June 23 – Summer Foods Ideas for Real for Now

Shakeo with spinach and fruit
Eggs if really free (like from A’s house) and if can break veganism for it
Pinto beans and rice
Anything I want to MAKE
Cauliflower rice!
Coated fried tofu
See the list/ 200 + foods zero point/ start from there
chickpea salad
lentil burgers
canned lentils (spiced how want) with veggie and corn (or potato)

Idea for some days:
B: Shakeo w spinach and fruit
L: Big salad
D: Cereal: Raisin Bran or oatmeal or grits or cream of wheat

What Cindy from fb site eats (and lost 50 pounds in 3 months!)
Black beans, lentils or peas usually a couple times a day, dark greens twice a day, cruciferous veggies once a day, corrots, cucumbers and so on a couple times a day. whole grains such as rye or rolled oats two times a day., and berries and other fresh fruits a couple times a day.

Summer ’18 Today June 23 <3

Tibbetts stream
and walk

And see what put in Notes on phone yesterday (which are not showing up here)
Here – from phone PLUS:
Beaches with M!
That minimalist Japan-guy thingPaint
LOTS exercise
Dance like former cheerleading days stuff
Accept self!
Lost 20 pounds
Stay postitive
S l o w   D o w n

Write the book

I love new starts.
I am the queen of new starts
I can do/be anything I want
Right now
E~n~j~o~y the whole beautiful summer
Healthy and happy

Now, adding on July 29 (having done lots of piano and some jobs I had to do, and dentist and car stuff that came up when it got hit):
New Recipes – use books and internet – and cook 🙂
(Clean closets and drawers yes really – and the Apple store fix stuff – but this is not about fun)
Read PD
Word out
My park
Paint! 🙂


Summer ’18 Foods

1 possibility lots of soups – using crock pot –
the creamy curried broccoli soup
the lentil/veggies soup (also blend it)
the Portuguese potato soup
some cold fruit ones? but maybe not – no protein and love plain fruit..
chickpea salad sandwiches on whole wheat pita
lentil burgers (change recipe a little)
Shakeo – breakfast chocolate is with spinach and blueberries – or lunch is vanilla
potato salad

Find out about Instantpot and safety for birds

Summer ’18

written in April 15:

*embroidery – outside front or back – by tree – can use beach chair even hair, umbrella as *well as sunglasses – whatever is needed
*daily workouts
*daily time barefoot outside
*daily walks
*daily hold a tree
*daily good foods
*people at least 6 days a week
*daily meditation
swimming! beach!
even pool?
french? maybe
dance? maybe

May 29, 2018 – even if repeated:
daily yoga