvery kid I’ve helped
  1086. Y, who was abused, and I helped so much! (and stayed within th elaw)
  1087. L, who needed me and all I did for her
  1088. J, I changed him.
  1089. JM omg!
  1090. And that you, J, for telling me what came of JM!
  1091. The support I was able to be for Le’s parents, after the murder and in court as well
  1092. That I am respected
  1093. That I can get money to go to conferences
  1094. That they pay for my parking at PD
  1095. That I got two days to go to London, even though attached to a vaca which would not normally be allowed, for the mindfulness for teachers with TNH!
  1096. That they would have paid 1000 dollars for it (*I* missed the deadline – it is not their fault)
  1097. The confidence (crazy) I had that GOT me this job!
  1098. My nice relationship with the custodian
  1099. And all the custodians, honestly.
  1100. That I watch my kiddies grow and learn and try to keep them happy!
  1101. That I even get presents
  1102. And awesome letters of thanks! NEXT PART THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR ABOUT ME, FEB 26Edit “MAJOR GRATITUDES”
  1103. I’m fair
  1104. I’m compassionate
  1105. I’m forgiving. Never ever ever hold a grudge
  1106. I’m positive. I’ve worked hard to be that way
  1107. I smile a lot
  1108. I am spiritual
  1109. I am loyal
  1110. I am courageous
  1111. i am strong
  1112. I am always improving
  1113. I am open-minded
  1114. i am always learning
  1115. I listen
  1116. I pray
  1117. I keep my house in order
  1118. I cook
  1119. I am hopeful
  1120. I never give up
  1121. I am educated
  1122. I work for children
  1123. I know some things about nutrition
  1124. I can get rid of stuff
  1125. I shower (and/or bathe) every day
  1126. I am pretty (enough)
  1127. I *decide* each morning to be happy
  1128. I am always willing to help others. Well almost always
  1129. I’ve been doing a lot of driving Jl
  1130. I am good to my mother. I visit
  1131. I shop for her
  1132. I don’t say the hurtful things
  1133. I do say the positive things
  1134. I am pretty honest if I’m ill or down (which doesn’t happen much anymoe!)
  1135. I am on time for work
  1136. I am nice to people
  1137. I do my daily TT thing that i promised to his mom
  1138. I have learned to like healthy foods
  1139. I am talented: like piano
  1140. and needlepoint
  1141. and embroidery cross-stitch
  1142. and crewel
  1143. and other things
  1144. I am a good teacher
  1145. I have pretty hair
  1146. I have lovely breasts
  1147. I do not eat animals!!
  1148. I love nature
  1149. I appreciate people’s heritages
  1150. I am very nice to my classroom aides
  1151. I am nice to others at work
  1152. I respect authority
  1153. I am kind to children
  1154. and funny with them
  1155. I meditate
  1156. I help others in 3 fb pages
  1157. I drive carefully
  1158. I do not live in fear anymore NEXT PART “BAD” THINGS THAT TURNED OUT TO BE GOOD, FEB 28
  1159. J leaving. Because I found myself
  1160. And stopped living in fear
  1161. And had that day when the veil lifted. I’m not speaking metaphorically only, but physically!
  1162. I got so much work done on the house
  1163. I cleaned up my act. My home
  1164. and my body
  1165. and my clothes
  1166. and my eating
  1167. I got a cleaning lady
  1168. I got a washer and dryer so I could do laundry well. Those old things were a nightmare and my clothes smelled mildewy…
  1169. No more broken tv
  1170. Not hours of crime shows on in the house
  1171. Not always feeling like apologizing, wow!
  1172. Not having to support him. I wouldn’t mind if we were so happy, but…
  1173. Not having sulker around
  1174. Not having someone who was dishonest with me around
  1175. i became positive
  1176. I never have mutilational thoughts anymore
  1177. I have opened up to people
  1178. I go to programs. Positively, not negatively.
  1179. I spend wtf I want on groceries
  1180. and other things. Don’t have to apologize for that either, or sort of get permission, or feel bad
  1181. I use the amount of toilet tissue I want
  1182. I found out I CAN enjoy being with another
  1183. I found best-friend love in M
  1184. I realized I am not alone
  1185. and not desperate
  1186. I began to search out happier things happier ways
  1187. I bought a new car
  1188. I got someone to clean snow etc.
  1189. I conquered SO MANY fears!
  1190. I have virtually no phobias anymore.
  1191. I found out – proved to myself- that I AM capable of doing the things for myself. Like the errands
  1192. and meals
  1193. and dr. apointments
  1194. and keeping things in order
  1195. I actually now have the feeling I would have wished for in my 20’s. The self-sufficient, positive, enjoy-my-teaching, enjoy-my-time-off (mostly) person. That feeling I saw or imagined I saw in others – the husband and wife in the apartment, C and Li, other teachers, even J a little when he wa sin that house…. *I* have it now! I HAVE it!!!!! Omg!!!!
  1196. I thought I’d never sleep at night. I do!
  1197. I thought I’d never wake up without first thought being, “Oh fuck, I woke up.” I do!!!! Every single day!
  1198. I am even inspiring others! They tell me so!
  1199. I found the workouts!
  1200. And friends! Male and female!
  1201. I know that I am not DEPENDENT on anyone else. Like, I remember years ago, Ka writing to me, “Maye you concentrate on how you’re *feeling* too much. Just go fold a load of laundry…” I felt, “Yeah. But I CAN’T! I need the love….” But I CAN! I just now did dishes and ENJOYED it! Smiling during!
  1202. during those times when I had almost no money at all, I learned how much I do NOT need!
  1203. Having no voice and all those problems with my throat taught me how much of what I say doesn’t need to be said! NEXT PART THINGS FROM MY CHILDHOOD FOR WHICH I’M GRATEFUL! March 12
  1204. Home cooked dinners daily
  1205. Often breakfasts too.
  1206. A made bed every day to look at, sit on, and get into at night.
  1207. Pillows
  1208. My chifarobe
  1209. Sharing room with my sister. It was nice.
  1210. Then getting my own room at age 10
  1211. Then back together 1 more year and a half
  1212. Then own again
  1213. Our first house, the English tutor
  1214. Our second house, the French tutor
  1215. Our apartment with the walk out on the garage roof of the pharmacy underneath lol
  1216. and the cut-out to the kitchen
  1217. and the yard!
  1218. My mother “playing limp” when I was really little like pre-school
  1219. “Fun at One” on tv on Wed afternoons, when we got out at half day every week!
  1220. Putting the cut-rite on the tv and coloring as they showed us on that show. I loved it!
  1221. making ivory flakes things with my mother
  1222. Her having paper ready for me in kitchen with crayons so when bad witch would come on Wizard of Oz, I’d go in and color with her. Like the lion…
  1223. And my father calling out, “It’s okay now.
  1224. That was all in the little apartment
  1225. With the pots hanging on the wall by our heads as we ate at the table. SO cozy though!
  1226. The walks up to school for my (older) sister
  1227. Then *I * got to go to school finally lol
  1228. The little yard we had out front in that 4-room 6-family apartment
  1229. Which is basically in my backyard where I live now!
  1230. The big backyard
  1231. And woods nearby – LOTS MORE – WILL DO LATER – NEED BATH AND TO CALL SPONSOR AFTER IT – – but long time later now so: NEXT PART SUPPORT April 10
  1232. Financial support – growing up.
  1233. And through school, all the way through college
  1234. And supporting mySELF now
  1235. My mother’s emotional love and support, even now.
  1236. My father’s emotional support all those years.
  1237. Ji’s support those years
  1238. Jo’s support all those years
  1239. The support of the parents at school who love and believe in me
  1240. and the first principal (Catholic School)
  1241. And the first one at other school who “got” me
  1242. and the first one in district wehre I teach now xo
  1243. And my current one
  1244. Support from M few years ago
  1245. And from A so much
  1246. And from O years ago
  1247. Support from Tr now
  1248. Support from OA
  1249. And from WW
  1250. Support from my Higher Power
  1251. And from TNH (afar lol)
  1252. And St when I needed it
  1253. and her husband too
  1254. and L
  1255. from EJ
  1256. from Jo
  1257. from N that day
  1258. and C the comp person
  1259. and Jd the computer person
  1260. and KC
  1261. And from D for a time
  1262. And DS a little
  1263. from sneakers
  1264. and good shoes
  1265. and coats when I’ve had a coat
  1266. support from shrink
  1267. and doctors
  1268. and eye doctor
  1269. support from meds
  1270. and good wholesome foods
  1271. suport from government/community who cleans water
  1272. and helpful stores
  1273. and my pharmacy, wo delivers ❤
  1274. support from next door neighbors P & M when I was a tee and my mother was so ill.
  1275. And from LF across the street
  1276. Support from my ability to sleep
  1277. and my dreams
  1278. and my brain
  1279. and mySELF
  1280. and personal growth books
  1281. and teachers when I first started teaching – card in box first day, for example
  1282. and JR who said what to do when parent upset
  1283. and sister at times in my life. Yes. Really
  1284. Ad mother’s aide, M
  1285. and GM, my mentor in my current district
  1286. And MM, one of our office people
  1287. and KD who is now
  1288. And TL, secretary
  1289. and our sweet nurse
  1290. and the one beofer her
  1291. and the sub one, with whom I’ve become close
  1292. and the first one I had in this district
  1293. the avian vet
  1294. and reception person there xo
  1295. MA. All those years.
  1296. and ML
  1297. SB when I called and she met me at the train station in the rain
  1298. Con. those years.
  1299. Suicide prevention hotline. When I called and said, “I’m not on the roof with one foot hanging off, so if you have someone desperate, take THAT.” And that guy talked to me for weeks every night. Helped me ❤
  1300. And then that clinic I went to.
  1301. Dr J there
  1302. and dear Estelle, who helped me so much
  1303. vitamins
  1304. and supplements
  1305. dark leafy greens.— all of these suport me
  1306. the first monk of Thich Nhat Hanh’s I talked to
  1307. and the nun (she tried)
  1308. and the nun in London. Very much.
  1309. The cab driver (affiliated with polic) in London who helped me about the moneya
  1310. nd not being stupid at cash exchange place, which I was – so he came in like bodyguard for me:)
  1311. and the concierge or whatever at the tiny place where I stayed
  1312. NEXT PART SUPPORT April 10 MODERN CONVENIENCES – like phones
  1313. and cell phones
  1314. smart phones
  1315. tvs
  1316. and HD tvs
  1317. flat screeen tvs
  1318. smart tvs
  1319. iPad
  1320. laptop
  1321. Nook
  1322. Kindles (I use my iPad, but still – like MA used a kindle – and because of it I can read on my iPad and laptop too)
  1323. book stores
  1324. doctors aplenty
  1325. health food stores
  1326. grocery stores
  1327. department stores
  1329. other electronic shopping options too
  1330. paper
  1331. pens
  1332. pencils
  1333. eyeglasses
  1334. bifocals
  1335. pianos. It’s almost hard to believe there was a time before al of these things
  1336. anesthesia
  1337. colonoscopies
  1338. stove
  1339. microwave
  1340. fridge
  1341. flea stuff
  1342. bath
  1343. shower
  1344. all indoor plumbing – toilet
  1345. sinks
  1346. washing machines
  1347. dryers
  1348. indoor heating
  1349. indoor air conditioning
  1350. masseuses
  1351. schools
  1352. playgrounds
  1353. nature that is left (please keep it)
  1354. skin creams
  1355. itch sprays
  1356. antibiotics
  1357. penicillin
  1358. blood transfusions
  1359. MRI’s
  1360. Cat scans
  1361. EEGs
  1362. EKGs
  1363. ambulances
  1364. books (imagine life before the printing press)
  1365. electricity
  1366. and lights
  1367. cars
  1368. trains
  1369. buses
  1370. airplanes
  1371. bicycles
  1372. parks
  1373. veterinarians
  1374. dentists
  1375. surgeons

Other possibilities:
Places I’ve lived