about mother

from 2014

“My mother has overcome tremendous hardships and remains positive to this day. I have paid a heavy price in time, energy, money, and emotions these years in caring for her – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps one of the last gifts she is giving me is the gift of what true compassion means, and that the cost is not relevant, yet the rewards are tremendous! My mother loves her two daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all her nieces and nephews, her sister-in-law and her friends, and her angel of an aide, Mary. I hope to have my mother’s attitude, acceptance, patience, humor, intelligence, and most of all strength. God bless you, Mommy. I am grateful that I get to be with you so often and will again today!”

was 2014

I know I know – all – ALL of us have this KIND of story. But I must post this one. It is still moving me days later.

I was in a department store looking for shoes on sale. A lovely woman was standing showing her husband one and he looked skeptical.
So I was feeling friendly and the shoe WAS gorgeous on her, so I made a motion like “He’s crazy” and mouthed, “It’s GORGEOUS on you! Buy it!”
She looked at me oddly!
So I repeated, aloud, smiling and laughing a bit, so they would both know I was kidding and complimenting.
But her face was still – quizzical. ??
Then – they looked at each other and both said to me,
“Are you Mrs. — ?”
I knew this was student-related so I said, “Yes! Who are you?”
She said, “Do you remember _____ ____?”
I said, “Of course!”
They both said, “We’re her parents.”
*I am in a different school now and it is EIGHTEEN YEARS LATER and they remembered me and said that she, mom, STILL tells a story all the time to everyone – about something I did for that child!
It SO warmed my heart. We all had smiles and tears.
And THAT is why it is worth it: )

Was 2017
Here’s the thing:
I love my mom so much.
She is sweet, affectionate, honest, and very compassionate. She doesn’t like gossip. She keeps confidences. She has maintained a positive keep-going attitude through some horrendous circumstances.
She has a kind heart.
She is very funny even at her advanced age and although forgetful more and more, can follow a movie plot perfectly, better than I with suspense movies!
She is also my mommy and loves me unconditionally. Even wanted me to stay over there when I had the bites problem – in her studio apartment where the aide also lives! Space doesn’t matter – family and love matter. My mother loves me, her other daughter, her grandchildren, great grandchildren, and nieces more than anything. And her aide who is like family too.
So I’m sitting here at her hospital bed thinking of all that, and wanted to share it while I’m still fortunate enough to have her.
PS She should be better and home on Monday, God bless her.

Journal – And Always into New Starts May 25 2019 HAPPY Memories

flip from rollers in bottom of hair with net and earlobes pulled through to hold it in place
Noxema on fact (had no skin issues – just from commercial, seemed the “girlie” thing to do haha)

sitting on floor with knees up eating – a few – chips ahoy cookies watching  sat morning tv with L.M. – wild wild west, monster things…

sleeping with dolls and stuffed animals all around me on bed and pillow