Tarot Oct 20 2019

VIII of Wands – Quick Action, Conclusion, News
Taking quick action, declaring self openly, striking while iron is hot
Culminating an effort, having all elements come together, finding a successful resolution
Receiving news
Before acting, we think, imagine, speculate, talk and dream. This is the realm of air – the sky. Then, finally, we decide to make our move. We bring our ideas down to earth and put them into action.  Strike while iron hot. News could come in disguised form so be on lookout. Celebrate past, be prepared to move onto something new.

Past, present, future
Past – ace of Pentacles: Working with physical, becoming involved with nature, working on phys health, having real-world contact, drawing to you what you need, increasing assets, using common sense, tools at hand, operating from a known position,
having a support system – Foundation building
Present – Ace of Wands: Opening to greater possibilities, conceiving a dream, coming up with a solution. Sustaining optimism. Believing in self, knowing things will work out. Going beyond my limits. Going for it. – Seed of bold enthusiasm has been planted in my life. Look for the path that will excite me. Time of passion and beginning. Trust own creative potential, and there will be no limit.
Future – The Hanged Man: Having an emotional release, ending the struggle, accepting God’s will. Upending the old order. Pausing to reflect. Taking time to just be. Putting others firsts.
Main lesson – we win by surrendering. We can “move forward” by standing still. By suspending time, we can have all the time in the world.
When we most want to force our will on someone, that is when we should release. When we most want to have our own way, that is when we should sacrifice.

When we most want to act, that is when we should wait. The irony is that by making these contradictory moves, we find what we are looking for.


Tarot Oct 17 2019

The Sun
Becoming enlightened. Expecting greatness, shining forth brilliantly. Feeling vitality, experiencing joy, enjoying great health. Having assurance, feeling free and expansive, honoring your true self, knowing you can succeed, believing in your worth, trusting your abilities.
Brilliant. Radiant. Sparkling. Vitality, splendor. Total confidence in self. Not cocky, but profoundly sure of your power. Have unlimited energy and glow with health. You have a greatness about you and you stand out brilliantly. When you see this card, know that you will be successful at all you undertake. Now is the time to let your light shine.

Past, present, future
Past – Reversed IV of Pentacles – So was on way to wanting to possess, hanging on, being greedy. Wanting to be in charge, insisting on my own way. Wanting everything to stay the same, refusing to look at new approaches, stagnating, holding onto the present, resisting the flow. Should preserve and defend but not lay claim.
Present – VII of Cups – Dreaming, building castles in the air, waiting for my ship to come in. Facing an array of choices, believing in limitless possibilities, getting to pick and choose. Overindulging, letting everything go, becoming disorganized, neglecting health, addictive patterns, procrastinating.
“Isn’t it more fun to just let everything go?” Look at situation is it too rigid or too lazy. Commit self to what it takes to reach goals.
Future – V of Wands – Times when the environment is fighting you. Nothing going smoothly.  NOT MAJOR BLOCKAGES just minor irritating ones. Competition may come up but can be divisive so work toward cooperation.

Tarot Oct 16 2019

Reversed King of Wands: so not quite there but on path
Opens up new areas of experience. Uses self-expression for useful purposes.
Communicates enthusiasm. Sets an example others want to follow.
Earns respect and willing compliance.
Naturally becomes the focus of attention. Is watched, imitated, and talked about.
Dares to stand and be different. Has the courage of her convictions.

Past, present, future.
Past IX of Wands
defending self: feeling wary and guarded, protecting others, remembering past attacks
Persevering: persisting despite all setbacks, refusing to take “no” for an answer, seeing something through to the end, getting knocked down then standing up, keeping your resolve, trying repeatedly, continuing despite fatigue, holding fast, drawing on hidden reserves, holding together through force of will, demonstrating physical strength, keeping the pace (interesting Freudian slip i’d first typed keeping the faith)
Self – true all, yes
X of Pentacles
Being free from money problems, feeling financially secure, having a run of good fortune, seeking permanence,  creating a lasting foundation, feeling secure as things are, nailing down the plan, taking part in traditions, trusting in the tried-and-true, ultimate in worldly and material success, stability, now is time to work for long-term  – for arrangements that will serve my future long into future
The Devil
submitting to another, overindulging the senses, fearing the unknown, seeing a cold world, foreseeing a bleak future, doubting
Card letting know caught in unhealthy, unproductive situation, might be ignorant of the truth and its implications. Obsessed by person, idea, addiction or patterns I know bad for me (or maybe don’t). Sometimes this card reflects back the negativity that has made you doubt yourself and your future.  *Examine my assumptions carefully.
*Make sure you are not working from a false picture of yourself and the situation. Hold fast to the highest vision of who you are.

Tarot Oct 9 2019

The Magician
taking needed action, realizing my potential, producing magical results, using my talents
understanding my intentions
applying the force of my will, feeling centered, setting aside distractions, focusing on a goal
making a strong impact, having vitality, creating miracles, becoming energized, feeling vigorous, being creative
the power to tap universal forces and use them for creative forces, my will helps me achieve what seem to be miracles.
What makes the Magician so powerful? First, she is not afraid to act. She believes in herself and is willing to put that belief on the line. She also knows what she intends to do and why. She doesn’t hesitate because he understands his situation exactly. The Magician can focus with single-minded determination. As long as he remembers the divine source of his power, the Magician remains the perfect conduit for miracles.
In a reading, the Magician implies that the primal forces of creativity are yours if you can claim your power and act with awareness and concentration. This card is a signal to act and act now, provided you understand exactly what you want and are committed to getting it.

Past, present, future
Past: Empress
nourishing life, cherishing the world, expressing tenderness, working with children
enjoying extravagance, having more than enough
giving and receiving pleasure, focusing on the body, being earthy
relating to plants and animals, harmonizing with natural rhythms
From her comes all the pleasures and joys of the senses and the abundance of new life in all its forms / the creation of life and its sustenance through loving care and attention / food pleasure beauty
Present: 4 of Pentacles
wanting to possess, hanging onto someone, saving [hmmm]
setting limits and rules, creating order
refusing to look at new approaches, holding onto the present, resisting the flow
Ego and wanting to control. Use the energy of this card to preserve and defend, but not to lay claim. People need to be free to determine their own lives.
Opposition may come from those who wish to maintain the status quo or from self. Are you resisting change that is truly needed?
Control is impossible. We stand in the world as in a great ocean. Who could manage or possess such power? The only way to keep from drowning is to ride the currents. The ocean will support us as long as we swim with the flow. [SELF – Steps 1 2 and 3! 🙂 ]
Future: The Hierophant reversed so getting there
increasing understanding, seeking a deeper meaning, finding out more
honoring ritual and ceremony, identifying a world view, following a discipline, knowing where to put my faith
being committed to a cause, devoting energy to a group, joining an organization, working as part of a team, feeling loyal to others
Learning from living with others. Culture. Interprets secret knowledge. Clubs. [Self – clubs plus family? job or volunteer? or for fun alone – will see] And – Courses! (cause formal, learning from kowledgable teacher, institution, conventions…_


Tarot Oct 8 2019

Today: 9 of Swords
anxious and tense (true – about weight and cardiologist)
refusing to forgive self (while on step 4 – especially the first one)
denying that did best (hm, time to face that! 🙂
the anguish forgetting joy, depressed I’m not related to (yay)
Worry is probably the most common. Have I done enough? Will everything work out OK? What am I going to do? (ok yes, about weight and health)
doesn’t always indicate major distress. Often it is just a sign of some element of unhappiness or trouble – a vulnerable spot in your life.  (yes)
(oh wow great! _>) This card is often a warning from your Inner Guide that the path you are going down may be a difficult one. If you approach the Nine of Swords in this spirit – as a caution sign – you will be able to use it constructively. Examine your situation carefully to be sure you are making the best choices. Even a small change can make all the difference.

Past, present, future
Past: 8 of Swords reversed so: Possible – not QUITE restricted, confused, powerless.
on path lost and alone (yes i was)
wake up in impossible situation (yes, did – was long ago – both w Ji and on own)
and when J left, felt lack of freedom and choice
but this young girl can free herself (and I did)
Present: 9 of Cups reversed
so maybe not quite but on way to:
Having my wish fulfilled
having my dreams come true
getting what think I want (hmmm)
enjoying the situation just as it is
feeling all’s well with the world
feeling contented
Luxury, arts, beauty, delicious meal, lovemaking
Accept the responsibilities that go with your wish
Don’t indulge
Future: Temperance reversed
so maybe not quite but on way to:
middle ground
avoiding excess
bringing together opposites
centered and secure
experiencing health
renewing energy and vigor
enjoying well-being
joining with others
right mix
getting it all together
My air of calm deliberation is coming back! (remember Joan MC. And N said she sensed such calm, ease, centeredness however she said it)
show moderation and self-restraint
center, balance
When illness or dis-ease is a concern, Temperance holds out the promise of vitality and well-being.
[I can do it!]

Tarot Oct 7 2019

Wheel of fortune:
opening to luck
witnessing miracles
turning things around
rejoining the world of activity
getting involved
expanding my outlook
becoming more aware
gaining greater perspective
discovering my role and purpose
This card’s center is above the realm of man (only card not person centered)
set own path in life but also chance – great plan
In readings, the Wheel of Fortune can indicate a vision or realization that strikes with great force .If you’ve been struggling with a problem or tough situation, this card can signal that you will find the answer if you stand back and view everything from a larger perspective.
could mean repeating cycles and rapid movement
[Self – I see this all as positive!]

Past, Present, Future:
Past: Queen of Pentacles – gives love and support, creates a warm secure environment, makes people feel better, responds to the natural world, has a green thumb, has a way with children and animals
bighearted, gives service, soft touch, no pretenses or affectations, simple sensible approach, appreciates all the senses, gives freely and abundantly, is warm generous and unselfish
makes a little go a long way, gets around every obstacle, comes up with what’s needed
keeps confidences and secrets, is loyal and steadfast, comes through in a pinch, keeps faith with others, true to her word
Present: Temptress reversed –
early stages nourishing life, cherishing the world, expressing tenderness, and
receiving lavish reward, having more than enough, and
giving and receiving pleasure, feeling vibrantly healthy, being earthy, doing physical activity, and
embracing the natural, relating to plants and animals, feeling connected to the Earth, going outdoors, harmonizing with natural rhythms, and
lavish abundance
bountiful goodness
Future: chariot
reaching your goal, winning, being successful, coming out on top
focusing my intent
rising above temptation
knowing who I am
feeling self-confident
mastering emotions
curbing impulses
getting my way
This card represents victory.
[Self – I see this as all good!]

Tarot Today’s Card Oct 3 2019

2 of Pentacles

moving forward smoothly
feeling free to try new approaches
going with the flow
opening to developments
having fun
doing something you enjoy
getting a kick out of life
feeling in high spirits
whistling while you work
seeing the humor in the situation
kicking back
graceful and effective at the same time
cruising the ups and downs of life
can juggle all demands and relish the excitement of every hurdle. this card asks me to believe in myself. you have all you need to meet your every goal and more. embrace the challenge.
don’t force your way through
fun laughter and good times
greater vitality will be yours
also get the rest you need

Past, Present, Future:
Past – reversed – WAS DEVELOPING: Ace of Swords: fortitude, resolving a situation, finding the strength to overcome, wanting what is fair, accepting responsibility, finding out what is real, call to justice, finding out what is real, faced challenge with courage, honesty, and a firm resolve
Present – 4 of Pentacles: keeping what you have, hanging on to someone, denying weakness, setting limits and rules, creating order, maintaining the status quo, resisting change, obstructing new developments, stagnating, holding onto the present, resisting the flow. Hmmm. Some control is valuable. Desire for control can get out of hand. Weigh carefully the level of control in the situation. Use the energy of this card to preserve and defend, but not to lay claim. People need to be free to determine their own lives. The Four of Pentacles also implies blocked change. It’s as if the stubborn little man on the card is thwarting your every move. Opposition may come from those who want to maintain the status quo. It may also come from within yourself. Are you resisting change that is truly needed? We often cling to the familiar even when we know it’s not for the best. Lesson: Control is not possible.We stand in the world as in a great ocean. Keep from drowning by riding the currents. The ocean will support us as long as we swim with the flow.
Future: self-absorbed, apathetic, meditative, getting lost in reverie