Summer ’17

Summer Money Being Spent This Summer (omg!)
wall 11K?
bathroom all materials and labor11K?
new pipes basement 2500
clothes 5K
dental implant surgery 4000
water heater 1800
microwave 110
and more – I can’t even remember now
ALL were necessities – yes even all that on clothes and shoes – I literally had maybe 3 tops and 1 pants and 3 shorts. NO sandals or flipflops. NO skirts or dresses. This will get me through till end Oct or so, then I’ll have to buy winter things omg. Just as desperate – don’t even have a coat or jacket! – but by this time next year, I’ll be able to keep things for years because size will be there:)
All is well.
All is well. All is well.

July 23
was going to go to barbecue with D last night – we were both very tired, plus she was maybe like 1 1/2 hour late from work! I had NO desire to arrive at it at like 8:30 at night and get home at like 1:30 am. She was also too tired.
I will go to dinner and movie with M tonight 🙂

July 22
So I’ve done some fun things. Including,
dinner out with M’s fam and fireworks with her an her kids (4th of July weekend)
tea date with St
movie with St
great talks in car to meetings with D
movie with St
dinner and movie last night with D and her son
Tonight going to barbecue
This is all good.
On the other hand:
—My mother is suffering sometimes and it is breaking my heart
—Thursday would have been my anniversary
—Today is the two year anniversary of my best friend’s sudden death
But – radical acceptance.
I can either hide from the world, wait (until everything is good?), moan and perseverate, OR
I can be of some service and have joy.
I didn’t always exercise (or believe) I had any of that choice…


Feel much better today. Although “bad” things…
Here is what I’ve done so far:

Got up and right away straightened and cleaned up self and dressed. THEN made the coffee (heated)
Mi (plumber) came at like 7am to get something to change it – (pipes being redone in basement)
Starting to do the OA service for Thurs meeting, and checked school email – where
I found new meditation app ideas
did this one right away
loved it
1 coffee throughout so far
feel better
also – put real truth/feelings in ww fb page and babe page
and have decided to not starve self today – but to eat nutrients. starving self will only add to the problem – i don’t need a binge/starve cycle. i need to eat for my health and well-being
So it’s good for me to: go easy on myself/ meditate early in the day/ take care of body and home early in the day
Also want more nature – pouring today but when not, intend to watch sunrise out back and sunset out front – as daily as possible!

June 29
Yesterday I visited mother and I went to oa Wed meeting. Both were good.
I also played a little piano.
Jo came and we got a lot accomplished re: bathroom redo coming.
Z came with cousin and niece and they cleaned and did windows and she took home to the pillows to fix up (had left in dryer and they have mildewy smell). And I gave niece (going into 6th grade) grapes and cold water. All was nice.
Tuesday I saw St for tea at bookstore. Nice time. And her son A was there. Darling (12 almost 13)
6pm Jo came for an hour and we went over all the work and money stuff. We hugged and he said, “Thank you for your patience.”

June 26
Friday last day of school I left school at 12:42 and went to specialty pedi and mani after home for lunch and to get book. Read all of Oh She Glows Everyday. Evening I chilled. Was fine.
Saturday I went to ww. B was there and we each got 20 dollars ’cause I brought her to join. Then I had scooped wh wh bagel and 2nd meeting. Great meetings. Then went to wonderful massage. And he noticed changes and said, 2nd time, “You’re doing great. Keep doing what you’re doing.” Saw mother – nice little visit – then went to 5 pm meeting but no one was there. Evening I watched 2 Columbo’s and crocheted and felt good. I ate well and did TBCF workout.
Sunday I worked out (Upper)shopped for my mother early ad visited her. Then went to the 10:30 ww meeting for me. It was so good. Then I came home and showered and dressed, makeup, and temporary tatoo (!) and went to the A.A. Open Anniversary party. I’m glad I did. And came home and watered again and had time to chill. Watched the rest of the one Columbo that was on. Slept well interesting dreams.
Today is Monday. I have watered front and back, thoroughly cleaned for birds, had breakfast, worked out. Look cute makeup etc. Will go to health food store. Maybe book store or walk. Will stay positive. Later is ww 6pm and/or oa 7:30


I WILL enjoy this summer.
And grow and improve!
I will work out daily
and walk daily
and practice and play piano daily
and do French daily
and stick to my points
and go to much more oa
and spend some bird time daily
and some people time – out every day!
i will do some work
i WILL be happy and ok for the first time, all summer, on my own!

Other ideas:
see O
see St s
ee JL
see D
see Tr
maybe see Kr B
maybe N
maybe even K Ch.