Positive Aspects Post #158 Feb 9 2020

List of positive aspects while feeling good enough… 🙂

  1. my eyesight!
  2. my potential!
  3. piano in my life here and now!
  4. French in my life here and now!
  5. retirement and all that it opens up
  6. I went down and cleaned off car
  7. will cover somehow
  8. yummy on a budget site
  9. I’m a free person who’s never been in a cult. (jim jones show on today)
  10. i can do the kind of cooking now, that i’ve always wanted to do
  11. between little (quick) but very healthy cooking every day, french, piano, and the gym (gym 3 x a week), that’s a lot of great stuff! add seeing friends, and oa meetings… wow
  12. i am a positive person a hopeful person. i am so grateful that i am! i wasn’t always maybe?
  13. i have my own little home. i am very fortunate in this way
  14. days to relax when sick
  15. planning to not get sick anymore

Positive Aspects #157 Dec 12 2019

The French Language

What do I like about you?
You are the most beautiful language to me! I have always loved the sound! In high school, when we were selected unfairly for one language or the other (French or Spanish, based on a nonsense-language test and how we did!), I SO dearly desired – desperately wanted – French! And got it yay.
I found it difficult, granted I don’t think I had a good teacher… Then years later – decades later – I took classes through job and they were ok but I didn’t learn much – beginning stuff and culture… restaurant…
Then I got a private teacher, and later another. Learned some.
But now – NOW – I started yesterday with a new one and she’s GREAT! I learned so much during the 90 minutes! And already started by great homework! Yay!

Why do I love you so much?
I love the sound of you.
I have a good accent.
I love the way you are built.
I love the look of you.

What are your positive aspects?
You are available to me!
I have TIME to do!
I was happy for hours after lesson yesterday!
And am looking forward to today’s homework!
I WILL speak and ead and write French!

Positive Aspects and Grats Oct 23 2019

  1. I am so grateful to my eye surgeon.
  2. And that I expressed it to her.
  3. And how much that meant to her.
  4. Show My 600-Lb Life today here now
  5. J Mond afternoon
  6. reading yesterday
  7. about to do laundry and make soup. For self. Just for me yay.
  8. I am so very grateful for my eyesight
  9. I am loooking right now and the bright, beautiful colors of the world.
  10. The trees blowing lightly outside my windows ahh
    the perfect blue of the sky
  11. the emerald green of the grass
  12. That these other things don’t matter.
  13. My hearing
  14. My piano
  15. “Piano.” Meaning the instrument,
  16. the lessons,
  17. the practice,
  18. the doing,
  19. the listening,
  20. the composers,
  21. the event itself
  22. the concerts I’ve played in
  23. especially as an adult
  24. my birdies singing right now
  25. that they are so close
  26. and have each other xo
  27. my washer and dryer – so I can do the laundry right here
  28. Tr calling me yesterday and
  29. our nice talk
  30. all my medical procedures have always gone so well. phew.
  31. this day
  32. nice out
  33. will go out later alone and with people both ❤
  34. my oa sponsor
  35. good healthy foods
  36. fb
  37. cell phone
  38. laptop
  39. CDs
  40. CD player yes I use that lol
  41. pedicures
  42. sat out in city with L
  43. will do more FUN things! yay!
  44. my open-mindedness
  45. that I can read
  46. and read music
  47. thank you Mommy and Daddy for that – well for both
  48. and for paying for my college
  49.  so I have paid for self all these years
  50. pension!
  51. that i was smart enough to get job with one
  52. and with health insurance phew
  53. my house
  54. meditation
  55. my cleaning lady will come tomorrow
  56. Abraham Hicks oh thank you thank you thank you
  57. humor
  58. E., virtually every day
  59. soups
  60. walks
  61. that I CAN walk
  62. gps. yes for sure really.
  63. I have J in my life
  64. and Jo keeps such good track of things around here
  65. MT
  66. Tr
  67. my freedom
  68. clothes
  69. and money for winter ones to come, to get soon
  70. I have foods
  71. and water
  72. and doctors
  73. and meds
  74. i have no one i have to answer to or get permissions from. i am free 73281451_10217370212620781_7483837697027473408_o.jpg
  75. St
  76. D
  77. O
  78. “my” bookstore
  79. humor and laughter
  80. my health!
  81. hope. in all ways.
  82. my growing knowledge of the Law of Attraction
  83. tree guy just came by
  84. my cousins
  85. my “sunroom”
  86. my plants
  87. my trees!
  88. discussing books with peeps on fb

Positive Aspects # 156 Oct 20 2019

Positive Aspects of My Life Right Now Today and Tomorrow
What do I like about you
That you are here. I AM alive.
And breathing with eyesight and freedom and prob many more years
That D called me and we had that great talk right at the end of her life-changing weekend
That I redid the whole puzzle after it fell on the chair and floor lol
That I opened my new dishes and put away
And made the phone call about the one that came broken. They should replace it. Good.
I have 3 people doing for me tomorrow!
I will probably sleep tonight. At least some. Maybe enough
I have a great surgeon

Why do I love you so much
Because I HAVE you and I AM here.
The CHANGES! Omg! How much of the time I feel fine and even happy. How MUCH of the time I even have bliss. And at the least, feel okay.
That I am helping my health.
That I do positive things. Like yesterday’s lectures, and working Step 9, probably beginning next Fri after talk with sponsor Thur (oa)
I have become an even better person and am so grateful for that
I am retired and there are endless possibilities for my love to spread
I have people who care about me, and I about them.
I have Source.
And prayer.
And luck.
Just yesterday I literally thought this: Everything really IS always working out for me!

What are your positive aspects
I enjoy reading
I enjoy piano
I enjoy and care for my birdies
I have plenty
I am retired
I am going more for fun and adventure than just safe and quiet.
I have a future
I have happiness
I have luck
I have fun
I have endless possibilities.
Who wouldn’t love me?

Positive Aspects #155 Sept 4 2019

Positive Aspects of this day

I do not go to work
And I get paid
More than I NEED
I was up early
Birds are up
I am breathing good sigh breaths of like – relief
I slept
I loved my Hicks while falling asleep
Was awakened by E’s text beep:)
Good Hicks this  am
I will exercise and do a load of laundry. MAYBE check pink book
And maybe color. read. walk outside. go to bookstore. whatEVER!
i am free
I can see
I can walk
Really, I do have my health
my heart my lungs my skin etc
My cholesterol and triglycerides must be responding to the meds and the eating changes
I can breathe and speak and drive
I can feel good about helping Jo yesterday, as he will help me on the 16th.
I made fresh coffee
My birds are healthy
I feel peace
Yesterday – omg – and waking up knowing – omg the peace and joy and happiness and freedom these practices are bringing me to feel!

Thank you, God.


# 154 Aug 29 2019

What is good bout J having to switch dinner out together fom tonight to next week:

  1. It was about work, which is fine but not only fine but also good (that he’s working – good for me and good for him)
  2. It givews me a week to look forward to it.
  3. It gives me a week to feel better about myself!!!!!
  4. *It changes nothing. The weekend thing changes nothing.
  5. That he still wants – and has – me in his life.
  6. and i am fine. as i am.


Positive Aspects (# 153) Aug 18 2019

No M. Looking at only the positive aspects:

No constant – OFTEN more than DAILY phone calls
No frenetic frantic negative negative drama drama
No gossip
No bullshit
no defensiveness
No phoniness of so sweet under which is cold and eeven cruel selfishness
***Her IB loves her and mine doesn’t feel the way I do either but I am doing what is GOOD about – SO good about – not having her in my life anymore, to feel better.
No icky time at her house
No craziness – like the time with cell phone in one hand and house in other, with guys, even inviting one over, when I was supposed to stay!
Nobody with whom I can never get a word in – even talking when I’m across the street and she’s in car on other side in passenger seat and I haven’t gotten yet to address the last things she monologued!
No need for constant concentration on someone else’s – crazy and out-of-control and always problem-filled feelings
Even to teh point of, “Even though everything is wrong in my lfie, I wanted to call to congratulate you today.” Omg wow.

Wishing her the best. MIght even say the resentment prayer… But SO glad not to have her around. Ahhh.
No more rich person’s money -worries and obsesions
and constant justifications about it
and phonying up to people people-peasing
no more trusting someone who would and did drop me like a hot potato when SHE felt needy.
No more complaints about absolute bullshit “I have a child going into high school which is a LOT.” And my favorite, “I am a single mother.” Uh. No, she’s not.

I am FREE!
So in the big picture, thank you.