To Do by June 20 :) (Feb 16 2020)

With 126 days til summer:
If I spend 20 minutes a day on French, I will be 2,520 minutes better in French than I am now! 42 and a half hours better!! AND about 540 minutes of one-on-one lesson time. For another 9 hours.
So 51 hours better in French by June 20,first day of summer!

If I spend 15 minutes a day of meditating, that’s 1890 minutes of meditating by then! That’s 31.5 hours!

If I spend 30 minutes a day on piano (least), I will be 3780 minutes better a pianist! 63 hours better! PLUS a couple of really good lessons = 65 hours better! Wowie!

If I spend 30 minutes a day on PD, I will have grown 3780 minutes more as a developed person – 63 hours – actually more – ‘cause it grows on itself, so it compounds!

If I spend an average of 30 minutes a day working out or walking (5 days a week), I will be 6 pounds lower without changing a thing in my eating!
Not to mention sizes and inches.
Not to mention emotional benefits.

(And by reigning in my eating with a good food plan, I will be much lighter still!)

Under 2 hours a day! Wow!